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Best QBZ-83 Loadout Warzone | Close Range

So, unfortunately, the unlimited stim glitch is back in Warzone. It’s not great. It was discovered in the last couple of days, and it’s now starting to become more and more prevalent in the games that I play. And as you can see, people don’t seem to care at all that they’re ruining the game experience for everyone else.

I’d encourage you if you end up in a game with a stimmer and you manage to watch through to the end, and you have that kind of patients, please do great to report these players for exploiting.

Best QBZ-83 Loadout Warzone attachments For Close Range

  1. Optic – Sillix Holoscout
  2. Barrel – 15.5″ Task Force
  3. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor
  4. Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip
  5. Ammunition – Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag

However, what if I told you we had not only encountered and managed to beat a stimmer in a match, but we then went on to win the match as well? Well, that’s exactly what happened with me yesterday, and the broken machine as a pair along with the QBZ assault rifle.

This is a weapon that I’m not 100% sold on yet. It doesn’t appear to have the greatest power at longer ranges, but it does have a nice fast fire rate and relatively controllable recoil. So I thought I’d show you a class setup today alongside a good match of Warzone.

Okay, so this cubies dead loadout I’m following the kind of standard pattern for assault rifles; this is not like a different special kind of class setup like I’ve been doing for some of the Modern Warfare guns towards the end of season six. Still, I have made a couple of changes from the last time you would have seen this gun in a post that I made.

Optic – Sillix Holoscout

First of all, the scope, I’ve changed direction, and I’ve gone with the Sillix Holoscout here because firstly, I wanted something with a bit more zoom than a reflex sight so that I can make sure I keep shots on target in mid-range combat.

And because this scope is part of the blueprint for the gun, which is called frostbite, and I think the blueprint looks cool.

Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip

Then at the moment, because it’s broken to take the bruiser grip for much better vertical recoil control on assault rifles, comparing the bruiser to the field agent grip, the vertical recoil reduction is much stronger. Therefore, even though the bruiser is meant for melee quickness, you want to put this on your QBZ at the moment for flattening out that recoil pattern even further.

Now once Raven drops a patch for Warzone and hopefully fixes a lot of these issues that we see in the game, I don’t expect this, for it will continue to perform in the way it’s performing right now. It does seem to be yet another mistake with the attachments for cold war weapons.

So right now, this is probably just a quick pick, but it does definitely reduce your vertical recoil more than using the field agent grip, so you might as well use it right now.

Ammunition – Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag

Then, fast mags, take the 60 round fast mag here for obvious reasons more bullets in the magazine, great for Warzone, and a faster reload so you’re not standing around waiting for your gun to go from zero to 60 bullets. At least in my use, the Fast Mags have less of an issue regarding the reload timers versus reload animations.

They seem to match up better at the moment on the Cold War guns. So really, any cold war weapon you’re looking to use in Warzone at the moment. I would recommend taking one of the fast mag options.

Muzzle – Agency Suppressor

Then you want to take the agency’s suppressor for a modest damage range increase, and a more effective bullet velocity increase is said to be around 25% for assault rifles.

This gives the QB said some much-needed range benefits. You’re able to hit targets at longer ranges. Despite a fairly disappointing damage output, the faster bullet velocity gets the bullets there a little faster.

It is now considering the overall profile of this weapon. I would have expected some Cold War guns to hit a bit harder at range than they do. But some of them don’t, which is a bit disappointing. But again, I think we will see many changes to the Cold War guns when Raven issues a big patch soon.

Barrel – 15.5″ Task Force

And then lastly, I’ve opted to move away from the barrel range on the QBZ, which massively boosts the bullet velocity and doesn’t touch anything else. And I’ve moved towards the task force barrel, which still offers a good bullet velocity increase, but you also get the benefit of more damage range and less horizontal recoil.

Supposedly you take a hit to the vertical recoil at the expense of easing the horizontal recoil, but I think the QBZ is one of those guns that benefits from the extended damage range. So taking the task force barrel here gives you a better build overall.

Now, as I said at the beginning, I’m not 100% sold on this QBZ; at the moment, I do think it needs a damaged range buff. It just doesn’t feel anywhere near as powerful as some of the other rifles that are in the game at the moment. It feels like it’s a bit left behind. But I hope Raven will patch this and bring it into line with some of the other weapons with a similar rate of fire, similar recoil, and overall balance it a little bit better than it is right now.