Fortnite Ariana Grande Halloween Skin

Hey everyone, Fortnight has just added the Kevin the Queen skin in the game. We also have a new Ariana Grande skin, which is, I guess, the Fortnite Ariana Grande Halloween Skin, and it’s just super crazy like these two skins are super-duper cool, and I’m going to show you what they look like in-game, so this is super crazy. Firstly, let’s start with.

Fortnite Ariana Grande Halloween Skin

Fortnite Ariana Grande Halloween Skin

This is the Fortnite Ariana Grande Halloween Skin. She kind of looks like an astronaut, I think she is an alien, or maybe she’s trying to fight Kevin the cube-like army; she has two different edit styles.

One is the Starfire by Ariana Grande, and one is the normal one, and then you can even change. I think she has like a massive tail, but this skin at the edit styles is just super cool; I never expected Ariana Grande edits out like I never thought they would add another variant, but it’s just super cool, maybe they’re going to add something else for Ariana Grande.

Another concert or something might happen again with Ariana Grande because this is the first time they’ve ever added something for an icon skin again, so basically, we have two Ariana Grande skins in the game.

One looks cool. I like the astronaut one; the other one is kind of like a creepy Halloween vibe.

Look at that skin. It just looks super creepy as well, so that is the new Ariana Grande skin. If you haven’t bought the original one, I guess you could buy this one, and her back bling is super cool as well. It’s piggy, but this time in a sculpture version, that is super cool.

Don’t miss out because it is super cool skin, and then the next skin is the secret skin that we’ve all been waiting for.

Kevin the Queen skin

It looks super cool, but I would say I am disappointed just slightly because of how the colors they’ve done; it’s just weird. So this is the cube queen, and I guess she looks very similar to Ariana Grande. Not going to lie; here’s the skin, and you have three different edit styles.

The first one is the pink edit style. I feel like the face doesn’t match with what she’s wearing. So you have like a completely pink, and then you have like a light Pinky white, and then the face is just super dark, and I don’t know why they’ve done that. It just kind of looks weird.

The second one looks kind of like the queen skin. This time she’s got a dark blue vibe, and then the face matches with the skin, and then finally you have the other edit cell, which is kind of like a weird style; it’s got the bluey and the Blackie kind of vibe once again, and then you have like gold up at the top, then you have a blue face, I mean not even a face, half blue. Half purple, it is kind of weird.

I don’t know why they’ve done that, but I guess she will kind of change; I just realized with the extra Battle Pass, we should get more styles for the Cube Queen, so that’s going to be very interesting as well.

So moving on back to Ariana Grande, we have a emote for Ariana Grande, which transforms her into the secondary style; she just kind of suffocates with this liquid, and it pops a helmet, and then she turns into these Fortnite Ariana Grande Halloween kinds of version.

And then there’s the other version, this one she turns back into the normal like Ariana Grande, so those are the two new skins Fortnite has added, and there are plenty of other skins that Fortnite added as well. I’ll cover those later. So let me know your thoughts. I hope this content does help. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and share the content, Peace Out.