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Best HDR Loadout Warzone | Max Damage

So today, it’s time to return to the HDR in Warzone. This was my go-to sniper rifle for the longest time, thanks to its brilliant damage at range, the Superfast bullet velocity, and generally perfect accuracy. But then along came the SPR. And then, not long after that, we had the integration of the Cold War guns, which meant a few new snipers to try out so, the HDR kind of fell out of favour with me.

Best HDR Loadout Warzone Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  2. Barrel – 26.9″ HDR Pro
  3. Laser – Tac Laser
  4. Stock – FTAC Stalker-Scout
  5. Perk – Presence of Mind

But recently, I’ve got back into it because of that agency suppressor getting nerf and then fixed on the Cold War guns. So I thought it was the right time to go back and try the HDR because the Cold War snipers weren’t working correctly, and damn, I’m so glad that I came back.

Now, this is my HDR loadout. I’ve been using it since almost the beginning of Warzone. And it’s always served me very well.

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

Barrel – 26.9″ HDR Pro

We’ve got the monolithic suppressor and the HDR Pro barrel for extending the damage range out as far as we possibly can, as well as taking bullet velocity up to 1207 meters per second. That gives it the fastest bullet velocity I think of any Modern Warfare snipers or marksman rifles.

Laser – Tac Laser

then we want to take the tac laser for reducing our ADS time that’s going to offset the heavy barrel and the suppressor as much as possible.

Stock – FTAC Stalker-Scout

And then you want to take the F tack stalker Scout stock for reducing the ADS time even further. Overall, we don’t see much of an ADS time decrease on the HDR because it’s such a heavy-duty weapon anyway. But your final ADS time value is less than the default ADS time value by about 25 milliseconds. It’s still over 500 milliseconds to correctly ADS with this HDR setup. But that’s kind of just what you have to go for.

Perk – Presence of Mind

Then finally, the Presence of Mind perk this is really important. It helps you hold your breath for longer, and it keeps your scope nice and steady when you’re going for that headshot. Now you can switch that perk out for something else if you want to. Maybe that seven or the nine-round magazine option but both of those then increase your ADS time again and reduce your overall movement speed.

And as I’ve said, the HDR is already quite a heavy-duty sniper, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that. But gameplay today, I’m using the CR-56 Amax as a weapon alongside the HDR.