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How Long Does Shadowban Last in Warzone?

If you’re an avid player on the internet, the phrase ” shadowban” could seem familiar, even though this word means different things based on the type of game you’re currently playing. If you are shadow bans are Banned in certain games, you could not be able to play. In some games, you’ll be restricted to a “special” lobby just for gamers like you.

In any case, shadow bans are indeed, either way; ShadowBan can be incredibly annoying since it’s designed to punish cheaters or even extremely unsocial players. Cheating is a common issue in free-to-play PC shooters, as it’s straightforward for cheaters to create an account on a different computer and continue their saga. However, getting caught up in those cheaters is akin to hell.

In this guide, we’ll explain what it takes to be Shadow Banned in Call of Duty: Warzone, How to find out if you’ve received Shadow Banned, and what you can do to get yourself out of the problematic scenario.

“ShadowBan” In Call Of Duty: Warzone Explained

The ShadowBan in Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t immediately apparent. In contrast to other games that put you on an unfriendly server and refuse to allow you to play with other players in Warzone, you’ll be placed on the same server as others who cheat – the player who cheats the most and hardest is the winner. It’s a problem that is sometimes done in a way that is not intended, even though it’s supposed only to target cheaters.

If you’re not committed an infraction in your entire life, it could occur to you, which could be a complete nightmare. Now, we must find out if it’s happened to you.

Have I Been Shadow Banned? – How To Discover Shadow Bans In Call Of Duty: Warzone

The best way to determine whether Shadow has banned you is to look at your ping when playing an online game. If you experience a ping significantly higher than 100ms, you may have a poor internet connection at home or have been Shadowbanned. This is since it is because the “cheater” server is not internal, and therefore you could be able to see your ping increase.

There will also be fewer players to compete against on this server; when you notice that it takes an extremely long time to put you in a match, that could be an indication.

More than anything else, be sure to check out Kill Cams. If you’re repeatedly hit by shots that seem unimaginable, you could be dealing with a gang of cheaters who are a sham.

How To Get UnShadowBanned – Reversing A Shadow Ban

There are two main methods to get rid of the Shadow Ban, but neither is very fast.

The most effective method is to wait. If you’re waiting for up to a week or two, you’ll find that bans caused by accident are eliminated fairly consistently – although waiting is not enjoyable. Perhaps you should consider buying Apex Legends?

Another option is to contact Activision directly – but that’s not as good, but I’m sure of it. Click here to go to the Activision Ban Appeal page, and then sign in with an Activision account to file an appeal against the decision of your Shadow Ban. Hoping that it solves the issue for you.