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How To Change Profile Picture On Call Of Duty Mobile

How To Change Profile Picture On Call Of Duty Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile is available for download on Android as well as iOS phones, and users have the chance to play the CoD universe while on the move. The game has experienced a few glitches since its launch; however, Activision has managed to get many of the issues except for controller support. In a controversial move, Activision launched an update to Call of Duty Mobile, which removed controller support entirely in the game. But, those who love the game continue to enjoy the shooting experience on mobile devices, as the game is optimized for the use of touch controls.

Call of Duty Mobile did eliminate controller support for controllers; however, it lets players customize their characters using a variety of skins and other items. Alongside the personalization of characters, The game allows players to Change Profile Picture to make them stand out from the other players. The players can alter their avatars and profile pictures or display specific achievements, or even add medals to their profile. If you’re stuck with the default picture for their profile may be searching for ways to alter the avatar to a more evocative one. Call of Duty Mobile comes with a range of avatars gamers can use as their profile pictures. This article will show you how to accomplish it.

How to Change Profile Picture in Call of Duty Mobile

The process to Change Profile Picture in Call of Duty Mobile is extremely simple and can be accomplished in just a few steps.

  1. Tap the username in the upper-left corner to access your profile page.
  2. Click on the icon Player Profile. This will be the third icon on the bar at the top.
  3. Within the Player Profile menu, tap the current avatar. A new screen will appear with a range of avatars that you can choose from.
  4. Select the avatar you like, then close the window to save the choice. You may also add a frame to their profile image using the menu in the same pop-up.

This is the method by which players can alter their avatars in Call of Duty Mobile; however, those who don’t like the look of the game’s choice of avatars can adjust their avatars to match their Facebook profile photo. You can change the Facebook profile photo on Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Add Facebook Profile Picture in Call of Duty Mobile

Users who wish to display their Facebook profile photo in the game will need to sign in to the game using the Facebook account they have on. This can be accomplished by selecting Facebook on the login screen in Call of Duty Mobile. After the Facebook account has been associated with the game, players can follow the exact steps described above. Instead of selecting an avatar that is defaulted from the pop-up menu, click Restore defaults at the lower right of the menu; then, the game should erase all choices and go in the direction of your Facebook profile image.

Call of Duty Mobile is now available for iOS and Android download.

Game Card

Return to Your player profile section; you can tap your game Card. This is where you can see every one of your previous modifications. It is also possible to view the area you’ve selected to view your weapon Master rankings and your signature. On the right-hand side, you can add additional information you can view when reviewing your profile. Finally, you can add tags that describe your style of play for more suitable teammates in the near future.

Avatar & Frame Settings

Within the Player Profile section of your Account Profile, Go into your Player Profile and click on the Basic tab.

Click on your avatar to open your Avatar and frames settings. You can change your avatar to one of the avatars that are not locked in the game. If you want to create a unique image, you’ll be required to sign in with the details of your Facebook login and then use your profile image. After you tap Show the Changes, the changes will be reflected the following time you participate in the game.

Then, you’ll have the option of changing the frame of your avatar or the Calling Card to the COD Mobile account. The changes must be made immediately.