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Best CR-56 Amax Loadout Warzone

As one meta is broken up, another one will start to form; I always resisted calling the DMR a meta gun within Warzone because it wasn’t intentionally balanced the way that it was. It was utterly broken, and I think we all knew that. It became meta because it was broken, but it was never going to remain a meta weapon after its nerf, so that transpired. And welcome back to the CR-56 Amax Loadout Warzone.

This weapon, I think, will become top of the pile within Warzone over the next few weeks; pretty much the day after the DMR was nerfed, I started seeing more and more people switch back to the CR-56 Amax Loadout and start using it. Honestly, I can completely understand why; it’s got a high damage output, it’s got a relatively decent rate of fire, it’s got controllable recoil in the mid-range with the right attachments; it’s just a properly good assault rifle this one.

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Okay, so the CR-56 Amax is back; if you’re like me, and you already knew the power of the CR-56 Amax before the Cold War integration, I’m sure you’ve got all the attachments unlocked already, and you’re now ready to build the best class setup possible for Warzone.

Ammunition – 45 Round Mags

So let’s get into it. First of all, you’re going to need 45 round magazines; the Amax fires 762 caliber rounds, which means it has a default higher damage profile than some other assault rifles like the Grau and the M4 that use 556 caliber rounds. To make sure that the damage is then balanced between those two different types of weapons, the highest magazine count you’ve got for the Amax is 45.

So you’re limited in how many of those higher damage bullets, and you can put out per reloads if there was a 60 round option. That would be amazing for the Amax, but I think the extra 15 rounds per mag would make the gun overpowered, it would be able to do too much damage per reload, and then the 556 weapons, I think they’d be completely outclassed. So take that 45 rounds, mag.

Underbarrel – Ranger Foregrip | Commando Foregrip

Then you want to take the Ranger Foregrip for an excellent 70% reduction to vertical recoil. The Amax is a pretty bouncy gun, another one of those balancing attributes to help offset the high damage output. The Ranger helps here because it pulls things back in a bit, and it gives you some long-range aiming stability at the same time, which makes it perfect for long-range gunfights.

However, the Commando Foregrip is also an excellent option as well. If you’re using a controller, I’d say the Commando is the better grip for you. It provides a 15% horizontal recoil reduction and helps tighten things up so you can keep your shots on target. With the Commando, you get a more minor 6% vertical recoil reduction, and you get no ABS time increase compared to the Ranger. So what I’d say is, if you’re a controller player, use the Commando Foregrip; if you’re using mouse and keyboards, go with the Ranger Foregrip.

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

Then you want to slap the monolithic suppressor on here for a nice 10% damage range increase, a 15% bullet velocity increase, and for keeping yourself off the mini-map when you’re firing.

Barrel – XRK Zodiac S440

To complement that, take the XRK Zodiac barrel, the long barrel for the Amax; this gives you a 32% damage range increase, a 22% reduction in vertical recoil that’s nice, and then a 42% bullet velocity increase.

This barrel, combined with a monolithic suppressor it helps push out the aim. Amax is maxed damage range to around 34 meters, which means you’re going to be doing about 42 damage per shot to the chest, and 56 damage per shot to the head out to 34 meters, making this gun quite powerful.

And then, at longer ranges, that damage does drop off a little bit to 38 damage to the chest and 51 to the head. So it’s still a mighty gun that even at long range the Amax. Well, the velocity that increases up to 958 meters per second. That’s still a little bit on the slow side compared to other assault rifles in Warzone, but it’s still around the 1000 meters per second mark, making it a good choice overall.

Optic – PBX Holo 7 Sight

And then last but not least, take any optic of your choice. I like using the PBX Holo 7 Sight
because it keeps me focused on the mid to close-range gunfights, which is where the Amax will do the most damage, and of course, I can use the blue dot on the scope for a super clear optic.

The CR-56 Amax here, this is going to serve you well in most scenarios, pretty much mid to long-range, but it’s going to start a little bit close range, it’s a bit slow, it’s a little bit cumbersome, so SMG users people using the Mac 10 and the MP5.


They’re probably going to wipe the floor with you. So try and keep the comeback in the 15 to 20-meter range if you want to take those kinds of players down. I hope you enjoy my content. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you won’t miss our new loadout. Have a wonderful day, happy gaming, and Peace Out.