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Elden Ring: Best Dual Wield  Weapons | Our Top 12

We have the Best Elden Ring Dual Wield Weapons for all players hooked up to this game. Dual-wielding could bring us back to the Dark Soul days when we could increase our move sets with unique combinations of damage outputs and powerful moves.

Before we begin with our guide, the big question is, “Should I really dual wield Elden Ring?” Dual-wielding weapons can increase your damage and speed up your attacks. Your attacks will hit more often with more deadly combinations. You can double-wield your Uchigatana and Rivers of Blood to unleash a bloodbath.

Do you think it is a waste to use only one weapon when you could use two? This allows you to equip two weapons at once. This can be achieved by choosing the weapons you wish to dual-wield in your right and left hands. The Power Stance has some downsides, such as being vulnerable to attacks. It is, however, the best compromise between speed and increased damage.

We’re on the same page. I want to add that Elden Ring allows you to dual-wield many weapons. Dual-wielding weapons can have many effects on your character, including Katanas, Greatswords, and Clubs.

Some include high bleed. This Power Stance’s most bizarre feature is that you can use any weapon to one-shot your enemies. One example is the Giant Crusher.

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Elden Ring: Best Dual Wield  Weapons

Giant Crusher

The Giant Crusher is number one on our Best Dual Wield Weapons Elden Ring. To increase its Strength and scaling, you must equip the weapon with Heavy affinity. This weapon is frightening enough by itself. Imagine what the two of them could do! You can unleash the wrath of your enemies by smashing both Crushers with Royal Knight’s Resolve.

Jump attacks can deal with heavy blows that could wipe them out in one hit. The hammer is large and can deliver a good hit. Dual-wielding can do more than 700+ damage and give you +25 for the special attack.

It can be found in the Outer Wall Phantom Tree location of Grace. The weapon is extremely powerful and has incredible damage benefits. However, it requires a lot of Strength to use. If you are a player who likes Strength-build weapons, the Giant Crusher should be your weapon of choice for dual-wielding.

Starscourge Greatsword

This Greatsword, one of the Colossal swords found in Elden Ring, is used by the Radahn boss. You can get it from Enia at the Roundtable Hold by trading the Remembrance of the Starscourge. The boss can be defeated to obtain the item. Let’s now talk about the Greatsword.

It is a curved weapon that scales with Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity. Starcaller Cry is a skill that the Greatsword has that draws enemies towards it and does incredible damage. Dual-wielding weapons allow you to use both swords to cause an explosion of gravity, which can cause massive AOE damage.

When there are swarms of enemies preventing your movement, I recommend you use this skill. The dual-wield effects of the Greatsword work differently from other weapons. This means that your damage boost is different.

They can be used in both your left and right hands to cause severe damage. To increase the efficiency of Starscourge Greatsword, you can add Somber Smithing Stones. This will allow you to strike massive blows and do significant damage to your enemies in both PvE as well as PvP.

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

You can use the Crozier with either the Giant Crusher or another Crozier. The Crozier is a formidable weapon but does not have the same damage output as the Giant Crushers.

You can equip it with the Heavy affinity to make it scale with Strength, increasing its damage. You can charge forward in an endless frenzy with the Prelate’s Infernocrozier, a fun, and spammable attack. It costs F.P. to use in PvP.

The Crozier can be used to make melee attacks, so it requires 45 Strength. It can be obtained at the Seethewater Terminus of Grace.

To dual-wield the Crozier, you must have the weapon in both hands. You can then smash your enemies with the incredible size and power of the weapon. It’s always fun to play double!

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Antspur Rapier

Dual-wielding, the Antspur Rapier, is possible by equipping one with Rot and the other with Poison. Anyone caught in the Rapier’s thrust attacks can sustain lingering injuries. Dual-wielding, the Antspur Rapier, will increase thrust attacks, making it dangerous.

Add the terrifying effects of Scarlet Rot or Poison to the mix, and the enemies will die from the blood. The weapon does much damage but only scales in Dexterity/Strength. It’s almost identical to the one Godskin Noble uses, as he is a lancer.

It is possible to break through the enemy’s defense with its piercing strikes and open up a window for another attack. It works excellent with Scarlet Rot, Bleed, and the Talismans.

These Rapiers can be outfitted with Bloodhound’s Step or Bloody Slash to make them even more entertaining. The Antspur Rapier is a great dual-wield Elden Ring weapon.

Godskin Peeler

The Godskin Peeler, which can cause blood loss and even be fatal, is a powerful weapon that can build up blood. You can also dual-wiel it to do more damage. Equipping the weapon in Ash of War Seppuku can increase the damage and blood loss.

This will allow you to cause more blood loss, and it is great for PvP and EvE battles. This weapon’s range is great for melee combat, and its sharp ends are deadly!

I recommend the Occultash of War because it will coat your blades in blood and increase the damage you do to the enemy.

Blood loss alone can cause a lot of damage. If you double-wield it, it can be as powerful as the Rivers of Blood Katana but with a shorter range.

Rivers of Blood

This weapon is excellent for dual-wielding Elden Ring. It has a vast move set and increases damage per hit. It can pierce, slash, and scale well with Arcane.

The bleed effect of the Rivers of Blood Katana’s is also excellent. You can also get a massive boost in damage output if you equip the Uchigatana with one hand or both. You only need 20 Arcane to use the weapon.

However, the move sets can be annoying when facing off against an intruder with this weapon. In some cases, the Rivers of Blood might be nerfed, and it could look like the Frayed Blade in Dark Souls 3. The Rivers of Blood Katana can be obtained by killing Bloody Finger Okina.

Dual-wielding the Katana can increase blood loss and buildup. Corpse Piler is one of the weapons skills that deals both fire damage and physical damage to your enemies. Dual-wielding this weapon in PvE or PvP is insane! You can eat your heart out with these weapons and slash your enemies into another dimension.

Scavenger’s Curved Sword

The Curved Sword is similar to the Reduvia Dagger. It lacks range and is only effective in close-range combat. This unique sword works well for melee fighters and can be used primarily to increase Strength and Dexterity. This bad boy is more powerful than the dual katanas and has a higher bleed proc.

You can effectively dual-wiel the Scavenger’s Curved sword if you equip them with Seppuku or Occult. It is considered a badass because of the insane damage it does in one jump attack. It hits the enemy four times when paired with subsequent jump attacks.

These weapons have a unique power stance that is more powerful than other dual-wielded weapons. You can destroy bosses like Margot by using two consecutive jump attacks and one single slash attack to strengthen your move set.

Dual-wielding the sword has its downside. You can only get one per playthrough, and you’ll need another person to drop you your Scavenger, Curved Sword. It would help if you found a decent guy to drop these bad boys off.

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Spiked Club

Just kidding, the Spiked Clubs date back to 16 B.C. When dual-wielded, these spiky men can do a lot of damage. These men can scale with Strength and Dexterity, and heavy attacks can be devastating.

You can also upgrade the Spiked Club using Smithing Stones to make it the ultimate weapon. You only need to have a Strength 12 to use the weapon. The weapon can also deal with blood loss buildup, which is very useful for additional damage.

Barbaric Roar allows you to do more damage, combine heavy attacks and increase your speed. You can dual-wiel the weapon with your right and left hands and boost your skills by using spells and talismans before engaging in battle.

For massive damage, spam the jump attacks. The Coastal Caves will give you the weapon. After equipping the Spiked Club with the weapon, can use the affinity Keen to increase the weapon’s damage and shift the Scaling to B.


For all Samurai lovers, the Uchigatana is an excellent choice. Dual-wielding the weapon within the Samurai class is a great way to look good! The Uchigatana is, as its name implies, a Katana in Elden Ring that scales primarily using Dexterity, Strength, and other abilities. It serves its purpose in midrange fights when considering the weapon’s range.

Let me tell you; the Uchigatana can be your starting weapon for choosing the Samurai Class. You can also level it up as you travel in Elden Ring. You will need another Uchigatana to dual-wield it.

These katanas can be retrieved from a friend or N.G. willing to drop them off. The Uchigatana can infuse it using war ashes, allowing for unique designs.

You could choose a quality build that scales the sword with Strength and Dexterity. Seppuku, which inversely increases the bleed effect, is an excellent option if you want to build bleed builds.

Eleonora’s Poleblade

The Poleblade can scale with Arcane and is also one of the best dual-wield Elden Ring weapons. This weapon has an extensive range, which allows you to swing it in circles.

Although you have two blades at each end, Eleonora can use her Poleblade to dual-wield Eleonora with a Talisman, which increases attacks by 30% and jumps attacks by a substantial amount.

This weapon features a unique skill called the Blood Blade Dance. It allows you to engage in a series of attacks and an automated dodge animation at the end.

After completing Yura’s Questline, the weapon can be found. It can be used with Arcane and scales well, making it ideal for Arcane Builds. Dual-wielding this beast can give you four consecutive hits while flying, enough to destroy your enemies in seconds.

You can do around 10-20k damage by using the appropriate Talismans and other items with all the swings you make with the two-headed knives. The Godskin Peeler is an excellent option if you want to dual-wield it with another weapon.

Reduvia Dagger

This is another weapon that you can use in Elden Ring. Reduvia Daggers resemble the Chains of Chaos from the series God of War. Dual-wielding daggers can cause massive amounts of damage with their huge bleed effect.

The weapon’s impressive range can pose some problems in PvP fights. To equip the Reduvia Dagger, you will need 13 Arcane and 13 Dexterity.

It would be best if you exposed yourself to your enemy because of the short range of the daggers. Engage them in close-range combats. You can double the damage with the proper Talismans or items. Consider it a fair trade-off.

You can also obtain the Reduvia Dagger from Yura’s Questline. Reduvia Daggers will be your best weapon in the Elden Ring’s Best Dual Wield Weapons List.

Golden Halberd

You can use five-hit combos with the Halberd dual-wielded. They end with a bang! You need to be able to use more swing attacks and jump attacks to do more damage when you dual-wield any weapon in Elden Ring. The best dual-wield Elden Ring builds the Golden Halberd.

The problem is that heavy weapons like the Giant Crusher and Golden Halberd reduce speed and can cause significant damage.

While the trade between speed and damage may be satisfying sometimes, it can also lead to losing most of your fights against speed users.

Dual-wielding, on the other hand, is a great feature that allows you to do more damage than a single-handing weapon. Golden Vow can be used on the Halberd’s main hand to increase your overall damage output and defenses. You can use the Commander’s Standard and the Dragon Halberd to make a different weapon from the Golden Halberd.

It doesn’t matter what build you choose or which weapon you use. It doesn’t matter what build you choose or which weapon you use. What matters is how all the Elden Ring materials are combined to create the best builds and combinations.

Let me add one thing, despite all that. If you are looking for the Best Dual Wield, Build Elden Ring, you should look at the Giant Crusher Build, which I discussed in my previous guide. I hope you enjoy these dual-wielding weapons combinations. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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