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Best STG-44 Loadout Vanguard | All Range

Best STG-44 Loadout Vanguard | All Range. The STG-44 Loadout. It’s probably my favourite gun in the game at the moment like I keep switching; I get it the game first came out; I’m going to be changing favourite guns all the time. But right now, this class right here for the STG is probably one of the most overpowered guns is the STG. The best class for long-range probably not; is it the best for close-range? Again, probably not. So, where’s this loadout content going? Well, guys, this gun is the best for all ranges combined; you could do good up close, you could do good up far, you could do good mid-range, this class does it all.

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Best STG-44 Loadout, Attachments & Perks Vanguard For All Range

  • Muzzle – Mercury Silencer
  • Barrel – VDD 320MM O2B
  • Optic – G16 2.5x
  • Stock – VDD 34S Weighted
  • Underbarrel – M3 Ready Grip
  • Magazine – 7.62 Gorenko 30 Round Mags
  • Ammo Type – Lengthened
  • Rear Grip – Pine Tar Grip
  • Proficiency – Vital
  • Kit – Fully Loaded
  1. Perk 1 – Ninja
  2. Perk 2 – Tracker
  3. Perk 3 – Lightweight

So we’re going to go into it. We’re going to talk about it and how can we make the STG overpowered. Let’s get into it.

Welcome to my very first best class setup content for Call of Duty Vanguard. Today we’re going to be talking about STG-44 Loadout. Probably the best gun in terms of range like long-range close range mid-range, it’s the gun you want to use, SMGs might not be that good long-range, AR might not be that good a close range, but this one’s going to everything.

So let’s get into this class setup.

Muzzle – Mercury Silencer

The first thing I went with was the muzzle, and that is the mercury silencer. Now the mercury silencer gives you +1 excellent sound suppression. That’s all you need. There’s going to be no extra +4 sound suppression. That’s about it. And you’re not going to be visible on the map when you’re shooting, which is excellent as well. But it also gives you +1 recoil control now does take away damaged range, which kind of sucks, but at the same time, I’d rather not be seen on the mini-map, and I rather have very easy to control recoil. So that is it right there.

Barrel – VDD 320MM O2B

The next attachment for this gun is the barrel, and that is the VDD 320MM O2B. Suppose you guys saw my class setup for the SVG yesterday, this one’s better. This is a better class than the one that I gave you in the top five yesterday. So definitely go ahead and use this one like I’ve been playing around with it a lot more. It’s the third day that the game is out like it’s going to change stuff is going to change. This is good. So the VDD 320MM O2B is the barrel, and this gives you ADS speed.

This gives you aim walking movement speed, which is nice, you can dodge those bullets, but it also gives you sprint to fire speed, sprint to fire and ADS. I love those. Those are my two favourite things to throw on a gun, and this attachment gives you both of them together, which is incredible.

Optic – G16 2.5x

The next thing is the optic. Usually, I’m the type that would go ahead and run the Slate Reflector, which is nice. But my buddy told me to run the G16 2.5x scope. And this is clean that you would think like 2.5 is a huge zoom in and stuff. It’s not that bad. This is clean. This is such an excellent scope to run on the gun you’re going to draw people quickly, it’s going to feel nice, and overall it’s just definitely the thing that you want to use.

So you got +1 nice recoil control. +1 accuracy now is essential if you guys know there is bloom in this game; there is actual weapon bloom. So when you’re shooting directly, add someone; sometimes, the shots don’t hit. And that might feel very weird, but that’s because there’s bloom in this game.

But if you put your accuracy up, this helps reduce the bloom so that all those shots will hit the target. So definitely make sure that if you have a gun and it has a way too high of a bloom, make sure you throw on accuracy onto that gun right there. It also has a compact scope, which is what this is with a 2.5x magnification. It’s nice. It takes away a few ADS, but overall it is nice to run.

Stock – VDD 34S Weighted

This stock is the VDD 34S weighted stock. This one’s great because you get a lot of positives, you get some negatives, you get minus three movements and minus two ADS, but the positives outweigh them like crazy. So yeah, +4 aiming stability. That’s nice. That means your weapons are going up too much sway while aiming down sights, not when you’re shooting or anything but when you’re just ADSing, +3 recoil control, which is going to help so much not so much reasonable recoil control on this but the most important is the +3 accuracy that is going to reduce the bloom that makes this gun feel so damn solid.

Underbarrel – M3 Ready Grip

So the underbarrel for this weapon is the M3 Ready Grip; now the M3 Ready Grip gives you plus ADS; we got to get that back; we lost too much ADS; in my opinion, the Aussie got +1 sprinter buyer speed which is nice. You get +1 aim walking movement speed, so it’s excellent prices solid already.

The certifier is going to be super nice, especially on an AR that’s needed. You do lose one recoil, but we already got so much recoil anyways; we don’t have to worry about losing that one right there. So that’s important to get abs and sprint to fire. Great to have; we already got two attachments that give us both of those. So it’s nice.

Magazine – 7.62 Gorenko 30 Round Mags

After that with the magazine, I went with this 7.62 Gorenko 30 Round Mags. Now, you might be wondering, why are you going with the 30 round mags? Well, for one, I don’t have the 45 unlocked, and even if I had the 45 unlocked, I wouldn’t run it because of the minus ADS and reload quickness and movement speed. This one’s good. This one gives you +8 recoil control and accuracy. So already accuracy. I believe we’re up to +12 accuracy. So this one’s going to be solid.

You also got +2 movement speed +2 ADS; that’s nice. And the +2 fire rate so that fire rate because the cons on this kind of stuff. Let’s get into that, and then we’ll talk about the fire rate fast. So you lose three bullet velocity and range, you lose two bullet penetration, and you lose one damage.

Losing that one damage doesn’t make much of a difference when you have a +2 fire rate; your bullets will do less damage. But they’re going to come out a lot faster than you didn’t use this attachment. So really, in my opinion, it’s more important to run this one you get a higher fire rate, and it’s just solid; it does the job. Let’s say you have let’s say that minus one damage only takes a week to damage to all let’s say it takes point 50 milliseconds to shoot two bullets. Well, with the fire rate of its continued point to what 25, These two bullets will come on so much faster. There’s so much more damage, but it’s just it’s worth running, in my opinion.

Ammo Type – Lengthened

Now the ammo type. You can run Incendiary, or you can run Ammor-Piercing; you can run whatever you want. I went with lengthened. This gives you +3 bullet velocity, and the reason I went for that is because we did lose minus three bullet velocity with the actual magazine itself. And I wanted just to bring that up. I wanted to bring that back to some normal, so that’s the only reason why I’m running this because I don’t want to lose too much velocity, especially on the bigger maps. They say worth into my opinion.

Rear Grip – Pine Tar Grip

Now the rear grip. This is the pine tar grip you get +2 recoil control and +1 hipfire accuracy minus 180. Yes, but at the end of the day, it’s not too bad. So the +1 hipfire accuracy is good. So up close. You could start shooting your gun before you ADS and hopefully hit those shots, and then that +2 recoil control do this exercise. It’s a laser man the amount of recoil control and accuracy you get on this gun. It’s a laser; it’s not going to be stopped.

Like you almost have +15 accuracy on this gun like a bloom. There’s no bloom whatsoever. It’s probably negative blue. If you shoot the guy in his little testes, you’re probably going to get a headshot because of its negative bloom. It’s just It’s crazy. It’s not nice.

Proficiency – Vital

Now some of the most critical attachments come with proficiency, and the kids right here, so I like to run is vital. This is good; it increases the size of the critical hit area on enemies; we all know critical hits our headshots. Hence, we were nice, but this brings essential hits to the upper chest, which is necessary.

So if you’re hitting the upper chest, instead of doing, let’s say, 30 damage with this gun, let’s say a headshot gives you 45, You’re going to be doing 45 to the upper chest. So that’s important, especially if you’re trying to draw people fast and don’t want to aim directly at the head.

Just aim at the upper chest, and you’re going to do the same damage, so this is good once you unlock vital trust me, use it, and you’re never going not to use it ever again.

Kit – Fully Loaded

The last attachment on this weapon is the kit, and what I like to use is fully loaded to get Max starting ammo. You don’t have to worry about getting scavenge or anything like that; you get max starting ammo; you don’t have to drop your gun to pick up another one; it’s good like that.

Perk 1 – Ninja

Now for the perks, if you guys are interested in that, what I like to run is a ninja for prick number one, so you can move silently; you don’t have those footsteps, and you also take reduce damage when falling. So that’s good. You can jump from higher places and not worry, and it also reduces the effectiveness of enemy tracker perks. So instead of your feet tracking for like 30 feet, they’ll track for like five, so that’s pretty good as well, and they’ll disappear a lot faster to I’m sure.

Perk 2 – Tracker

Perk number two, I like running tracker. I like seeing where the enemies are going. If they’re trying to run away from me, I could easily track them.

Perk 3 – Lightweight

And then for number three, I like it is lightweight. So you get increased movement speed, you run a lot faster, especially with VR. You don’t want to run slow you throw this on. You got to move around really damn quick across the map, and in my opinion, it is worth it.

Hopefully, this content helped you guys out; if it did, let me know by dropping a comment using the comment section down below.

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