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East Luterra Adventure Tome Guide – Lost Ark

The guide below will guide you to uncover all the stories within East Luterra Adventure Tome to complete your book of adventures in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark East Luterra Adventure Tome Hidden Stories

East Luterra is the largest continent that can be found in the game. It contains seven stories hidden in the game. You are responsible for discovering the seven stories hidden to complete your tome of adventure for the area. This will boost your chances of success and reward you with three skills points.

Sacred Rituals of Harvesters

It’s located at Sunbright Hill. Study the things on the table, and a message will be displayed at the top of the screen “Initiation rites for the World harvesters.” It will provide you with one plus wisdom.

Head Maid’s Secret

It is situated inside Luterra Castle. You will see the books on the table as you enter the room. Examining them will reveal the message: “A wide variety of books here.” This will grant one plus Charisma.


The Name of Black Rose

It is situated inside Blackrose Chapel. Go inside and look at the tablet in the middle of the candle to find the following message: “Feel the marks on the weathered tablet.” It will provide you with one plus wisdom.

Pathos of Genius

The site is it is located in Leyar in Puruus. Study the visible stone tablet to see if it has the following information: “Read the stone tablet by feeling the marks.” It will provide you with 1.+ Wisdom.

Noble life

The Manor is located within Moronto’s Manor from the Wavestrand port. You can go to the left part of the manor. There is a pile of books lying around. Examine them for one plus wisdom.

Pear Trees and Him

It is comprised of three phases, and they are all situated within the Pear Tree orchard.

Pear Trees and Him #1

Look under the tree basket to see if there is a text: “A page under a pear tree.”

Pear Trees and Him #2

Make a left turn away from the tree, and you will locate the second story that has similar messages.

Pear Trees and Him #3

Head left and go to the place below marked for the final part of the mystery.

Origin of Puruus

It is divided into four parts, all residing inside the Land of Puruus.

Origin of Puruus #1

Examine the stumps of trees to find “Unusual fallen leaf.”

Origin of Puruus #2

Explore the glowing fruits in the area. You’ll see an email saying, “A fruit glowing with energy.”

Origin of Puruu #3

Explore other bright fruits. You’ll receive the identical message.

Origin of Puruus #4

Examine the plants in the south.