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Best MP7 Warzone Loadout: Attachments and Class Setup

Today we’re revisiting an old friend in the warzone, the MP7 Warzone Loadout. This very versatile SMG has long been a favorite of mine, not only for its dominance in close-range fights, it’s very competitive with the high rate of fire, but also because it can be built to reach a lot further with the right attachments, you can almost completely negate the recoil of this gun. You can increase the range damaged output.

That’s what we’re doing today; this MP7 is not exclusively for close-range, hip fire only kills, but it’s now a weapon capable of reaching into the mid-range and operating more like a hybrid weapon, and it does an excellent job of that.

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Okay, let’s build this longer-range MP7 Warzone Loadout together.

First of all, we want to start with the right blueprint that has the correct iron sights. Like many other modern warfare guns depending on the blueprint, the MP7 can have different iron sights; the default MP7 admittedly already has some prominent iron sights, but if you do happen to have a blueprint like; I think one’s called “Harpy” or “Prototype Omega” with the purple tracers efflux or “Trevor,” and there are a few others as well. Some of those have even cleaner iron sights that are going to help you with long-range shooting.

It’s a little bit like the old Grau meta from season four. People didn’t use optics on the Grau because the iron sights were so good, and you could still meet people at longer ranges, and the same thing applies here with the MP7.

Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor

Now on to the other attachments, we start with the monolithic suppressor mainly, though, for the bullet velocity increases and keeping us off the mini-map. The 10% damage range increase barely even makes a difference here.

Barrel – FSS Recon

But once you add the barrel, the FSS Recon makes a little more of a difference. The barrel gives us the additional damage range benefit and a nice bump in bullet velocity again and reduces vertical recoil by 8%.

Many people still say not to bother using a barrel with the MP7 because the damage range buffs are not worth it. But I’d argue that we’re building this MP7 for mid-range combat, hence using the FSS Recon barrel. It is still an SMG at the end of the day, and so at close range, having a more extended range barrel means you’re going to be doing max damage at longer ranges, and the barrel and the suppressor combined gives you a max damage range out to 14.6 meters instead of the base 10.5 meters.

That’s going to make sure you’re still taking down enemies at close range as fast as possible. That slight reduction in recoil as well from the barrel that’s what makes this MP7 look as if it’s got no recoil whatsoever.

Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip

Alongside our third attachment, the Merc Foregrip. Gone are the days of the Merc Foregrip having that hidden movement speed boost. I love those days. They were great, but the grip still reduces vertical recoil by 70%. That’s massive and tightening back up the hipfire area that was increased by adding that recon barrel.

Now once again, this MP7 is being built for mid-range mainly, but keep in mind that this is still an SMG, so you want some decent hipfire stats for those closer range fights.

Ammunition – 60 Round Mags

Then take the 60 round magazines for the maximum beam potential you could get on those mid-range targets. You’ll see in today’s gameplay, sustained fire with the MP7 is what makes it so damn powerful, just having as many bullets as possible at your disposal. That is the right way to go.

Laser – Tac Laser (Firs Option)

Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape – Prototype: Omega (Second Option)

And then last but not least, you can either take the Tac Laser for shorter ADS time, or you can take the Stipple Grip Tape for again shorter ADS time, but not as much as the Tac Laser as well as a better sprint to fire time.

I’m taking the stippled, here again, playing into that fast-moving traditional SMG role, as well as building the gun for mid-range power. This MP7 Warzone Loadout is a hybrid between two different use cases, but the almost complete lack of recoil makes it a perfect weapon, but close to mid-range combat, rate of fire, and 950 rounds per minute.

That gives you a massive advantage over slower firing weapons in close quarters and the gun just in general. It feels reliable in the warzone. I hope you found this helpful content; use the comment section to request the following Loadout you want us to drop; also, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, so you don’t miss it. Enjoy the rest of your day, happy gaming. Peace Out.

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