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Can You Change FOV In Valorant | Best Settings



If you’re a gamer in the genre of first-person shooters like Valorant will probably be aware of the significance of Field of View (FOV In Valorant) and the difficulties it creates. An apparent FOV for FPS games can mean an essential factor in winning or losing. A good FOV can make the game more enjoyable.

The best FOV is determined by individual preference since there is no perfect setting. In Valorant, the field of vision Valorant cannot be adjusted like other FPS games. It has a maximum FOV of 103. However, an option is to alter the FOV if you have an NVIDIA graphics card and you like the game with a low FOV.

In this article, we’ll examine what Valorant FOV is, its pros and cons, and the best way to alter it. Let’s get to it!

What is FOV In Valorant?

FOV is the name given to the phrase ‘ Field of View‘. FOV expands the field of your vision to increase the distance between the models and screen. Simply put, the higher the FOV, you’ll get more details simply by watching the screen; however, on the other hand, the low FOV indicates that the surroundings are magnified, and only objects in close proximity appear in your view immediately.

Can You Change FOV In Valorant

It is possible to adjust the view field in a variety of games. Many games have settings in-game that let you change the field of view. But in Valorant, it’s impossible to adjust the field of view. It’s difficult to alter this aspect in the game, and you must overcome obstacles.

FOV In Valorant | Pros and Cons

Per this PC Gaming myth, having a broad field of vision helps players spot enemies coming up in FPS games since you can view the entire area simultaneously. But, the high FOV has both benefits and drawbacks.

  • The targeting process becomes more difficult when you have a wide FOV. Since the enemies on the screen become smaller when the FOV is more extensive, it is necessary to be more precise when hitting them.
  • Focus is easier when you have a smaller FOV. It is easier to concentrate on the object since the entire screen appears larger.

How to Change FOV In Valorant Settings

Valorant’s FOV is adjustable to suit NVIDIA users with no issues. However, this is not the case for AMD players. A default FOV of 103 appeared adequate to be ignored however some players prefer to play with a smaller FOV. However, if you’re familiar with playing in 4:3, it will decrease your horizontal visibility, making it easier to track targets.

To use NVIDIA graphics cards, Here are the steps for changing the field of view of Valorant:

  • Visit your Desktop Screen and Right-click on it.
  • From the menu, choose Nvidia Control Panel
  • Then go to the Display tab
  • Locate ”Adjusting Size and Position of the Desktop Click on it.
  • Select Aspect Ratio and choose 4:3. Furthermore, you can extend the resolution by choosing Scaling instead of the Aspect Ratio.
  • After switching it on, it should show an enlarger field of view and the black bar in Valorant.


It’s an excellent feature for NVIDIA card owners since they can alter Valorant FOV. It is the best decision to be familiar with the 16:9 format for AMD users as, for now, they do not have an alternative to alter Valorant FOV. I hope this article clarifies the specifics about Valorant FOV for you.

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Best Stretched Res For Valorant: Can You Play Valorant Stretched?



Best Stretched Res For Valorant: Can You Play Valorant Stretched? Valorant will undoubtedly be among the most played games of 2020. Many players are left with a myriad of questions regarding the game.

This article will look at one of the frequently asked game-related Stretched Res For Valorant.

Can you play with stretched resolutions for Valorant? Valorant players cannot play with stretched resolution as it only supports a 16:9 aspect ratio. There isn’t an option in the game to play using a 4:3 aspect ratio.

What’s Up With This Stretched Resolution Obsession?

Many devoted CS: GO enthusiasts swear that the aspect ratio of 4:3 or stretched resolution provides an advantage. Mainly it makes the target appear slightly more prominent, making it much easier to shoot an accurate shot.

However, others are convinced that stretching resolution settings will not make much of an impact. They claim that stretching resolution settings to make your goal increase the size of your screen works but only in the abstract. They would instead rely on the abilities they acquired over decades of gaming.

Resolutions stretched to a greater extent and created quite a buzz in the world of Fortnite players. Epic Games removed the option and barred Fortnite players from using it during competition matches.

Riot Games Says No to Stretched Resolution in Valorant

From the starting point, Riot Games made it clear that they don’t support the aspect ratio of 4:3 for Valorant. They even have gone as far as to prohibit the use of the stretched screen.

Aspect Ratio: Pick the ratio that you are comfortable using. If you’re using 4:3, I suggest not stretching when you’re training for Valorous (I know this is the subject of discussion, and it’s an additional conversation I’d love to discuss with you, everyone).

As you can observe, Riot Games are fully aware this choice won’t be a favorite with all gamers; however, they’re prepared to stand firm.

The riot prohibited players from playing with stretched resolutions to maintain a level playing field and prevent winning by altering resolution.

Riot confirms that all the Agents will be playing with the same hitboxes in terms of making sure the game is balanced. This is another factor that ensures Valorant is an equal game for everyone.

However, if there’s no built-in feature to play Valorant stretched, it doesn’t mean you cannot utilize a hack to play however you like.

How can I increase the resolution in Valorant?

Be aware that you can only utilize this feature if your computer has an Nvidia graphics card.

  • Step 1. Open your NVIDIA control panel
  • Step 2. Go to Display
  • Step 3. Find the Adjust Desktop Size and Position option.
  • Step 4. Under Scaling, click and choose Fullscreen
  • Step 5. for black bars: choose Aspect Ratio.

When you start your Valorant game, you’ll be able to play the game in the stretched resolution.

As you can see, playing 4:3 games in Valorant can be achieved by altering your GPU settings. However, it doesn’t provide the same benefit as CS and Fortnite.

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How To Change Valorant Region



How To Change Valorant Region. Is there strange lag when you play VALORANT or Legends of Runeterra, Do you have the right currency for your payment options?

How about not being able to queue up with your friends?

How To Change Valorant Region

These issues could indicate that your Riot Account has an incorrect Region Of Residence. Your Region of Residence determines where you live, your payment options, and who you can play with.

We can help you if your account has the wrong region! Login below to check if you are eligible for a change.

This is Ask VALORANT. Every other week, we collect questions from you and choose a few. This round will address cross-region play and the pick-and-ban system.

Are you planning to alter the aim punch? Do you think each weapon will get a different amount?

At the moment, I don’t think so. However, I believe there is an opportunity to reduce aim punch in extreme situations, such as a long fire from a shotgun or pistol that inflicts minimal damage but leaves a lot of falloff.

–Trevor Romleski, Senior Game Designer

Many people are asking if there will be a deathmatch mode.

In the future, Deathmatch will be VALORANT. Although we don’t yet have a timeline, we are actively working on the technology and designing, prototyping, iterating, and playingtesting.

–Jared Berbach is the Lead Producer for Game Modes

Is there any plan to make the VALORANT client a full-screen application?

“There are no plans at the moment for menus to have their own display mode setting like the League Client where it launches an executable ‘game’ in full-screen from a news/store/friendlist client. This is due to the fact that VALORANT can be used as an all-in-one executable and League has two. The game can be played in windowed or fullscreen mode. This will affect their in-game experience .”

–Steven Eldredge, Senior Producer

Is there a pick-and-ban system for Agents and maps?

Although we have considered a draft phase to allow agents, our current thought is that bans would not be necessary. We expect teams to have specific strategies and plays. We don’t want agents to be banned.

Second, bans can often be used to remove players’ star agents. We want players who excel at particular agents to have the opportunity to play them and showcase their skills with them. Lastly, VALORANT does not have any hard counters (this is not our design philosophy), so we believe the game state will be healthier if we are held responsible for ensuring no agent-facilitated strategy or agent becomes so oppressive or unsolvable that banning is the only option.

–Trevor Romleski, Senior Game Designer

Is it possible to play in other countries? For example, you could play on EU servers and NA servers.

We know that friendships can be sustained over thousands of miles but not if an internet connection exists. All games of VALORANT must all be hosted on a single server. This means that even if someone is in Japan and wants to wait with someone from the UK, one of them will have to connect to a server that’s far away. The game will also require 8 players to play with someone who has a poor connection. This is something they did not sign up for! While we will keep an eye out for demand, we must ensure that all matches are fair in a game like VALORANT.

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Is Chamber Allowed In Valorant Champions



Is Chamber Allowed In Valorant Champions? Chamber is one of VALORANT’s newest Agents. Chamber was added to the game in Patch 3.10 November. This brings the total number of Agents in the game to 18. Let’s find out how to get the most from this character. Chamber is a well-dressed French assassin who can balance explosive offense with solid defense. Chamber can teleport to a distance and set traps to slow down unsuspecting enemies. Chamber is equipped with a pair of powerful weapons that no other Agent can access when it comes time to fight.

Chamber is a unique Agent in Valorant. He brings something new to the game’s roster. This article will explain Chamber’s abilities and how they can be used. This article will cover everything you need about Chamber in VALORANT.


Chamber is one of the four Agents in VALORANT who play the role of Sentinel. These Agents are focused on defensive play through healing, recon, and other similar abilities. Chamber is a Sentinel who stands out from the rest by being equally strong on offense. Chamber has two special abilities that allow him to use personalized guns, including his Ultimate. He is the most offensive Sentinel and also the most balanced. Chamber can excel in any situation because of his versatility.

Chamber is already at the top of many tiers thanks to his extensive toolkit and access to Agent-specific weapons. Chamber’s assistive skills allow him to play alongside his team, while his arsenal keeps him strong on his own. His abilities are easy to learn, and he is very beginner-friendly. Skilled Chamber players can quickly adapt to changing situations while making the most of their unique inventory.


Chamber’s most remarkable abilities are to help his teammates by either destabilizing the mobility of the opposing team or increasing his own. Chamber can also use his Ultimate’s two abilities, a personalized pistol or sniper rifle. These weapons don’t have charges, but you must purchase bullets in the same fashion during the buy phase.

Basic Abilities


  • Cost: 150 Credits
  • Command Key C
  • Function: Intel and Crowd Control
  • Charges: 2
  • Duration: 9.5 seconds

You can equip a reconnaissance trap by pressing FIRE. The trap will automatically lock onto an enemy and fire at them if it senses. A slowing field will appear beneath the feet of the target if it is hit. It is visible to all enemies and can be easily destroyed.


  • Cost: 100 credits per bullet
  • Command Key Q
  • Function: Empowerment
  • Maximum 8 bullets for ammunition

Equips a large pistol. ALT-FIRE targets down sights to improve accuracy. Chamber can cycle through the pistol as any other weapon, as long as he has enough ammo. Bullets inflict 159 damage to the head, 55 to your body, and 46 to your legs.

Signature Ability


  • Cost: No Charge
  • Command Key
  • Function
  • Charges: 1
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Two teleportation anchors can be used to place in FIRE at two different locations. Chamber can teleport between anchors as long as they are within the appropriate range. The anchors will remain indefinitely until they are either recalled or destroyed by Chamber. To teleport, Chamber must be present on the ground.


Tour de Force

  • Cost: 7 Ultimate points
  • Command Key: X
  • Function: Empowerment
  • Ammo: 5 bullets
  • Slow Duration: 9.5 seconds

Chamber can exchange the weapon Chamber has with another weapon for the rest of the round by equipping a powerful sniper rifle. Bullets inflict 255 damage to the head and 150 to the body and legs, so two shots are all you need to kill an enemy. Tour de Force causes a slowing field to appear at the enemy’s former location after they are killed.


Chamber requires a balanced approach and versatile skills to be successful. With the right response, players and teams must be ready for whatever situation. Players must also be able to change from passive to aggressive play depending on the situation. Chamber’s style of play isn’t flashy, so players must be able to play solid and with good fundamentals. Making the most of Chamber’s powerful weapons helps to have a great aim.

Trademark is the most challenging ability for Chamber to master. It is highly visible and can be destroyed by enemies, making it difficult to hide from it. To capitalize on the slowing effect, you must be nearby. The trap should be placed near choke points so the opposing team cannot spot it. If an enemy is tagged, the slowing field will appear. Pounce on them to make quick kills.

Chamber’s Headhunter can be one of the most effortless abilities in the game. Although the heavy pistol is similar to a standard weapon, it is significantly more robust. Controlling your ammo is the key to this ability. The bullets work the same as charges and must be purchased during the buy phase. The pistol can hold only eight bullets at once. Headhunter requires you to pick your shots and get the best out of every trigger press. If you are indeed in a desperate situation, don’t attempt to kill with this ability.

Chamber’s Signature Ability, Rendezvous, is very useful. Chamber can patrol an area or two from different angles with the twin teleporting Anchors, increasing his mobility tenfold and allowing him to patrol that area (or nearby areas) from multiple angles. To cover the entire area, place the anchors on opposite sides of a building, courtyard, or alleyway. They will only function within a specific range, so putting them as far apart as possible is essential to maximize their reach. This ability is excellent for gathering information or confusing enemies, so they are unsure about your team’s strategy. It can also be helpful in firefights to position you at the best vantage points, and it is convenient for last-minute escapes. If you don’t have a backup, you shouldn’t use it to “surround” an enemy squad.

Chamber’s Ultimate Ability Tour de Force equips a deadly sniper rifle with which it can one-shot kill all enemies with a single hit. Although the ability functions similarly to Headhunter, the rifle can only be activated for the current round. You will also need to make intelligent decisions to get the best out of your rifle. Your first shot should be directed at enemies that are grouped. Kills will result in a slower field appearing beneath the target’s feet. This will stop other enemies from fleeing quickly, making them a sitting duck for any follow-up shots.


Chamber’s balanced toolkit makes him a problematic Agent to find counters to. It is impossible to determine if Chamber has Tour de Force or Headhunter equipped. He can strike from almost any location on the map at any time. Chamber may require a team to be more cautious, using less cover and staying clear of open areas. Try to scan for Chamber’s Trademark trap before you enter a room. It is quite large and can be challenging to spot if it is not properly hidden. You should destroy anyone you see before they can tag you. Intel-gaining abilities are the best way to defeat Rendezvous. Agent abilities such as Sova’s Owl Drone or Cypher’s Spy Cam allow you to keep an eye on Chamber’s location even if he’s teleporting between locations. You can camp for an ambush if Chamber is not around if you find one of the teleportation anchors. This tactic works best when you have at least one other teammate.

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