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Arthetine Adventurers Tome Guide – Lost Ark

Arthetine is a place in Lost Ark with various things to offer visitors. This guide will provide everything you need to know about The Arthetine Adventurers Tome in Lost Ark and all the tales you’ll discover there and other things.

Lost Ark Arthetine Adventurers Tome Hidden Stories

The full fulfillment in the Arthetine Adventure Tome in Lost Ark requires players to discover and interact with their Cooking Recipes, Rapports, Vistas, Monsters, and Bosses within the area. The most important of the items to be found to explore in the Arthetine Adventure Tome is the Hidden Stories.

You can find seven Hidden Stories in the Lost Ark Arthetine region; information on each is available below.

A Stubborn Writer

Find the exact location on the map above. Reach the edge of the platform with an enormous crane.

You will find the pages in the vicinity of crates just under the Crane. Study them to discover a stubborn writer’s hidden story.

The Greatest Evolution Form

To discover this story, you must locate the spot shown on the map. After that, you must take all three pieces in The Greatest Evolution Form to complete the quest in a particular sequence in a time of 10 minutes.

The first step is to take a trip to the library in the hall. You can study the first page on the floor beside the table.

In the next part, you will need to leave the library and go straight. You will come across the second section on the table before you.


In the third portion, it is necessary to return to the main lobby. Make a right turn twice, then make the first left.

Go through the narrow entrance and then reach an open platform that allows you to explore the third and final portion of the design.

The Answer to the Agony

It is a Hidden Story with four parts; you’ll need to go through them in a certain order to finish the mission.

The first is located in the exact location by the Google map. You need to get near the screens and be presented with the option to explore.

To get the second, it is necessary to visit the address shown on the map above. There will be the screen and keyboard thing alongside the hardware tools.

Please study it further to find the second section of the Answer to the Agony.

Visit the place shown on the map above and engage with the PC. It’s the final chapter of the Hidden Story.

For the last visit, find the above location on the ground near a eucalyptus plant.

The most important aspect of This Hidden Story is the sequence where you can locate its components. Follow the steps, and you’ll be done in a flash.

Welcome to Arthetine Adventurers Tome

This is the fourth story hidden in the Arthetine Adventure Tome that you can complete in a snap by going to the spot indicated in the maps. Go there and play around with the wooden pages on the floor near a few containers.

RGM Report

The Hidden Story is pretty easy to locate. Go to the address shown on the map above, and you’ll find it near the top of the mountain, close to an iron structure.

To Be Human

This one is also easy to locate. You can go to the area marked on the map and find it in the middle of the floor, in the corner. It’s behind crates that are covered with a white cloth.

End of His Obsession

The story is split into two parts. The first part is located within the corner area depicted by the satellite. The second one is close to the grill made of iron.

The second is located to the left of the staircase to the circular platform. The exact location is visible on the map above as well. In the Hidden Story also, the sequence is crucial. Therefore, you must ensure that you follow the pattern of locating the parts.