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How To Dual Wield In Elden Ring

How To Dual Wield In Elden Ring. Two handing weapons to enter the Power Stance is a familiar action from the Dark Souls series; however, in Elden Ring, Two Handing Weapons come with different bindings. This guide will walk you through how to Two-Hand weapons in Elden Ring.

Two-Handed Stats Requirement

There is no stat requirement for two-handing a weapon, but if you do, it will provide you a virtual Strength boost of almost 50 percent. That increased strength will allow you to hold and use the weapon even if you don’t meet the Str requirements.

The said strength amplification will only work with weapons that scale with Strength. Two Handing does not amplify other weapons stat like Dexterity, Arcane, Faith, etc.

How To Dual Wield In Elden Ring

You first must select the weapon you want to hold with both hands by pressing the right arrow to change your Right-Hand Weapon and the left arrow to change your Left-Hand Weapon.

To use two hands, you must hold the Y or triangle button on your controller; if you want to use left-hand weapons, press the left bumper or L1.

To use a right-hand weapon, press the right bumper or R2. When using a right-hand weapon, your right shoulder will move a step further, the same for the left side.

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Why Use Two-Hand Weapons

Where traditional weapon setups allow you to wield a weapon and a shield on each hand, two hands allow you to use multiple weapons of different classes to increase damage.

For example, with two hands, you can use weapons with a higher strength requirement than your current level. Doing this will give you a slight boost in strength that may be enough to use.

The only downside to using weapons on both hands is that you can’t use a shield, so you must dodge enemy attacks instead of relying on shields to give extra protection.

How to Power Stance in Elden Ring

The Power Stance allows you to wield two weapons of the same type in each hand to unlock different move sets you cannot access by two-handing.

There is no stat requirement to use Power Stancing in Elden ring. You need to arm yourself with the same type of weapon on both hands.

The same type of weapon means the same class. For example, if you put Keen Uchigatana in your left hand, you must put another Katana in your other hand to enable Power Stance.

You also need to ensure that both of your weapons are at the same level. The damage output will be the product of both weapon levels. Hence, if one weapon has a low level, both weapons’ overall power will decrease.

To use a power stance, you need to press the L1 button, and the player will make combo moves that involve both weapons simultaneously and crisscross each other in their paths.

Two Hands Vs. Power Stance

One of the most significant advantages of two-handing a weapon is that you can equip a shield on the offhand to boost your defenses in the head of combat. Carrying a shield becomes impossible in Power Stance since you’re required to hold two weapons in both hands.

For example, if you’re two-handing a curved sword, the attack pattern is with one hand. But if you are Power Stancing, the attack pattern is with both hands simultaneously. The damage done by the weapon is the same, but Power Stance doubles the amount of time the weapon is used at a particular amount of time. The result is double damage with Power Stancing.

Power Stancing a weapon will increase almost ten percent of the poise damage. For example, two-handed poise damage for the curved sword is 56, and for Power Stance, it is 61.

An advantage to Two Handing a weapon is the increase in Strength which you cannot get with the Power Stancing.

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