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Elden Ring Update Patch Notes | 5 Biggest Changes

Elden Ring has finally received a patch. The last patch we had was released in April and was a straightforward fix for Malenia‘s increasing amount of health. This patch is more prominent but has more minor changes than the previous patches. Elden Ring Update Patch Notes | 5 Biggest Changes

The previous patches introduced a lot of cut content, including Jar Bairn and a few patch encounters. The patch mainly addresses bugs and introduces two minor new features. For everything, you should know about Elden Ring Update Patch Notes 1.05, check out the following article for the complete patch details.

Elden Ring Update Patch Notes | 5 Biggest Changes

New NG+ shop with improved design

You’re probably aware that you can ship the Bell Bearings you find in the world to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold. This will expand the range of items available, including late-game upgrade materials that can be extremely useful.

The benefits of donating Bell Bearings carry over to the NG+ platform for a large portion of Bell Bearings. This means that you’ll keep benefiting from their advantages, so you must be sure you donate all you own before you begin with your NG+ race.

Summon sound effects

If you’ve ever been in a fog-door waiting for a summon signal to help you, There’s no need to worry; running around trying to find those summons signs whenever they appear can be an absolute nightmare, especially when other players arrive earlier than you do.

Luckily, this is somewhat easier in the near future due to an audio effect that sounds when a summons sign is seen close to you, making clear that help is immediate. Suppose it’s not a summons that is duelling. Have fun.

Multiplayer enhancements

There are a few brand-new features for PVP players. The game’s namesake, The Bloodhound’s Step, and Rivers of Blood remain in full play; however, it’s a shame. The “stability” of online multiplayer is improved specifically for games played with PS4 or PS5 consoles. This should make it more enjoyable to play than ever before with your friends and enemies alike.

Also, there’s been a fix to a tiny bug that will prevent critical backstab hits from connecting with other players. This can ultimately make your day miserable.

Extra emphasis

There’s been added the word “emphasis” to your Grace menu. What it means is that it’s now easier to tell that you’ve got something brand different to add to Your Grace menu.

For instance, if you’ve been able to gather many Golden Seeds or Sacred Tears, You will see tiny dots appear beside these options while resting at an Site of Grace, so you’re aware of the need you can upgrade your items. This will mean that anyone with upgrades will notice them as they increase their level. Thanks, FromSoftware!

Bug fix

Bug fixes. Many of them. There are probably dozens that you didn’t realize existed. Specific issues needed to be fixed, such as when playing Malenia the Goddress of Rot and Rykard the god-loving serpent. Many weapon abilities were also modified, and there are a few more technical issues. Also, a minor glitch in Iron Fist Alexander’s quest line is corrected.

It’s a simple fact that Elden Ring has been upgraded; however, there aren’t any significant enhancements or nerfs being made; only bugs have been fixed. The result is that the game will be more fluid from now on rather than making substantial modifications to the game you’ve used to.