Elden Ring

Elden Ring Best Class – What is The Strongest Class?

Tackle FromSoftware’s latest game using our detailed guide for The Elden Ring best class, giving you the chance to battle the bosses of the game with your style of play.

Like many FromSoftware games, Elden Ring has the class system, which lets players select the class that best suits their preferred playing style. Although each class has particular advantages, they have a few essential options to consider when looking for Elden Ring’s top class.

In the past, magic has been in the lower end of the recent Souls games as players favour meta weapons that can be scaled in their strength, dexterity and strength. Thus, the most effective class choice will usually be those with high-end stats in those areas and an adequate dose of energy to take on early game successes. In Elden Ring, there is a greater emphasis on spellcasting, making them much more user-friendly and powerful.

Even with the additional strength that magic can bring to this game, the base melee damage still prevails. Also, from the entire Elden Ring class list picking the best class of Elden Ring is easy.


Elden Ring’s most powerful classification is Vagabond. With a powerful weapon for starting and impressive stats in the most critical factors: Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity, the Vagabond makes itself the best option for new and returning players.

This class will enable you to develop your skills and select the type of weapon you would like to use, whether it is one based on dexterity or a gun based on strength.

However, it has fewer Faith and Intelligence statistics; these can be improved by letting you try some basic Incantations and Sorceries in the game. Then, you can focus your improvements on these stats if you are keen to use magical powers in your game.

For most players, melee damage is the primary focus, and that’s the focus the Vagabond is about.

That’s why the Vagabond is the most popular Elden Ring class. For more helpful tips and tricks, you can check out our list of the top weapons available in the game and the Elden Ring tips for novice players and beginners, which contains many valuable tips.