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How To Finish Adventure Tome Lost Ark

How To Finish Adventure Tome Lost Ark. You may struggle to complete 100 percent of your Adventurer’s Tome in Rohendel, or you are on a mission to romance every Rapport PC in Lost Ark. However, the Return trip quest will likely cause you to hit a roadblock. An Adventurer’s Tome, this quest “Another Story” is required to unlock Rapport NPC Lenora from Rohendel.

There aren’t any clear instructions on how to start this quest. The Adventurer’s Tome hints that you need to “help the Flam keeper Gherdia contain the Magick Eruption” and repair any damage. This quest requires far more prerequisites than the Adventurer’s Tome suggests. Look at each prerequisite quest you will need to complete Return Trip.

Complete Ratik

Even if all prerequisites are met, it will not allow you to accept a Return Trip until Ratik has been completed. This final quest is in the main Rohendel storyline. It is completed after you have conquered the Phantom Palace dungeon, spoken with Queen Azena, and waved to the cheering citizens outside of the Sunkeep.

Start Tower Of Thanks

Next, you must complete the Tower of Thanks quest. This quest is similar to Return Trip but does not have an obvious start NPC. This is because before you accept the quest, you must complete several miscellaneous fetch quests that involve hidden magical books found throughout Rohendel.

These quests can all be done in any order. One catch: if you stumble across these books in nature, you probably wouldn’t know they were related unless you had found the first.

A Strange and Magical Book

  • Visit the Bambiri Settlement at Lake Shiverwave.
  • You will find Elmaro, an NPC (and one of the Lake Shiverwave Mokoko seeds), in the room south of the Bambiri Settlement Triport.
  • Look for the spot just beside the bookshelf to Elmaro’s left. This is the beginning of the A Strange And Magical Book quest.
  • To learn more, read the book and speak to NPC Elmaro or NPC Senya at the Bambiri Settlement.
  • This will take you to NPC book collector Zenadar at the Sylvain Residence in the northeastern area of Lake Shiverwave. They will then ask if they have any other books similar to this that you can bring to Sylvain maces.

The Book Of Time

  • This book is located in Elzowin’s Shade and can be found near some barrels at the southernmost dock. Click it to accept “The Book of Time” as your quest.
  • This book tells you to read it “on the ground warped from the purple Demon.” This refers to Brelshaza and the magically erupted land outside the Phantom Palace entrance.
  • You will find the spot that is lit where you need to read the book. To automatically complete the quest, read the book.

The Magick Grimoire

  • To get this book, you must defeat Frenzied Magic Constructs at Breezesome Brae. You may get a random item called a soft construct fragment. It will be marked with a yellow exclamation point to indicate that it has started a quest. Click it to reveal the “Transparent Fragment” and start the Magick Grimoire quest.
  • First, inspect and delete the Transparent Fragment from the Soft Construct Fragment.
  • Next, go to Fairy Village to talk to NPC Fairy Parafi. You will be told to go to Breezesome Brae to collect powder from revived flowers. Three of them will suffice.
  • To complete the quest, travel to Breezesome Village and talk to NPC Mage Mafeer.

The Grimoire In The Fire

  • This section of Breezome Brae contains the Grimoire in Fire. It is located in the middle of the burning fields southeast of Furious Fire Elemental Boss.
  • Accept the “Grimoire in the Fire” quest, and go to the book.
  • Take the book to Mage Mafeer in Breezesome Village. This is the easiest of all book quests.

The Book Of Harmony

  • The map shows you can find the last book in the Xenela Ruins in the Bambiri village area. The book will be located beside an unknown NPC just outside the house of Bambiri Chief Batum.
  • Take it with you to Bambiri Chief Batum. He will instruct you to take it to Gabius at the Moonkeep.
  • To complete the quest, give the book to Gabius at the Mookkeep.

Complete Tower Of Thanks

  • You can now travel from Rothun. The Tower of Thanks quest can be found in the Dawnkeep.
  • You can talk to Aberuth, and he’ll be grateful for all the books.
  • Talk to him again, and he’ll tell you they plan to use the magic knowledge they have recovered to study “The Curse of Phantoms,” which is plaguing Aven.

Restore the Seal Site

Repairing the Seal Site is the second major prerequisite for the Return Trip quest.

This is a daily Una’s Task, completed in the Destroyed Sylvain settlement area of Lake Shiverwave. This involves Flam keeper Gherida helping to defeat the three Magick Constructs found there, as indicated in the Adventurer’s Tome.

The Una’s Tasks menu can be accessed by clicking Alt + J or from the Adventure tab at the bottom right.

To truly “repair” the seal site, you must complete this task every day and turn it into Gherdia seven more times. Gherdia will be grateful for stabilizing the site after you have turned in Una’s Task seven times. He will then offer the Return Trip quest.

Complete the Return Trip

Gherdia says that now that the seal site has stabilized, the final step to cure Aven of his curse, kill and obtain the Encroached King’s Sword from her.

The Phantom Palace Gherdia refers to is not the Abyssal Dungeon. You can do it again, just back in Elzowin’s Shade. You can enter hard, but you need the dungeon to get to the Phantom Legion Queen. Loot the Encroached Kings’ Sword. You can immediately play the Song of Escape sheet music and keep your sword.

After you have the Encroached King’s Sword, speak to Gherdia. He will give you some medicine to take to Aven. To give the medicine to the Injured Aven, he will travel to Aven’s home in the Sylvain House of Lake Shiverwave.

Aven will be freed from his curse once the medicine has been administered. Talk with Turan or Aven to complete the quest.

Unlocking Rapport NPC Lenora

After completing the Return Trip, you should see some text that says Lenora wants to meet with them. Lenora has been unlocked as a Rapport PC and can be found at the East Stardust Forest Triport, Elzowin’s Shade.