Futbin – Free FUT 21 Database and Draft

Futbin is a mobile database application that is free and designed to meet the demands of FUT 21 fanatics. The app includes announcements, news draft simulations, draft notifications, and up-to-date player prices. It will give you the edge required to stay up to date with all your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team competitions.

FUT 21 news

The app gives you the updated stream of the most recent information about FIFA 21 and FUT. By having FUT BIN in your pocket, you will effortlessly keep track of what’s happening within the realm of FUT. This includes changes to FIFA 21, FUT rules, and general football news.

Important notifications

One of the most significant advantages of FUT BIN is the massive number of crucial warnings, alerts, and other notifications. Like Futhead, the user can alter a selection of notifications to meet your requirements. This includes alerts for customized players’ markets, team movements, etc. It’s ideal for players who never be caught off guard.

Huge database

The database is probably FUT BIN’s most impressive feature. It’s an extensive data collection covering historical performance, graphs, and statistics. Viewing the lowest costs for each player, characteristics, abilities, and much more is possible. The information on the app is continuously updated with the most current information.

FUT team tools

The FUT BIN platform comes with various tools that can simplify your team builder’s work. For example, Tax Calculator estimates taxes on the sales of players.

It is possible to transfer squads. The team builder offers intelligent player suggestions and team-building challenges. This may not be an official FIFA 21 Companion app, but it’s worthwhile.

Community is the power behind it.

The FUT BIN application has an active community that talks about FUT 21 news teams, news, and anything else. It’s a lively community composed of dedicated FIFA 21 fans. They will help you improve your team-building skills up to the next step by providing tips, feedback, and suggestions.

Our view

FUTBIN is an essential tool in the arsenal of every professional FIFA 21 Ultimate Team player. It’s packed with helpful information, up-to-date prices, and pertinent news. It’s the perfect FIFA Ultimate Team pocket-sized companion. The best part is that it’s free.

Should You Download It?

Yes. This is the best option if you’re looking to enhance your FUT team builder abilities.

Commonly Asked Questions about Futbin

What is the official website of Futbin’s?

Futbin’s official site is

What is Futbin’s Revenue?

Futbin’s revenues are $5 million.

How can I find Futbin’s SIC code?

Futbin’s SIC: 79,799

Which is Futbin’s code for NAICS?

Fut bin’s NAICS: 7132,713290

How many employees work in Fut bin?

Fut bin has 25 employees.

What’s Fut bin’s tech stack?

The tools employed by Fut bin include Google Tag Manager, New Relic Browser, Cloudflare Website Optimization, and jQuery.


  • Robust database
  • Current player and consumable prices
  • Many custom FUT notifications
  • Handy tax calculator