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Best Finn Loadout Warzone | Mid Range

I’ve been disappointed with the Warzone weapon since its launch is the Finn light machine gun. Its lack of a headshot multiplier and, therefore, relatively poor damage output makes it a very tough weapon to recommend unless you’re simply looking to run one of the lowest recoil, slowest rate of fire LMGs that you possibly can.

However, with the launch of The Haunting of the verdansk, a new blueprint arrived in the store as part of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bundle. It was called the family heirloom, and it’s changed my opinion on the Finn that it’s a much less severe approach to the weapon being a Halloween blueprint in the last week or so. Still, he can’t build this blueprint without having the blueprint, so we’re going to have a great time mowing down enemies and zombies at close range with this thing.

Best Finn Loadout Warzone Attachments For Mid Range

  1. Muzzle – Breacher Device
  2. Barrel – XRK LongShot Adverse
  3. Laser – Tac Laser
  4. Stock – XRK ChainSaw
  5. Perk – Fast Melee

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So this is my slightly adapted Finn family heirloom loadout. I’ve made one small change from the blueprint to give me a bit more flexibility.

Muzzle – Breacher Device

First of all, the breacher device that comes in for one hit melee kills, and that’s handy if a zombie hits you with a gas grenade, and then you get rushed by multiple different zombies or if you’re trying to get yourself out of a situation nice and fast.

Barrel – XRK LongShot Adverse

Then we take the XRK LongShot Adverse barrel replacing the Harrier adverse barrel that comes with the blueprint. And this is to give us a little bit more range but maintain the higher rate of fire that comes with the adverse barrels; with the Harrier, it’s very much all about close range, and anything else had about 10 meters, I was struggling to put enough damage onto people that down them so having the adverse LongSshot instead actually give you a bit more range and allow you to take down a zombie that is without a breathing distance.

Laser – Tac Laser

Then the TAC Laser that on there for better ADS speeds.

Stock – XRK ChainSaw

Then we apply the XRK chainsaw stock for transforming the Finn from a rather heavy conventional light machine gun into a very light mini gun replacement.

Perk – Fast Melee

And then we’re sticking with the fast melee perk, which improves the speed at which you can melee, but of course, you could switch this for something else. And I probably recommend “Sleight of Hand” if you’re not going to focus on melee because the long reload on the Finn is still there. In the Sleight of Hand, you knock off about 1.6 seconds of the reload time even with this loadout. It still leaves you with just over a four-second total reload time, but anything is a slight improvement here.

So if you’re focusing on firing the bullets out of the Finn, then maybe sleight of hand is better than fast melee.

This loadout is great fun to use a close range, but even with a barrel change, anything beyond about 20 meters or so, you’re just spamming bullets around your targets as opposed to hitting them. And this loadout doesn’t solve the Finns issue of not having a headshot multiplier. So every shot, you do land on the head. That’s just doing the same damage multiplier as the upper torso, so it limits the effectiveness of this overall build. And that’s why to focus on the close range with it. Then you can overwhelm enemies with the speed rate of fire instead of focusing on damage values too much.

Now I’ve paired this chainsaw-inspired Finn with an M13 thermal setup to help hit targets at mid to long-range, and you will see a fair bit of the M13 In this content as well. Often, enemies are further away than this chainsaw can hit, so I have to switch to something else.

Hopefully, this content helped you guys out; if it did, let me know by dropping a comment using the comment section down below.

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