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Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse in 2021 Review

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1. Razer Viper Ultimate

if you are into gaming, you’re probably aware of the name Razer, they’ve been developing some of the best hardware on the market for years, and the Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse is no exception.

This high-speed and accurate gaming mouse is sure to put you a step ahead of the competition no matter what kind of games you enjoy; when you’re trying to be the best, speed is everything. The Razer Viper ultimate utilize a state of the art technology to reduce latency to the complete loss of this gaming mouse is incredibly lightweight, giving you the freedom of movement to hit even the toughest of shots.

Also, the button switches on the Razer Viper ultimate are faster and more responsive than the mechanical switches usually found in gaming mice; by using light beam technology, this mouse registers your button pressing faster than any other on the market. There’s a reason so many professional esport athletes choose the Razer Viper ultimate; never before has a wireless gaming mouse been this fast, responsive and reliable.

No matter how intense your gaming sessions get, this mouse is more than up to the task. Not only is it technologically advanced, but it’s also built to last for the long haul; rated for over 70 million clicks, this beast of a gaming mouse will have you hitting headshots for years to come. Razor is one of the best-known gaming hardware manufacturers globally, and the Razer Viper ultimate gaming mouse proves that they have more than earned their reputation as an industry leader.

2. Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm

When it comes to long and intense gaming sessions, comfort is king. That’s why the Pwnage Ultra Custom Symm was built with ergonomics in mind. This symmetrical and lightweight gaming mouse was made to both perform at the highest level and keep you comfortable the entire time. Top-of-the-line hardware isn’t the only thing this gaming mouse has going for it with its pure aim technology. The Ultra Symm gaming house is outfitted with an incredibly accurate optical sensor that is genuinely one of the best in the business.

Are you worried about a cable getting in your way? Don’t be the Ultra Custom Symm is kitted out with a flex cable that is so frictionless and lightweight, you won’t even notice that it is there; At the same time, responsive buttons and accurate optical sensors are essential, they don’t matter nearly as much as the smoothness of a gaming mouse, and the Ultra Custom Symm glides over mousepad so smoothly it’s like it’s skating on ice-coated in a way. This gives you unparalleled accuracy and movement control across all gaming genres.

This gaming mouse isn’t called the Ultra Custom Symm for no reason; out of the box, it comes packed with features that allow you to make it your own, with trancing lighting effects, customizable life of distance, and scroll speeds, macro support, and more.

This already fantastic mouse can be tailored to fit your exact need; you might not know this company by heart yet, but they are looking to become a household name very soon when it comes to eSports Innovation is vital. With the Ultra Custom Symm gaming mouse, Pwnage has proven that they belong at the very top of the leaderboards.

3. Finalmouse Starlight-12

Gaming mice are kind of like cars; while you don’t have to buy a Lamborghini to get to work and back, it would still be a lot cooler if you did. The final mouse has been creating the gaming mouse equivalent of supercars, and the starlight 12 is their best offering yet. Designed with a sleek chassis made of magnesium, this luxury mouse is as elegant as it is well made.

The Starlight 12 is simply one of the best gaming mice on the market. It’s incredibly lightweight yet feels solid and sturdy. This high-end mouse isn’t just made for books; it’s made to last. Every element is has chosen to be the highest quality possible. That includes the wireless technology built inside the starlight 12 using the excellent Nordic RF platform and the proprietary software they developed explicitly for this mouse.

Finalmouse has delivered a wireless product that performs better than wired mice. Some wireless gaming mice have you charging batteries all the time. Still, the Sterlite 12 comes equipped with a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery that provides an incredible amount of lifetime on one charge. You can game up to 160 hours straight before needing a recharge; that kind of battery life on a gaming mouse is almost unheard of

The high-end gaming mice market has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and Finalmouse is one of the best companies out there right now. People treat these gaming mice like rare sneaker drops, and they often end up selling out quickly, but if you manage to get your hands on one, it’s sure to provide one of the best gaming experiences ever.

4. Steelseries Prime Wireless

You want to know why so many professional gamers and streamers are using steel series gaming mice because they’re one of the best in the business; the steel series prime wireless is just another feather in the cap for this gaming hardware company that is picking up some significant steam.

This gaming mouse was made for the sole purpose of providing a product that could withstand even the most intense FPS sessions.

Steel series knows that gaming mice have to be ready for war, so they stress-tested the prime wireless to handle over 100 million clicks, and while lasting for a lot of clicks is impressive, none of that matters, if they are slow or slow, don’t feel right.

The Prime wireless buttons provide crisp tactile feedback and are paired with an infrared light sensor that recognizes each click faster than light speeds. Steel series also knows that speed is vital when it comes to shooters; that’s why they design their innovative optical switches to provide response times that are a step ahead of the competition.

There are a lot of accurate gaming mice on the market. Still, the steel series prime wireless can boast a sensor so precise that it gives you proper one-to-one movement tracking, plus their quantum 2.0 wireless technology, sends your movement data at speeds so fast they don’t seem possible.

All of this is made even more impressive when you learn that the steel series prime wireless can also last over 100 hours on a single battery charge.

Pros: use the steel series prime wireless because it provides one of the best gaming experiences you can buy; with this insanely high build quality innovative technology and laser-accurate precision, this gaming mouse is ready for anything you can throw at; steel series created this mouse with one purpose; Winning.

This company is climbing its way to the top of the gaming mouse industry, and it set out to prove its place with this fantastic mouse.

5. XM1R Dark Frost

Some gaming mice are well-made and packed full of neat features, but they’re just not comfortable to use at the end of the day. The XM1R Dark Frost remedies this by providing a high-end gaming experience for all grip types, keeping your hand comfortable even during marathon sessions.

The dark Frost isn’t just comfortable, though; it’s also built to perform at the absolute highest level using top of the line analog technology; this blazing-fast gaming mouse register clicks in under one millisecond, making sure that you’re never behind the ball or in second place, and besides its incredible speed the dark Frost is also incredibly dependable.

Boasting a lifetime of over 80 million clicks, this gaming mouse is in it for the long haul. The speed of a gaming mouse is measured in IPs or inches per second; this lets us know how much movement data the mouse can process at one time and still be precise.

The XM1R Dark Frost is one of the fastest and most responsive mice on the market, coming in at an outstanding 400 inches per second. This means that your movements aren’t just tracking accurately.; they’re also recorded at superhuman speeds; when it comes to gaming, speed and precision are equally important; this mouse has them both in spades.

The dark frost gaming mouse is also very flexible when it comes to customization, remap all of your keys, adjusting your speed, and even enable Ripple control and sensor angles snapping; with the cutting edge software included with the dark Frost, you can change your mouse to suit all of your gaming needs.

This is without a doubt one of the best gaming mice you can buy in 2021. Okay, guys, that does it for our top five lists of the best gaming mice in 2021.