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Best Hipfire Milano Class Warzone Call Of Duty Loadout

SMGs are a staple of the Warzone meta. They’re great for moving around at speed and can also be used to destroy enemies in close-quarters battles, let’s talk about the Best Hipfire Milano Class Warzone Call Of Duty Loadout.

Best Hipfire Gun In Warzone: Our Excellent Top 5

Players have changed their SMG frequently builds as additional SMGs are added to Black Ops Cold War. Following recent changes, many players have opted to buy the deadly MAC-10, while others have chosen the AK74 U and OTS 9.

The Milano, the most popular SMG at the beginning of the year, has fallen from the popularity charts. Some players make high-kill games using a setup that increases Milano’s effectiveness.

They can also bounce around buildings faster, making enemies confused about where the footsteps are coming from.

AS44 Hipfire Build Call Of Duty Loadout

The four attachments included in the loadouts are the Agency Suppressor (Swat 5MW Laser), Swat 55 Round Drum Mag, and Bruiser Grip. You can choose any fifth attachment you want, but most players opt for the Task Force Barrel or Wire Stock.

Best Hipfire Milano Class Warzone

  • Muzzle –Agency Suppressor
  • Laser: Swat 5MW Laser
  • Ammunition: 55-round drum mag
  • Grip: Bruiser Grip
  • Stock: Wire Stock

The posts that show players rubbing their faces on their foes with team wipes have been viewed close to one million times. Many viewers commented that it was disgusting and that they should try it.

Best Hipfire PPSH Loadout Warzone

The setup is deadly on Rebirth Island, but it can also be used on Verdansk. However, you might want to pair it with something more long-range if the jump is to the original map.