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Best MP5 Loadout Warzone – Cold War MP5

Hey, what’s up and welcome everyone to another COD Loadout article. In today’s content, I will be telling you an SMG that is better than the OTS-9. I’m going to give you the numbers to back it up; I’m going to provide you with the best loadout; without further ado, let’s talk about the gun that is better than the OTS, which is Cold War MP5 Loadout Warzone.

About a week ago, I told you guys about the AK-74u, it was pretty competitive at the close range, but it smoked the OTS at the mid-range; I said it could be possible sniper support and better for traveling at meat medium ranges.

However, this gun that we’re talking about today is the Cold War MP5 now. If you have not tried this recently or haven’t liked it in the past, let me enlighten you real quick with a couple of things.

First off, the OTS was nerfed about a month ago; it nerfed a lot of the range, which dialed it back a little bit, but I ran the numbers using a couple of tools from some friends in the community, and the Cold War MP5 is better than the OTS-9 in a few ways.

With the MP5, you get more damage per mag, and you get more damage in the extremities, and so the way I’m kidding it out is just like this:

  • Muzzle – Agency Suppressor
  • Laser – Tiger Team Spotlight (for maximum speed)
  • Stock – Raider Stock
  • Magazine – Stanag 50 Rnd Drum
  • Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip

Now you can change this up as you like, actual game data has started to push people towards the Patrol Grip for a faster-sprinting speed; I like the bruiser grip because of its better hipfire, you can also get rid of the Raider Stock, and if you want to engage a little bit more mid-range, you could use this to get better bullet velocity, a little bit more damage range, but as I’ve always told people with SMGs.

I would instead build it for movement to close in the engagement range, rather than trying to get my barrel to reach out further, because if you get in here and you add an extra 10% rang, if your damage drop off is 9 meters, then your damage drop off goes to 9.9 meters. It doesn’t do anything; I’d instead go for that faster sprint to fire speed.

A little piece of advice for you guys. If you want a clean iron sight, there are a lot of different blueprints in the game. I use the “antivirus blueprint,” but as you guys have been able to see when you preview the weapon, you’re going to see it have a semi-circle instead of a full circle iron sight, which many people don’t like for the MP5.

So with this antivirus blueprint, I’m able, even without the task force barrel, to have a clean iron sight, it’s kind of pay to win, but I want to give you guys all the help you can.

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