How To Get Field Boss Cards Lost Ark


Lost Ark offers detailed strategies for customizing and improving your character. Card units are one of the best ways to increase your character’s abilities. Field Boss Cards is one of the most common card units in Lost Ark.

We’ll be covering all things Field Boss Cards in the following section.

How to get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has cards, which can be used to build Card Decks. These can be combined with your character’s offensive and defensive abilities to increase their effectiveness.

You can gather playing cards from almost any game exercise. Sometimes they will appear randomly. Other times, you may get them for completing quests or other occasions. You can acquire two completely different units when it comes down to Field Boss cards. Field Boss I & Field Boss 2

Field Boss I


The Field Boss I offers ten different subject bosses, which may need to be defeated sooner than you can gather their playing cards. These include Rudric, Salt Giant and, Thunderwings, Rovlen. Each one of these can appear in entirely different parts of the map.

Once you have gathered all ten cards, you will get a plus two boost in Swiftness and an additional 0.06% bonus against the Undead Level 20. You will also receive a 0.07% bonus against the Undead at levels 40 and 50.

Field Boss II

The Field Boss II offers seven different bosses to defeat. These include: Tarsila and Sol Grande, Maneth, Tarsila and Kagros. Each one of these can appear in entirely other parts of the map.

Once you have collected all seven playing cards, you will receive a plus two boost in Swiftness and a 0.06% bonus against Humanoids at Level 14. You’ll also get a 0.07% bonus against Humanoids at Awakening Levels 28 and 35.

Each Field Boss card unit is crucial to your character’s development in Lost Ark. These cards will teach you how to fight longer and filter large teams in seconds. While they may require some effort, they are all worth it.

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