How To Get Candy Canes in Call Of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty: Mobile Winter update has arrived. It includes a new Season 13 Battle Pass called Winter War. Click here to get it. How To Get Candy Canes in Call Of Duty Mobile

Get Candy Canes in Call Of Duty Mobile

Activision also announced new events for the Winter Festival. Players must Get Candy Canes from Battle Royale Isolated mode to complete the event.

Many players are confused about what Battle Royale Isolated is and how to get Candy canes in COD Mobile.

How can you collect candy canes in Battle Royale Isolated?

After killing an enemy, players can Get Candy Canes 1x. To complete the task, you must kill ten enemies in Battle Royale Isolated mode.

  1. Open the game, and choose Classic Battle Royale from the mode selection menu.
  2. Click the Start button in the main lobby.
  3. Kill an opponent in the Battle Royale Isolated.
  4. Pick up Candy Cane from the opponent’s crate.
  5. Continue the steps above five times to complete your mission.

Players can check how many Candy Canes they have so far by using the counter at the top.

Players will receive the following rewards after completing the Sugar Rush mission:

  • Antelope with Wintergreen camo
  • ATV-Snowblind
  • Charm buddy, and more

How do you get rewards on Call of Duty Mobile?

  • Click “Claim Now” in step 2 of an active user’s activity.
  • If you wish to use the functionality or sign up for Prime anytime, join Prime.
  • Click “Continue” in step 4 to initiate the account-linking process.
  • Click “Go to Bungie” to link Activision accounts. Follow the instructions.

What is the best way to talk to enemies in Call of Duty Mobile?

How do I talk in multiplayer via a mobile chat? Voice chat is another option if you want your friends to play. It’s simple and easy to use. Select ‘Multiplayer’ from the home screen to add a microphone to your account. Then click ‘Add a microphone’ in the bottom left corner.

How can you get rewards on cod?

  • Click here to create an Activision account. Log in.
  • Combine your YouTube and Activision accounts.
  • To earn rewards, sign up while watching live on any of our platforms. Only available to residents of eligible regions. For more information, please refer to the Official Rules.

Is it possible to get Cod points in Cod mobile for free?

You can also earn CP points in COD Mobile through giveaways that are held on a random basis. These events are open to everyone and don’t have to be COD Mobile-only. Players can win weapon blueprints, operators, gear options and C&P points by participating in the giveaways.

How do I claim my Call of Duty Rewards?

  • Click here to access the Prime Gaming Call of Duty Deal.
  • Then, you will be redirected toward the claim.
  • After logging in to your Prime account, click ‘Continue’ and follow the steps below; you can link your Activision Account.

Are You Ready to Go against Real People in Call of Duty: Mobile

Bot attacks will push you in the early stages of Call of Duty Mobile. You will most likely have fought all bots by reaching level 10.

How do you mark an enemy in Codm?

You can also hit the HUD object to confirm your squadmate’s ping. Aim for the target and click on the Ping key. After you press the prompt, the full Tac Map will place a marker at that spot. You can also ping it by typing it.


How can I improve my Cod Mobile skills?

  • Choose the best controls. to make your decision
  • The best friends. Are the controller and the reader.
  • Your customers will feel at ease and comfort when you offer them this.
  • Use your mini-map.
  • Keep your pistol close at hand. Your weapon should be with you.
  • The best way to see is down
  • Use cover.
  • It is crucial to remain still.

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