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How To Change Valorant Installation Folder

Online multiplayer games are increasing. There’s nothing better than an enjoyable gaming experience with your buddies. Let’s have a review of one the well-known multiplayer games on the internet, Valorant. This article we’re going to discover how to Change Valorant Installation Folder. Here’s all you should be aware of:

Valorant is believed in the eyes of many as being the sequel of the well-known five-v-5 multiplayer online game CSGO. There are definite similarities between them, it’s difficult to say the opposite. Due to the popularity in online games each game has seen a rapid increase in players, particularly when they’ve embraced the game as an online service model.

There’s been plenty of advancement within the realm of Valorant. The most recent update Episode 3 Act I comes with numerous games for players to play. One of the many additions in the game are KAY/O, which is the Initiator. Additionally players can now benefit from an updated Ranking Rating system, as well as Account Leveling to reward players for their efforts in playing Valorant.

How do I Change Valorant Installation Folder?

Space management is essential however, it’s not easy. One of the most important aspects of managing your computer’s space is moving files without compromising their integrity.

Below are the actions to follow to Change Valorant Installation Folder:

  • Navigate into your drive C, or the drive you’ve installed Windows. Windows
  • We are using C drive to be the drive in which Windows is installed.
  • On C Drive, Go to your data folder of your program and then locate your Riot Games folder.
  • Here, open the RiotClientInstalls.json file in a text manager.
    • There are details about the location of the file. It should look something like this if you have installed the game on the D drive of your system under the subfolder Games: “D:/Games/Riot Games/VALORANT/live/”
  • Copy the URL and then paste onto Your File Explorer address bar. There you will see all game files. Here is an example of how a file-explorer address bar appears like on an Windows PC
  • Return 2 folders to the current address. The address should be like this:
    • “D:/Games/Riot Games”
  • You will locate an VALORANT folder. Make a cut in this folder in half.
  • Copy the cut folder into the drive you prefer (Here it’s F drive ) and then to a new subfolder in the F-drive that you can name any thing, but we’ve retained the name of the folder – the example.
  • Copy the address of the current address from the fileexplorer bar.
    • It should look something like this: “F:\Example\VALORANT\live”
  • Open the RiotClientInstalls.json file and paste this new address in the place of the previous address.
    • Check that the address’s format matches that of the address before.
    • The example address mentioned above should look like this after the change: “F:/Example/VALORANT/live/”
  • Files can be saved.
  • Re-visit your program’s files folder and find it. Then, go to the Riot Games folder.
  • In this case, you need to open your metadata directory, then the folder.
  • Locate and open the file
  • Scroll down until you locate the addresses. It is necessary to update these with the new addresses.
    • These addresses are noted on the following:
      • product_install_full_path
      • product_install_root
    • The new addresses should be as follows:
      • “F:/Example/VALORANT/live/”


      • “F:/Example/”
  • Files can be saved.
  • Start Valorant and then select the Installed option.

Save the folder and then restart your computer. The game should have been moved to the new folder.

As you can see this procedure is quite complicated and time-consuming if aren’t familiar with these issues. Therefore, the most efficient option is to simply install Valorant on your new drive.

This is how you can transfer Valorant to a different drive. If you’re interested in knowing how to play the game in other areas, how to type and speak through All Chat and how to appear offline, go to our guide.