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How To Change Valorant Region

How To Change Valorant Region. Is there strange lag when you play VALORANT or Legends of Runeterra, Do you have the right currency for your payment options?

How about not being able to queue up with your friends?

How To Change Valorant Region

These issues could indicate that your Riot Account has an incorrect Region Of Residence. Your Region of Residence determines where you live, your payment options, and who you can play with.

We can help you if your account has the wrong region! Login below to check if you are eligible for a change.

This is Ask VALORANT. Every other week, we collect questions from you and choose a few. This round will address cross-region play and the pick-and-ban system.

Are you planning to alter the aim punch? Do you think each weapon will get a different amount?

At the moment, I don’t think so. However, I believe there is an opportunity to reduce aim punch in extreme situations, such as a long fire from a shotgun or pistol that inflicts minimal damage but leaves a lot of falloff.

–Trevor Romleski, Senior Game Designer

Many people are asking if there will be a deathmatch mode.

In the future, Deathmatch will be VALORANT. Although we don’t yet have a timeline, we are actively working on the technology and designing, prototyping, iterating, and playingtesting.

–Jared Berbach is the Lead Producer for Game Modes

Is there any plan to make the VALORANT client a full-screen application?

“There are no plans at the moment for menus to have their own display mode setting like the League Client where it launches an executable ‘game’ in full-screen from a news/store/friendlist client. This is due to the fact that VALORANT can be used as an all-in-one executable and League has two. The game can be played in windowed or fullscreen mode. This will affect their in-game experience .”

–Steven Eldredge, Senior Producer

Is there a pick-and-ban system for Agents and maps?

Although we have considered a draft phase to allow agents, our current thought is that bans would not be necessary. We expect teams to have specific strategies and plays. We don’t want agents to be banned.

Second, bans can often be used to remove players’ star agents. We want players who excel at particular agents to have the opportunity to play them and showcase their skills with them. Lastly, VALORANT does not have any hard counters (this is not our design philosophy), so we believe the game state will be healthier if we are held responsible for ensuring no agent-facilitated strategy or agent becomes so oppressive or unsolvable that banning is the only option.

–Trevor Romleski, Senior Game Designer

Is it possible to play in other countries? For example, you could play on EU servers and NA servers.

We know that friendships can be sustained over thousands of miles but not if an internet connection exists. All games of VALORANT must all be hosted on a single server. This means that even if someone is in Japan and wants to wait with someone from the UK, one of them will have to connect to a server that’s far away. The game will also require 8 players to play with someone who has a poor connection. This is something they did not sign up for! While we will keep an eye out for demand, we must ensure that all matches are fair in a game like VALORANT.