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How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark

You cannot log Bilbrin wood from naturally spawning trees, unlike Timber. To collect these coins, you must exchange Sceptrum’s coins at the Plumpcrab Fishering Guild Vessel and the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel.

You can also buy the wood from Trade Merchants at Your Stronghold to replace seals.

How to Get Bilbrin Wood In Lost Ark?

Two methods have been described to help you get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark.

You can buy it at the Rohendel versions of the Plumpcrab Fishing & Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessels. You can also buy it from Trade Merchants within your Stronghold.

Once you have access to the Traveling Merchant Ships of Rohendel, it is easy to obtain Bilbrim Timber. It is essential to have access to them as soon as possible.

It can be purchased at the Plumpcrab Fisher Guild Vessel or the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel, Rohendel.

They can also replace it with Spectrum’s Coins. You should also know that to learn how to get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark; you must invest 25 Sceptrum Coins.

The Traveling Merchant Ships can be obtained at any port in this game. However, you cannot get them at Rohendel’s port at Lake Shiverwave.

After unlocking sailing, you can obtain the Plumpcrab Fishing or Spearfish Hunting guild Vessels. You can also sell resources to replace Gienah’s Coins and don’t need to sell Bilbrin Timber.

Rohendel must be reached before you can reach item level 460. The quest A New Voyage can be completed.

You can first find a magical wall in the middle to block your path.

You can also get them in Lost Ark. Trade Merchants in the Stronghold can sell them to you.

It is possible to obtain it this way. However, you will need luck to find a Trade Merchant who sells Bilbrin Timber. It isn’t always reliable.

Not all Trade Merchants have the Timber listed in the list. You can’t be sure that a Trade Merchant will sell the Timber if they are present.

It may also happen that no Trade Merchants are available to sell the unlocked Timber.

Rohendel will make it impossible to do so. A few Trade Merchants may have Bilbrin Timber available for sale to replace seals such as Maxell, Astiel, and Tulu.

You can get more seals if you’re willing. Only complete the dispatch missions within your Stronghold.

What is Bilbrin Wood in Lost Ark?

Bilbrin timber, also known as Bilbrin Wood, is a rare crafting material found in Lost Ark. This wood is used to build lightweight ships and upgrades.

It is not possible to log wood from naturally spawning trees, unlike Timber. It can be collected by replacing Sceptrum’s coins at the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and the Plumpcrab Fishering Guild Vessel.

You can also buy wood from Trade Merchants in your Stronghold.

How to Get Sceptrum Coins in Lost Ark?

Pirates use these unique currencies in Lost Ark. The coins can be earned by completing different challenges and quests in Rohendel.

Merchants can accept the Sceptrum’s Coins on the island Rohendel. It is also possible to do so by visiting merchant ships docking at the port of Lake Shiverwave.

They can be exchanged with any merchant willing to trade them for Pirate Coins.

Where to Find Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark?

Bilbrin Wood

The simplest way to get it is by sailing Bilbrin wood from Lake Shiverwave. You can find the lake on the eastern shores, at Rohendel. You will also see the traveling merchant vessels Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel or Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel.

You can buy wood from both ships, replacing Sceptrum’s Coins. The Plumpcrab Fishing Guide and Spearfish Hunting Vessel can dock at any port.

They sell the wood when they are docked at Lake Shiverwave in Rohendel. Every 10 to 15 minutes, you can see the ships docking at Lake Shiverwave port.

You should therefore continue to check the dock often. It will cost 25 Sceptrum Coins to purchase one piece of wood.

The Trade Merchant can be used to purchase the wood from users. The wood is not available from the Trade Merchant in your Stronghold.

It is, therefore, a little unpredictable. A few merchants that carry Bilbrin wood include Maxelle, Astiel, and Tuleu.

The merchant’s vessel beside Rohendel has been a popular place to grab wood in Lost Ark.

The ship will be selling the wood at their shop’s “Exchange Tab” when it arrives at Lake Shiverwave.

You must spend money to purchase them.

The name of a traveling merchant would be “Spearfish hunting Guild Vessel,” which can trade with other ships.

Sceptrum’s Coins, which are pirate currencies, are required in this instance. You can get them in Rohendel, and then you can sell them to the merchant after you have completed quests on Rohendel island.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I grow Bilbrin timber in Lost Ark

You can get Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark by going to the merchant’s vessel next to Rohendel.

In this instance, the ship will move to Lake Shiverwave. The wood can be sold in the “Exchange tab” by the traveling merchant ship, “Spearfish Hunter Guild Vessel.”

2. Where Can You Find Bilbrin Timber in Stronghold?

The Rohendel versions of the Plumpcrab Fisher Guild Vessel or Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel must be purchased.

It is possible to obtain the wood in Lost Ark. These are Traveling Merchant Ships, which appear from Trade Merchants within the Stronghold.

3. Where can you find Lost Ark Eurus?

You must complete the quest “Ride Like the Wind” from Peyto to obtain Eurus Ship. To start the process, you must be in the orange circle.

You must complete the quest by traveling to Turtle Island, Tortoyk, and Revelry Row. The boat docks at the orange circle, and you can go to the next destination. These then move on to the next quest.