Guide Lost Ark

How To Get Lab To Level 3 Lost Ark

The Lab is what allows you to build bigger and better ships and new crafting recipes. You must upgrade your Manor to gain lab experience. Your research abilities will improve the higher your Manor is. This can be achieved by sending your crew to a station mission to collect materials. You’ll be able to claim rewards after you log off by doing this. You can also sell and buy collectibles to unlock skill points or stats. This allows you to use your lab research for character enhancement.

Crafting Workshop

You can use your collected resources to create multiple items and consumables in the Crafting Workshop. There are many levels where you can unlock more crafting slots. These are some tips to help you get started. Once you have reached level 24, you will be able to begin completing profession quests and crafting your first tool. It would help if you did not use tutorials to purchase tools. There are other options.

Open the Crafting Workshop, then click on the Materials tab. A list of all the materials required for crafting will appear. These materials can be purchased from Trading Skills. However, some are only available at the Farm or NPC Monet in your Stronghold. In this case, you will see a small icon for a house. You can only create one item in the Crafting Workshop.

The Lab is the most critical facility in your Stronghold in Lost Ark. Research in the Lab allows you to create bigger ships and more crafting recipes. It’s why it’s so important to ensure it is as big as possible. How to upgrade the Lab in Lost Ark

How to Level up the Lab in Lost Ark

The Stronghold Level connects all of your facilities. Each facility, Lab included, has its level. However, the Stronghold Level is what matters. Your Stronghold Level will increase, and all other facilities will follow suit. Your Lab will benefit from an increase in your Stronghold Level. This will allow you to create ships and other items and boost the Lab’s efficiency. Research can be used to unlock more Research slots.

The Stronghold: Leveling up

How do you level up your Stronghold? Do what you can. Your Stronghold experience will increase as you do anything on your Stronghold or the surrounding properties. This will eventually lead to a higher Stronghold level. These activities reward Stronghold Experience

  • Complete the Stronghold Tutorials
  • Crafting products
  • Research
  • Expeditions by ships
  • Completing Station Quests
  • Complete weekly Stronghold Quests

If you are unsure what level your Stronghold should be to upgrade your facilities, visit the Lab and click the drop-down at the top of the screen labeled “Available Research.” Once it is switched to “All Research,” you will see all possible Research projects, even those you don’t have access to yet, and their requirements.

Doing stuff in your Stronghold will consume Action Energy. You get 100 points per 10 minutes by default. However, this number will increase as you gain Stronghold Level. It would help if you started Stronghold Leveling as soon as possible to avoid staring at it.