Daily Quordle #176 — Answers And Hints For Tuesday, July 19

Quordle works the same way as Wordle but is a lot more complicated. There’s no shame in searching for daily Quordle answers to game #176. Quordle has four answers to each question, so ‘answers’ is plural.

It’s four times as fun as the viral word game. It’s more complex than that because you only have nine chances to find the four words. Wordle can be a bit more complex than others, but today’s Wordle Answer isn’t too bad.

It resets every day like Wordle. If you miss a game, you won’t be able to see the previous Quordle answers. This page is not bookmarkable, so you won’t be able to access the Quordle answers every morning.

Be aware that spoilers are ahead for game #176. So only continue reading if you’re interested in today’s Quordle answer! Please don’t cheat or pretend that you did when you didn’t. This would be a waste of my hard-earned work.

Before I move on to today’s Quordle questions, I want to give you some hints that will help you get there. Three starter clues and one hint at the end. Then I promise to tell you the answer.

Here are some starter clues.

  • All five vowels are used
  • Two of the answers have repeated letters
  • One of the solutions uses vowels in three positions

* By vowel, I mean A, E, I, O, U. Depending on their usage, many letters can be considered vowels.

Daily Quordle Answers for Game #176 can be tricky, so let me give you another hint: A fruit is one of today’s Quordle Answers.

Is Sill stuck? Let’s get on with the questions.

What are the Quordle Answers for Game #176 today?

You don’t have to wait — here we go!


Another difficult selection is the daily Quordle answer for game #176. MOTOR is repeated with an O, and GUAVA repeats with an A. GUAVA is a relatively obscure word but a delicious fruit. Although FUDGE and BEGIN are not so bad, G is featured in three answers.

A good strategy will also be helpful because solving Quordle can be difficult. To eliminate or confirm as many common letters as possible, I use three set words as my approach. My approach is to start with one of my favorite Wordle start words, STARE. Then I move on to DOILY or PUNCH.

This usually gives me a head start on daily Quordle questions, but it was not so helpful today. I used three letters in green or yellow for three puzzles and two for the second. This is one of my worst results with this strategy. My initial letters do not include a G, featured in three answers, B or F.

Nevertheless, none proved to be too difficult. The combination of a yellow D and the -U-–E pattern at the bottom right suggested that there was an -UDGE word, so I played BUDGE. It was not correct, but it allowed me to get a FUDGE for the next guess. It gave me the G, B, and G for BEGIN and the G for GUAVA. MOTOR was simply a matter of looking at the letters and realizing I would probably need to repeat the O. This resulted in me completing the daily Quordle with only one guess.

We hope you have all found a solution.

If you’re looking for a list of older Quordle answers, we can also help. Here’s a list going back 20 games.

  • Quordle #175: TEETH, HOTEL, SIGMA, VIDEO
  • Quordle #174: QUIRK, GOING, HINGE, HOVEL
  • Quordle #173: SULLY, INGOT, DINER, TRICE
  • Quordle #172: NYLON, SHELF, VIRAL, BUDGE
  • Quordle #171: LUNCH, HORSE, STYLE, COYLY
  • Quordle #170: NYMPH, SPECK, FERAL, OVOID
  • Quordle #169: FATAL, REEDY, POINT, REHAB
  • Quordle #168: OTHER, QUIRK, RELAY, SAVVY
  • Quordle #167: AMPLE, PRUDE, CANON, DUCHY
  • Quordle #166: TRUSS, MAGMA, LLAMA, STRAP
  • Quordle #165: SLING, MAYBE, CHILD, BANJO
  • Quordle #164: SPADE, TULIP, LIPID, MUCUS
  • Quordle #163: CHORD, SANER, NINJA, PINKY
  • Quordle #162: LABOR, TAPER, HEARD, NAVEL
  • Quordle #161: REMIT, MANGY, SUMAC, TITHE
  • Quordle #160: MIDGE, WRACK, SONAR, FURRY
  • Quordle #159: APNEA, TITAN, NINNY, GAUNT
  • Quordle #158: RAMEN, STAID, WOODY, BASTE
  • Quordle #157: UTILE, DYING, ENDOW, SULLY
  • Quordle #156: CLICK, TONIC, SUITE, TOXIN

Quordle is one of the many Wordle clones that have emerged in the wake of Wordle’s enormous success. You can play it in four different versions simultaneously and have nine chances to guess the answers.

The letters behave in Wordle in the same way as Wordle. They turn green if in the correct place, yellow if in the wrong place, and gray if not.

It’s nice to have a practice mode, even though there is only one set puzzle daily. It’s pretty tricky, so that you may find yourself in need of it.

You might find Quordle too tricky for you. We recommend Octordle or Squabble if you prefer a more stressful test.

The new Heardle is similar to Wordle for pop music. It also includes the geo-based Wordle clone Worldle. We also love the Star Wars-themed SWordle as well as the math-based Mathler.

The original is always the best, so check out our best Wordle words and todays Wordle answer if you don’t have a chance to play.