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Apply For Esports Expert Job | Earn $45,000 Per Year

An Esports expert is needed at XP League for a per-time job that is capable of giving you at least $45,000 in a year.

An esports league called XP League is based on the traditional coach-led youth sports associations.

Anyone may become a successful coach through coach and player training, which is individually developed by the PCA and their program director. Even parents who have never participated in esports or played video games will be able to interact with their children on a level they never thought possible.

It is doubtful that the gaming industry has grown up to the standard that a lot of workforces is needed to achieve a particular project.

Daily new games are being released, and in the same way, new companies are coming up and that’s how they are looking for experts who will come and building the company

What people fail to understand is that a lot of companies are ready to spend money just to make sure that they produce or create a good game that people would love and play.

Esports games like League of Legends, Dota 2, counter strike and so on have been in existence for a long and have made a lot of waves in the gaming industry.

For the makers to come up with a wonderful game like that, cost them a lot of money.

For the young people that love gaming, how about telling you that you can be very wealthy by just working with a gaming company?

Well in this article, we would be talking about an esports gaming company called XP League. There are currently looking for a sports expert who would work with them to make their company grow bigger.

Though it it not currently a  full time job but the good relationship that will be built during the working days can make the company give you a full contract which will now make you a major part of the company.

So if your expert in Esports, you need to read this till the end and make sure to follow every step we provide for you here.

In this article, we are going to talk about the requirements you need to meet up if you want to be part of the brand.

Secondly, we are going to show you the step by step guide we have provided for you, all you need to do is to follow it up till the end.

Available Jobs At XP League

Here are some of the available job or the kind of people that there are looking for.

  • Esports Coach
  • Casters
  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designer

All the people that will be employed in this position is to come help the organization compete in Detroit.

Keep in mind that Part-time positions include working Saturday afternoons and nights during the week. Hourly positions are available, and the appropriate applicant may move to management.

What is Expected From You

  • Should have a knowledge about positive coaching Alliance and mist be trained, this is for those that are applying to be coaches
  • You should be ready to learn 2hich means you have to complete their coach training course
  • You should be some who love things about esport and must be a gamer and casting
  • Must have a good team work spirit because you will not be working alone rather you will be working as a team to secure the best result.
  • Have a good knowledge about technology and esports in general
  • You should have good knowledge and experience about the following Facebook,, stream lab and OBS.
  • You should be someone who is reliable and must be punctual.
  • If you have good experience working with children, you will be given a better rating
  • Good experience with gaming Nd esports
  • Good experience with teaching and mentoring
  • If your a caster and you should have good experience with, Stream Lab and OBD


Here are the qualification that the company is looking for.

  • You should have experience with any of the following games: fortunites, overwatch, valorant and Rocket League
  • You should have experience mentoring and teaching  young people and also adult programs
  • Proof that you have worked with children from 7 years of age and above.
  • You should be very conversant with the technology, Microsoft suite, social media and office equipments
  • Must be someone who is fun to work with and appreciate being in a dynamic, quick-paced atmosphere.
  • Superior analytical and logical thinking abilities
  • Self-driven and self-motivated.


  • You will be coaching OR Cast Esports Matches OR Coach an Esports Team
  • Assist in organizing league visits and tryouts while keeping fans informed about the league’s active players.
  • Engage the league’s youth and families.
  • Ensure that the league provides our players with an enjoyable and secure learning environment.
  • Maintain league cleanliness and operating standards in accordance with company requirements.
  • The capacity to think quickly and have awareness of league dynamics.
  • Inform the League Commissioner of developments and problems.


Because it is a part time job, it will be an hourly payment, so if your looking forward working with XP League, you will be paid $11 -$18 per hour and it can still be increased.

For those that will work late just to make sure they meet up with target will be compensated in a good way.


  • Your health insurance is covered if you later become a fulltime worker
  • Good working condition
  • You will be paid bonus for working extra
  • Your yearly salary will be good

How To Apply For Esports Expert Job

  • Go to the official Recruitment website of Esports Expert Job
  • Scrow down to fill all the form
  • Click on Submit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Esports be a job?

A lot of people have condemned esports because it is not an easy career, sonic you’ve an expert, you can turn this to a major job and earn a lot of money.

What is the salary of an esports Expert?

You will earn at least $45,000 every year.

What is the salary of a gamer?

As a gamer, you might end up getting at least $50,000 yearly.


Becoming an Esports expert will need a lot of hard work and if you finally become one, you will earn a lot of money.

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