Best XP Maps In Fortnite – Level Up Fast Map Codes

Best XP Maps In Fortnite – Level Up Fast Map Codes. Fortnite Chapter 3 Episode 2 has brought many new elements to the island. The impending war between Seven and the IO has brought new life to the island.

Despite such highs, the XP-grinding system was quite disappointing this season. It is difficult to rank up faster in battle passes due to the lack of quests and challenges.

There are many Creative Maps In Fortnite that you can use to farm XP in Chapter 3. This article will list 8 Maps In Fortnite to make it easy for gamers to unlock the rewards.

8 Codes Maps In Fortnite to XP farm

  • 1v1 Building Mode

To access this map, dial 0004-9661-94515

This Creative Map can help gamers earn a lot of XP. Grab some weapons and place them in the main arena. Continue to the lobby. In the lower right corner, you will find a secret XP button. To earn points, activate it.

Head to the Team 9 unit. You will find another button to earn XP towards the end of this unit. You can enter each unit and take out the beds to earn more XP.

  • World War

Code to access the map in Fortnite- 5670 – 4535-8718v169

You can enter the match by running toward the booth. Do an emote at the corners and right corner of the indoor space. Navigate to the left corner, and then look up.

Gamers will see the XP button, which must be activated to add experience points to their accounts.

  • Smooth 1v1 Build Fights

Code to access the map- 7046-1563-33163v8

Start the game by going to the edge. The button will appear, and gamers will be taken to another room by pressing it. Another button will be found in the second room. To activate the XP flow, players will need to press it.

  • Toy Box FFA

Code to access the map- 9061-5458 7889v33

To access the Storage Area marked as ‘Consumables,’ enter the map. Gamers will need to grab the K.O. Cruiser.

Once you are done, jump into the main arena and use the cruiser to climb back up. This is a successful jump that will earn you credit XP. For more XP, you can repeat the process.

Then, figure out a few rounds to eliminate the AI guards. To earn Fortnite XP, eliminate them.

  • Pro 1000

To access this mode, 1125-32135406v15.

To reach the seating area, jump out the window and climb the stairs to the right. You will have the option to claim 1000 coins of gold from the sofa. Once you have claimed the coins, go downstairs and pay the amount required to unlock the door.

Fortnite XP will be granted for exploring the secret chamber. Go right and get inside. You will see two buttons on the inside to open or close the door. To get XP, keep clicking on the buttons alternately.

  • Sprint Parkour

Code to access the map – 0114-4213-1927v10

Go to the bottom right corner of the map, and look for the “Use New Movement” sign. Look in the lower right corner for a secret button. This will take you to a specific room.

This secret room will contain a hovering shoe, which must be picked up. This will grant you some XP.

After they are done, they can click the next level button to move to the next room. To earn XP, they will need to interact directly with the character. You can then return to the lobby to interact with another character.

This character can be interacted with by gamers in a green-coloured space. You will hear a variety of musical notes. To get XP, run through them.

  • Word War

Code to access the map 0570-5645 8757v36

To jump into Fortnite, enter the map by going left. Once inside the arena, gamers should turn to the lobby and follow the directions on the right. Move up to the top-right corner and click the button. This will activate Fortnite’s XP system.

  • Loot Creative Map

Code to access the map- 0110-7302 -4578v397

Drop into the arena after entering the match and follow the instructions to get behind the truck. Once clicked, there is a secret XP button that will give experience points to the player.