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Best Wordle Alternatives And Wordle Clones

Best Wordle Alternatives and clones are great for playing while you wait for the original Wordle to reset

The best thing about Wordle, the new favorite word game, is that you can only play it once daily. This keeps the experience fresh. You can now access the Wordle archives. Wordle’s biggest problem is that you have to wait for your next fix.

Another solution is to play another word game while the Wordle timer counts down. But where do you start? There are roughly 70 billion Wordle alternatives and clones.

I am a Wordle addict and have played most of them. This will allow me to tell you which ones are worth your time. Please continue reading to see my top Wordle alternatives and clones. I also have a list of non-Wordle games that involve solving word puzzles.

You’ll want to continue playing Wordle, so read my guide to the best Wordle words. Also, don’t forget todays Wordle answer to see if you haven’t already.

These Wordle tips and techniques might be of assistance to you. I have played all Wordles so far and lost only. So I have plenty to share.

Alternatives to Wordle

Quordle (Free).

Quordle is a Wordle alternative. It requires you to try and guess four words simultaneously, with three additional chances of success. The yellow squares signify the incorrect letter, while the green squares show that you have the correct letter in the right place. You do have three additional chances each round. Quordle is a free game that allows you to play one game per day. However, there’s also a practice mode. Don’t worry if it seems too difficult. We can help you find today’s Quordle answers.

Play Queordle online

Octordle (Free).

Guess what? Octordle works like Wordle but is eight times more complicated (or twice as hard as Quordle). This gives you 13 chances to guess the words. It makes for exciting strategy decisions. Or do you attempt to complete each one by one from the beginning? Use as many letters as possible. You can also try to guess words that tell you more than one thing. It’s up to each of you.

Kilordle (Free)

This is the logical extension. Kilordle allows you to play 1000 games of Wordle simultaneously. Yes, really. You don’t play them all simultaneously in Octordle and Quordle, which is absurd. Instead, it would help if you guessed the five-letter word. Kilordle will turn any letter in the correct place in any of these words green. You don’t have to guess the exact word, but you do need to make all five letters green at one point.

Example: The answer to one of 1,000 puzzles is SPOIL. You currently have SPOI but not the L. However, if you play SPOIL, you can still solve the puzzle. It’s not so important to know all 1000 words but to find the shortest possible solution. It’s been done by 43 people, but my record is 105. This one is for you!

Heardle (Free)

Heardle acts as a Wordle for pop music – and if that isn’t a compelling pitch, then we don’t even know what it’s. Heardle doesn’t just ask you to guess five-letter music words like artists or songs. Instead, he plays the first few seconds of a song and then challenges you to identify it. It’s more complicated than you think. You only get one second for your first guess and two seconds for your second. However, the clips get longer as you play. There is a good chance you will end up searching today’s Heardle Answer.

Soundcloud’s featured songs are “the most streamed tracks in the past decade,” so you might recognize many of them. This is a wonderful twist on Wordle and well worth checking out.

Play heardle online

Redactle (Free).

You thought Wordle was difficult? Then wait until you try Reactle. It might take you up to 100 guesses to solve it. It’s not a Wordle clone, but it’s an entirely unconnected game with a similar name and once-a-day restriction. However, we include it here because it’s so good.

You have to find a random Wikipedia page and guess the words that may be on it. You can identify the subject and solve the puzzle without going mad if you find enough. It is challenging, addictive, and well worth the effort.

Redact online

Framed (Free)

Framed is the Wordle clone you should consider if you are a cinephile and think the Oscars are the best night of the year.

You will be asked to guess the movie from six stills. Each incorrect guess will reveal a new one, progressively making it easier for you to win. The Framed website offers only one daily game.

Framed online

Hurdle (Free).

Hurdle is a way to play five Wordle puzzles in a row, unlike Octordle or Quordle. This is because the answer to one will be the start word for the next. This holds for the first four, but it’s not the case for the fifth. The grid contains all the answers, so you only have two options to find the final answer. This is a nice twist on the original, but it can be pretty stressful!

Play Hurdle online

Waffles (Free)

Although Wordle inspires it, Waffle can be played on its own. With a grid of letters, you must place them in the correct and wrong places. It takes only 15 moves to complete the task. Each Waffle puzzle can be solved in just 10 moves. The closer you are to the magic number, the more stars you can earn. As you improve your performance, this twist will keep you coming back.

Play waffle online

Squabble (Free)

Wordle can be a very relaxing experience, although it can sometimes be frustrating. Squabble can be frustrating and not relaxing. It’s a version of Wordle where you can compete against strangers or your friends. Each correct guess is worth damage, while a wrong guess will result in damage. You’ll also need to act fast because there is a timer that deals damage every second.

It’s great fun to play games in a frantic, chaotic fashion, even if it can sometimes be stressful.

Play Squabble Online

Worldle (Free).

Worldle is the best place to start if you consider yourself a geographer. Although its name is only one letter from Wordle’s, it’s an entirely different game requiring you to identify a country based on its silhouette.

Each guess is followed by a description of how close you are to the target country and in which direction it lies. If you choose Czechia as your answer, and you guess Denmark, it will be 824km from you and lie in the south-east. You can only play once daily and have five attempts to correct it. Be aware that you may need assistance to find today’s Worldle answer.

Play Worldle online

Who are you? (Free)

Do you love the beautiful game of soccer? You might like the soccer-themed Who Are Ya? This is the Wordle clone that you’ve been looking for. This online challenge is surprisingly difficult. You must identify a current professional footballer with a small number of clues.

You get eight attempts, just like the original. Each attempt will reveal some information about the player you are guessing. If you guess Messi, it will tell you that they are of different ages and nationalities, but both play on the same team in the same league and are both forwards. This is a difficult task, but it’s well worth it if you are a soccer fan.

Play Who Are You online

Adverswordle (Free).

Finally, an opportunity to give the AI quizmaster some of its own medicine. Adverswordle lets you solve the puzzle instead of being the one to come up with the word that an AI opponent will guess. It’s not to confuse the AI with all the words in its virtual dictionary, which might make it difficult — but to get as many guesses as possible. You can play the game much like Wordle, in which you make the tiles yellow or green depending on how good your guess is. Adverswordle can be played once per day, just like Wordle. This makes it feel more authentic.

Play Adverswordle

Absurdle (Free).

Give Absurdle a chance if you like the idea of Wordle but are not sure how to do it (or maybe you’re brilliant). This is a clone of Wordle that asks you to guess five letters. However, the target word will change as you play. You’re competing against an AI that uses your guesses and discountes any letters you have used. This requires an entirely different strategy, and it is worth looking at.

Play Absurdle

SWordle (Free).

To master SWordle, you will need the Force to be there, as this Wordle Clone is a Star Wars-themed masterclass of frustration.

Although the rules remain the same as the original game, you can use numbers to aid droid-related tasks. There are some nice touches, like the Millennium Falcon-shaped delete key.

It would be easy to think it would be more straightforward than the original because there are fewer solutions. But it is more complex than a Sarlacc and has some very obscure answers, making it a challenging game. This Wordle clone is for Star Wars fans.

Play a SWordle online

Hello Wordl (Free)

Wordle’s appeal is, at least for me, that you can only play it one time per day. Hello Wordl, which is the same game, but you can play it as many times as you want, is an alternative. You can choose to solve puzzles using any combination of 4-11 letters instead of the 5 found in the original game. It’s not perfect, but it is free and a great way to practice.

Play Hello wordl online

Mathler (Free)

You can swap Wordle’s letters with numbers to get Mathematics0_, a clone that tests your math skills and is unabashedly a clone. It’s almost identical, including the design and how you share your results on social media. You don’t get the answer like Wordle, and you must figure out how to get it. This is a tricky game, but it’s fun if you are good with numbers.

Play Mathler online

Cloudle (Free).

Do you dream of becoming a meteorologist? Here’s a Wordle alternative. Cloudle asks you to predict the five-day weather forecast for any city around the globe. You are provided with helpful clues as you go to help narrow down your forecast. Cloudle makes it easy to win even if you are not a professional meteorologist. It gives you the location of each day before you begin to guess. This will give you a solid base to help you formulate your forecast.

5-Letter (free)

5-Letter classic (opens in new window) was once Wordle Unlimited. However, it has been given a new name and home, likely due to complaints from the NYT. Though it is essentially Wordle, you can play as many games as you want daily. You can also play a 6-letter version or 5-Letter Daily. These are identical to Wordle.

Play 5-Letter Classic

SpellTower (free with all in-app purchases

Mix a bit of Wordl and a bit of Jenga to create SpellTower. This addictive mobile game is from Zach Gage (Flipflip solitaire, Really Bad Chess, Ridiculous fishing); it’s simple enough: trace your finger around the letters to build words. Your tower of letters will come crashing down with every word you choose. This is where strategy comes in. What number of words will you find? Which word will you find? It’s up to you. Henry T. Casey

Kitty Letter (Free).

Kitty Letter is almost certainly the only word game to involve detonating virtual cats. It was created by Matthew Inman, aka The Oatmeal. You’ve probably played Exploding Kittens and know what you can expect. A clever idea intertwined together with hilarious gags.

Your goal is to make as many words from the given letters as possible while your opponent does the same. The twist is that your words will be carried by exploding kittens, gradually overwhelming your opponent’s defenses. You can play as one player or against strangers online.

Letterpress (Free with IAP).

Letterpress is a half-word game and half Risk-style strategy. It’s simple but addictive. The objective of Letterpress is to control as many 5×5 boards as possible using letters close to the other person’s selection. You will need to bring your mental vocabulary game. There is a lot of ebb-and-flow to the contests, which rewards long words. You can remove ads for $4.99.


Semantle does away with spelling-based guesses and asks you to guess a semantically similar word. This is how likely a word will be used in similar contexts.

Semantle will give you a score for each word you guess. If you are outside the top 1000 words, it will show you whether you are hot or cold. You will also receive a number that tells you how close the word is to each other: 100 means the word is identical. This allows you to determine your direction of travel.

The game’s dictionary is built from the 5,000 most common English words, with hyphenated or capitalized ones removed. Not all of them are also nouns.

Play Search online

Spelling Bee (Free with your NYTimes digital subscription).

Wordle was replaced by the New York Times’ Spelling Bee. This was the primary way wordsmiths could brag about their Twitter skills. Spelling Bee gives you a hexagon of six letters arranged around one central letter each day. It’s up to you to find the words that use that center letter. Although there is only one game daily, it takes more time than Wordle to complete. Some handy hints can help you find the words if you get stuck. You can display your Queen Bee badge to friends if you correctly guess all the words.

Playing for free is possible up to a certain point. However, you will need to purchase a $39.95/year subscription for all games (which include the NY Times crossword) to complete the game. An all-access subscription costs $325 annually to access the Times online.

Play Spelling Bee online

Typeshift (Free with IAP).

Typeshift, another game from SpellTower, is a challenge to create specific words from a pre-generated list. It’s straightforward to play, similar to Wordle. You swipe letters up and down in columns to form words. If they are correct, the green light turns green. It doesn’t take too long for the permutations to build up, and soon you’ll be searching your brain for any word that might end AS or something else. Similar to Wordle, you only need to solve one puzzle per day. You can also play other puzzles in different sub-categories or purchase more ads and get rid of them for $0.99 to $3.99.