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Best SMG In Warzone Right Now

Best SMG In Warzone Right Now Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is going down as the “season of the metashift” after submachine guns, assault rifles, and snipers received extensive weapon balance passes from Raven Software.

Most Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes changes focused on altering Vanguard weapon damage outputs. Weapon stats guru TrueGameData has been looking into what this means for the crucial time to kill Warzone’s SMG arsenal.

He has found that guns such as the MP40 and Owen Gun are the most popular in Season 3. However, they are not the fastest-killing close-range SMGs in Warzone. The Type 100, a very underused SMG, now holds the title. The Type 100 will dispatch opponents to the Gulag faster than any other viable SMG at all ranges. TrueGameData’s combination attachments will create a Type 100 Warzone loadout. Godzilla next week will do more DPS.

This Type 100’s rapid TTK build does have some drawbacks that might cause some to reconsider abandoning their MP40 Warzone Loadout.

Recoil will be difficult to control. However, recoil has been improved in Season 3’s update. TrueGameData’s build includes only 36 bullets per mag. This is fine for fighting a few enemies, but if you want to play Trios and Quads, you need to be more strategic with your reloads. You must also be precise with your shots to ensure you don’t waste precious ammo.

This is the best SMG in Warzone Season 3 if you like to play aggressively on Caldera and Rebirth Island. It’s great that we’ve included it on our top Warzone guns list.

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