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Best Mac 10 Loadout Warzone

Welcome everyone to another COD Loadout Warzone content, and in case you’ve been living under a rock, the Mac 10 Loadout Warzone is your go-to weapon this season, until it is nerfed, it is an absolute beast, not only at close range because it can outgrow the R09 At times aren’t on zero, but it’s also a mid-range an absolute beast, its damage range is surprisingly far, and the recoil is non-existent especially when you build it out just like I’m going to show you here in a moment.

Now I’ve been playing with the Mac 10 since launch, I’ve been in love with it, and we even used it here in some of the gameplay, so if you’re wondering what we’re using, what a lot of the pros are using because a lot of us guys are using these in tournaments now, this is the way to go. So let’s go.

Best Mac 10 Loadout Warzone

Muzzle – Agency Suppressor

We have the agency suppressor, keep in mind they have reworked how suppressors work with the cold war and warzone, beforehand it would give us, as you know, a decreased damage rate and decreased ball velocity will not need more, it provides a sound suppression and damage range, we need to see if we go into the in-depth details to see if it gives us increased bullet velocity like the standard monolithic suppressors do, but as of right now, it took away a lot of the weaknesses and added the typical flaws that we see in modern warfare, which is aimed; outside speed is slower and aim walk steadiness is a little bit more bobbly, but frankly, that’s fine because it’s an SMG.

Barrel – 5.9″ Task Force

Now for this, it is the final task force barrel, and it has a lot of damage plus effective damage range and bullet velocity; this gun absolutely fries; it almost feels kind of like a Ram 7 with how viable it is at that mid-range packing a punch. Now that does affect your max starting ammo, and it affects your vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control; you’d expect with more damage it’s going to hurt, but fortunately.

Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip

We have a grip that counteracts both, with this helping out with both the vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control. The field agent grip makes this gun not even move when you’re shooting, now some people like to run an optic on this gun, but if you hit this blueprint which is level 95 In the Battle Pass, it has a very clean iron sight, then you’re going to see in all the gameplay. I don’t need a side on it, even for the midrange engagements, because of how clean this site is.

Ammunition – Salvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag

And finally, I have the salvo 53 Round fast mag, which gives you a 53-round mag that also reloads quickly, it does affect your aim down sight time, but frankly, this gun is so snappy as is, it doesn’t matter. Now here’s where you get to make up your mind a little bit. I like having a little bit of viable hipfire because if I’m b-hopping around a corner or trying to be mobile, I like having that tighter hipfire spread.

Suppose you want to go for a whole aim down sight build. Go ahead; I would probably run.

Stock – Raider Stock

The Raider stock gives you a faster sprint to fire time, though it hurts your hipfire accuracy. You can also do some things with the wraps for the faster aim down sight time as well. But I like having that little bit of balance, where this still feels very, very snappy with aimed down site time, but I still get that hit fire spread where I’m not just blooming across an entire wall.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an absolute beast; you’re going to see the rest of the gameplay; it is insane how much this gun fries, you can see exactly what this can accomplish, if you enjoyed this style of content, make sure to drop me a like, also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you enjoy these post, I’ll see you on the next post. Enjoy. Peace Out.