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Cipher Pata Elden Ring – How To Get Cipher Pata

The Cipher Pata is an ideal weapon to choose if you are a player with a faith-based construct within the Elden Ring. Contrary to other weapons that require players to complete quests to acquire them, it is not one of them. Cipher Pata has no such prerequisites.

Where to Get Cipher Pata in Elden Ring

Cipher Pata is a very early game weapon found in Elden Ring and is obtained without particular requirements for attributes. However, you must have a minimum of 30 points of trust to be able to use the weapon within the game.

You can visit the Roundtable hold, located just beyond the Lands Between, and can be accessed via fast journeys. Locate an opening that opens into the balconies. Leap the balcony, but make sure you can withstand the fall injury in the event of a fall.

Once you’ve reached your main level, go to the first hall to your left. You will meet the Mad Tongue Alberich there, but only if you’ve never encountered them.

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You could take it off and continue if you’re skilled and quick. If you’re a fan of challenging situations, join a battle and make it thrilling.

After you’ve finished with Mad Tongue Alberich, take the next left, and after walking straight a few miles, walk into the right entrance, and you’ll be inside the room.

On the left-hand right, there will have two beds. There’s a dead body on one of them. Go near the corpse to take from the Cipher Pata. You will then be able to escape from the room speedily.

Cipher Pata’s Details

One of the major highlights unique to Cipher Pata is the unique ability, Unblockable Blade. It unleashes a distant attack with the power of the Holy, which is unblockable by any shield inside the Elden Ring. This is what makes it a fantastic weapon for the early game.

Another factor to consider that makes this gun an excellent option for carrying is that it is not heavy. Therefore, a person carrying a small margin of weight can carry the weapon effortlessly.

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