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What’s up and welcome everyone to another Warzone Loadout content. Today we’ve got the Best FFAR Loadout Warzone and have two iterations of it based on your play style, and I am so excited to share the loadout with you guys.

So we all love the FFAR because it’s very, very viable at close-range, some of the fastest time to kill, fasten the Mac 10 at points, but it’s also really, really incredible at mid-range, and leave a long-range to an extent, but where I liked the FFAR, and I talked about a lot.

What people don’t realize what makes the FFAR special is the strafe speed, your ability that when you are full auto, gun, and people, you are zooming across the map, you are snapping people’s aim assist, you know typically with mid-range gunfights, all controller player needs to do is press L2. Then just fire, it like it sticks to you, and then you can’t break it; typically, the only ways to break an aim assist are drop-shotting, a wicked b-hop, or they gin like actually pull in the complete opposite direction you’re heading.

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What the FFAR allows you to do, especially with the loadout that I’m going to show you pull some ridiculous strafe speed that will completely shatter your opponent’s aim assist, and you’ll have them shooting a shaker in no time.

So today, I’m running my close-range FFAR, and only one thing changes.

Muzzle – Agency Suppressor

So we all know we’re going to run our FFAR with our agency suppressor.

Ammunition – Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag

We’re going to run it with our Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag

Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip

And we’re going to run with the field agent grip because we always want to mitigate the horizontal recoil.

Stock – Raider Stock

Now I’ve decided to offer the stock as well, is to be the Raider stock because that’s going to help us with strafe speed, and then we’ve got what I thought was only one choice with the barrels, but the barrels have fundamentally changed.

Barrel – 19.5″ Task Force

So let’s take a look real quick what I used to rock, the task force barrel, and the reason I religiously supported the task force barrel is it reduced your horizontal recoil; however, that is no longer the case; this worsens your horizontal recoil, according to the most recent testing done by me, it increases it by 10% and anything that makes my horizontal recoil higher, I do not touch.

So what are our options now that the task force barrel is out of the picture. Well, we have two. The first option that we have is our long-range. I would use this if I ran an FFAR, Mac 10, or an FFAR like a shotgun.

Barrel – 19.5″ Reinforced Heavy (First Option)

You will run the reinforced headings because the reinforced heavy gives you 30% more range and 65% more bullet velocity, and the only penalty is minus 2% ADS movement speed.

So we’re getting a lot more range and a lot more bullet velocity, but let’s say we already have the range covered, like in this loadout, we’re running the AUG, or maybe we’re running a sniper like a Kaar. FFAR is an excellent loadout.

Barrel – 20.3″ Takedown (Second Option)

We want to run the takedown barrel; while the takedown barrel doesn’t help us out as much with the damage range, it doesn’t improve the range at all. It does improve the bullet velocity by about 25%. What it does help is it increases your strafe speed as well. So the combination of the Raider Stock, which already helps with your strafe speed. Now throw on the takedown barrel; on top of that, you are zooming on your opponent’s, crushing their aim assist, and as you can see, they now have updated it, sure game data does not have the numbers that says how much it affects your aim down sight strafe speed.

You can rock the reinforced heavy for that damage range in bullet velocity. But you’re going to sacrifice that tiny bit of a walk movement speed. I think about 2% is what actual game data said. But here is the takedown barrel, more bullet velocity, not good enough for super long-range, but you are zooming with the strafe.

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