Can You Change FOV In Valorant | Best Settings

If you’re a gamer in the genre of first-person shooters like Valorant will probably be aware of the significance of Field of View (FOV In Valorant) and the difficulties it creates. An apparent FOV for FPS games can mean an essential factor in winning or losing. A good FOV can make the game more enjoyable.

The best FOV is determined by individual preference since there is no perfect setting. In Valorant, the field of vision Valorant cannot be adjusted like other FPS games. It has a maximum FOV of 103. However, an option is to alter the FOV if you have an NVIDIA graphics card and you like the game with a low FOV.

In this article, we’ll examine what Valorant FOV is, its pros and cons, and the best way to alter it. Let’s get to it!

What is FOV In Valorant?

FOV is the name given to the phrase ‘ Field of View‘. FOV expands the field of your vision to increase the distance between the models and screen. Simply put, the higher the FOV, you’ll get more details simply by watching the screen; however, on the other hand, the low FOV indicates that the surroundings are magnified, and only objects in close proximity appear in your view immediately.

Can You Change FOV In Valorant

It is possible to adjust the view field in a variety of games. Many games have settings in-game that let you change the field of view. But in Valorant, it’s impossible to adjust the field of view. It’s difficult to alter this aspect in the game, and you must overcome obstacles.

FOV In Valorant | Pros and Cons

Per this PC Gaming myth, having a broad field of vision helps players spot enemies coming up in FPS games since you can view the entire area simultaneously. But, the high FOV has both benefits and drawbacks.

  • The targeting process becomes more difficult when you have a wide FOV. Since the enemies on the screen become smaller when the FOV is more extensive, it is necessary to be more precise when hitting them.
  • Focus is easier when you have a smaller FOV. It is easier to concentrate on the object since the entire screen appears larger.

How to Change FOV In Valorant Settings

Valorant’s FOV is adjustable to suit NVIDIA users with no issues. However, this is not the case for AMD players. A default FOV of 103 appeared adequate to be ignored however some players prefer to play with a smaller FOV. However, if you’re familiar with playing in 4:3, it will decrease your horizontal visibility, making it easier to track targets.

To use NVIDIA graphics cards, Here are the steps for changing the field of view of Valorant:

  • Visit your Desktop Screen and Right-click on it.
  • From the menu, choose Nvidia Control Panel
  • Then go to the Display tab
  • Locate ”Adjusting Size and Position of the Desktop Click on it.
  • Select Aspect Ratio and choose 4:3. Furthermore, you can extend the resolution by choosing Scaling instead of the Aspect Ratio.
  • After switching it on, it should show an enlarger field of view and the black bar in Valorant.


It’s an excellent feature for NVIDIA card owners since they can alter Valorant FOV. It is the best decision to be familiar with the 16:9 format for AMD users as, for now, they do not have an alternative to alter Valorant FOV. I hope this article clarifies the specifics about Valorant FOV for you.