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Apply For Coding Game Design Instructor | Make $40,000 Per Year

If are you a coding game design instructor and you want to turn your passion into something that will earn you a lot of money, then you need to read this article.

Those who were born into the 21st century should be more enlightened about the gaming world because they are the actual people that are taking it to another level.

You are happy with technology because you used it growing up and may have taken classes or even gotten a degree in it as a graduate (i.e. Computer Science, Engineering, Technical Education, App, Games or Robotics Development).

You have a keen interest in learning about robots, game creation, and coding. You are passionate about evangelizing technology and sharing your experiences with others, and you are aware of the positive influence your work may have on the generation that is now in school.

About the younger generation, you prefer working with children and have done so in the past. You realize that this style of training isn’t “lecturing,” but rather as interactive and fun for the kids as possible.

You are aware that creating games may be challenging, but continuing down that route and learning as much as you can is very tiring for children.

Either way, we are trying to say that children are the major target of your ready-to-work with the company that is currently employing new staff as coding game design instructors.

In this article, we are going to look at who a Coding Game Design Instructor is and what they do.

We would also be telling you of the requirements you need to meet up if you must be accepted to work with the gaming comparing that is employing.

Finally, we would be showing you how you can apply for this job without waste of time.

Who is a Coding Game Designer Instructor?

This is someone who is charged with the responsibility of providing instructions on how to produce a game using any kind of software that the company approves.

As a coding game designer instructor, all the game producers are under you as you will be guiding them on what to do to be sure that the game production is successful.

Work of a Coding Game Designer Instructor

Some responsibilities are attached to the job and that is what we would be talking about in this part of the article, keep reading to find out more about what you need to do to get the job.

  • Giving Instructions to the workers on what to do.
  • Giving ideas on the best game to develop
  • Giving the marketing ideas
  • Making sure that all the equipment for the game creation is complete.

The company that is offering this job which we are talking about here is Fun Brick LLC and those, that love games would know that there are popular in the gaming industry.

About Fun Brick LLC

This is a none profit organisation that is more focused on empowering the youths who have gaming talent and would love to develop it.

Yes, there produce games of which the money gotten from all their games are used for charity purpose.

Their major priority which they owe to their students is to give them the best quality content when it comes to closing games and designs.

In Fun Brick LLC, Class numbers are kept small for more personalised attention, and Fun Brick LLC collaborates with organizations and professional activity providers to deliver the best quality material. These organizations are committed to giving their pupils experiences that are age-appropriate.

Requirements For Coding Game Design Instructor in Fun Brick LLC

Let’s talk about the things the company will look at while choosing the best people for the job, you have to meet up with the requirements before you will be considered.

  • You should have the ability to transform the minds of your student and show them the latest trends
  • You should have experience working as a game developer
  • Have experience when it comes to teaching people about game design and development
  •  Should have experience using the following software; JAVA, Unity, Unreal, Python and Scratch
  • Should be someone ready to learn
  • Send your full resume/CV to the company using their portal
  • You will also be required to send them links to your portfolio

What You Are Expected To Do

Here are some of the jobs you will be going as an instructor working with Fun Brick LLC.

  • You will be expected to teach between 8 to 10 students
  • You have to follow the existing agenda and curriculum to teach the students.
  • You will be required to teach a general gaming concept including Java, Unreal, Unity, 2D game developments and so many others.
  • You will guide students on how to produce stellar projects and other things that will bring out their full potential
  • You will be required to help students know their abilities and help them complete each project.


For those that are already interested in working with this company or organization, it is good to let you know that you will earn a lot of money working here.

The gaming industry has a lot of funds flowing in and out and getting this job will help you milk the money in the industry.

Fun Brick LLC is going to pay between $ $44.8k to $55.7k yearly which is a very good way to start

How To Apply

Follow the steps we have provided below to get started with the job and make sure to read all requirements to avoid mistakes.

  • Head over to the official recruitment portal of Brick LLC
  • There you will see the things you need to do and all the instructions, make sure to read all of them.
  • Scroll down and fill out the application form.
  • Upload your CV
  • Paste the link to your portfolio
  • Click on Apply now and you’re good to go

The company is going to contact you in no time as they will look at your documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do game designers do coding?

Yes, when they have developed their story, the next thing is to code it to become a game.

What is the best job in game design?

Video editors and technical writers are the favourites because they contribute majorly to the development of any game.


If you want to work with the company, you have read all we have said here and follow it gently to avoid mistakes.

Here at codloadout, we would keep updating you on the latest and best gaming jobs.

For more information and questions, kindly leave a comment below.