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How To Get More Providence Stones Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s Providence Stones make up the most desirable items in the game. Here’s how to get them.

Arkesia has welcomed Korean players to its shores since 2018, but the Lost Ark hype is finally hitting the West. MMORPG and dungeon-crawler fans are all jumping in.

You’ll discover a wide range of items as you travel through the vast valleys and snowcapped mountain ranges that make up the universe.

Lost Ark’s Providence Stones are one of the most valuable trinkets. Here’s how to get them, what to do with them, and how to farm them.

What is Lost Ark’s Providence Stones, and how do they work?

One purpose of Providence Stones is to be used for purchasing rapport items in Lost Ark. Rapport items are special gifts that you can give to your NPC sweethearts.

Trade Providence Stones to Nada or Travelling Merchants to get meaningful trinkets for your loved ones.

The tiny, rose-colored pink stone is described as an “elegant and beautiful stone” that is shaped like a heart. Its legend says it “symbolizes new love.”

Lost Ark: Where can I get Providence Stones

You can find these tiny heart-shaped stones if you want to spark a relationship with one of your NPC colleagues.

These can be obtained from Elite, Alpha monsters, and bosses. They can also drop from chests or random loot, but it’s unlikely.

How to quickly farm Providence Stone

Are you willing to put your heart on the line? You’ll need lots of Providence Stones.

You can farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark by going to:

  1. Search for Elite and Alpha enemies. An orange color around their bodies indicates these. It would help if you defeated a lot of them to get Stones.
  2. You may be asked to complete sudden quests as you travel across Arkesia’s plains. These quests are marked in red and require you to kill large numbers of enemies in a minimal area. Some may drop Providence Stone.
  3. Complete all quests: Double-check any quests you haven’t completed yet to ensure you get a Stone in return.
  4. Conquer dungeons: You will receive Providence stone for answering specific questions in different dungeons. These are:
    • Ancient Elveria (Quest Sigmund’s whereabouts)
    • Frostpeak Temple (Quest for Wolves at Sanctum).
    • Gorgon’s Nest (Quest for Qualifications to Enter Balankar
    • Maze of Mirrors (Quest: Blinding Fog).
    • Night of Walpurgis (Quest: Repair the Magic Barrier).
    • Phantom Palace (Quest Elzowin’s Defender).
    • Realm of Elementals (Quest: Fallen Flamekeeper)
    • Vrad’s Hideout (Quest for Finding Vrad).

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