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Best Krig 6 Loadout Warzone

So with any luck in the next few days, the DMR 14 is going to be nerfed in Warzone, the world is going back to work after the Christmas break, and hopefully, that meansraven’ss going back to work as well, and they can put out a patch to fix the wholly broken nature of that gun, that also means, after that patch, we’re going to see plenty of other weapons being used again within Warzone. andI’mm trying to get ahead of the curve and use some of those other weapons now, amid this DMR chaos, in the hopes that I can unlock a bunch of attachments for those guns that I think we’re going to be very good at in Warzone once the patch comes out, and I think this one here; the Krig 6 is going to be one of them.

Best Krig Loadout Warzone Attachments

  • Muzzle – Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel – 19.” Takedown
  • Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip
  • Ammunition – Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Optic – Axial Arms 3x (You can pick your choice)

This thing is one of the more well-transitioned weapons from Cold War into Warzone, and there’s a relatively simple build that works brilliantly at mid-range. I found that it lacks a bit on the damaging side, but the ray of fire and the 60 round mag options more than help make up for that. And I can certainly see the Krig becoming one of the more popular weapons moving forward in Warzone.

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Okay, so let’s build this Krig 6 loadout together.

Right, now we’re still working with many borked attachments for the Cold War guns, half of them don’t do what they say they do, and the other half do things the opposite to what they say they do. It’s a complete mess, and it’s going to get patched, but I think I’ve managed to work out a build that avoids most of those inaccuracies and does do what it’s supposed to do.

Muzzle – Agency Suppressor

So we start with the Agency Suppressor for increases to damage range, I think around 10%, and bullet velocity by around 25%; this gives us a good start when it comes to increasing the attributes of the Krig 6 that already worked quite well, and of course, it’s the suppressor that keeps us off the mini-map when we’re firing, that’s important early on once we pick up our loadout in-game, other teams might still be gathering enough cash to get their own. We’ve already got a suppressor, so we’re not on the mini-map.

Barrel – 19.” Takedown

Then moving on to the barrel, you want to use the 19.7-inch takedown barrel. This is the one that increases the damage range to levels more consistent with other assault rifles in Warzone. Right now, we don’t know the exact percentage increase that this barrel provides. Still, since a fair few Cold War guns don’t possess a barrel that increases both the damage range and the bullet velocity, we’re now having to make a conscious choice between two different stats because you don’t have to do that on Modern Warfare guns, they come with barrels that do increase the velocity and damage range on nearly every single weapon.

And with the Krig 6, I do think you’ll be well served with either this takedown barrel that I’ve got for the damage range increase, which pushes out the damage drop off points and makes the bullets hit harder at greater distances, or the 19.7-inch range of barrel and that increases bullet velocity, helping bullets to hit their target faster.

Now I went for the takedown for damage range because I felt the Krig 6 was somewhat underpowered when I tried using the ranger barrel, which increases the bullet velocity. Still, the downside of taking the Takedown barrel is that you will have to lead your targets a little bit more at longer ranges. If that’s something you’re comfortable with, use the Takedown barrel. If not, then I’d say go for the ranger for that bullet velocity.

I wouldn’t advise the CMV Mil-spec barrel since, at the moment, we don’t know if a straight damage increase is active in Warzone on that barrel, and you do hurt your damage range with that barrel as well.

Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip

Then you want to take the Field Agent Foregrip for improvements to vertical and horizontal recoil, always crucial in Warzone for keeping those longer bursts of bullets on target. Right now, the field agent foregrip appears to be the counterpart to the Commando Foregrip that you can add to Modern Warfare guns; they operate in almost the same way.

Ammunition – Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag

Take the salvos 60 Round fast mag for obviously faster reload speed and the extra rounds for warzone gunfights.

Optic – Axial Arms 3x (You can pick your choice)

Finally, take the scope of your choice; right now, I’m enjoying using the axial arms 3x scope, and I’ve recently unlocked the”Precision Reticl” for it, which has these thin lines in the center of the scope. They obscure almost nothing when you scope in to aim at a target. I’ve unlocked nearly all of the reticles for the ACOG style scopes for Cold War guns, so my choice of reticle might change in the future, but for now, I’d recommend using the”Precision,” and it doesn’t take too much effort to unlock it either.

Some Cold War reticles aren’t that great, so you must pick a good one so that you’re not obscuring half of the players you’re looking at through your scope.

I hope you enjoy this; leave a comment on which is your best SMG loadout weapon, also; if you want us to build a loadout for your specific gun, use the comment section to tell us which weapon is, don’t forget to share this content, and subscribe to our newsletter. Peace Out.