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How To Get Mythic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile

Mythic Weapons is the latest set of gear in Call of Duty Mobile. This guide will help you out on How To Get Mythic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s rarest weapon, the mythic weapons, are highly sought-after by players due to their unique designs and special effects. You can unlock other weapons by levelling up, completing different events or completing the battle pass. However, mythic weapons are a little more challenging to obtain. Here are the steps to unlock the rare and shiniest weapons in COD Mobile.

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COD mobile: How to Get Mythic Weapons

Mythic Drops are the only way to unlock mythic weaponry in Call of Duty: Mobile. To unlock mythic weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, you must pull them from a draw with many rewards. You will also need to spend CoD Points for each draw.

Although the probability of getting mythic weapons is low, it will happen. An item only awarded once will not allow you to get them again. The required amount of CP increases with every draw, so you may have to spend a lot to get your mythic weapons.

To upgrade your weapon, you will need to purchase Mythic cards from the in-game shop. You won’t be able to get the mythic drops every time.

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