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Call Of Duty Mobile

How To Get Mythic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile



Mythic Weapons is the latest set of gear in Call of Duty Mobile. This guide will help you out on How To Get Mythic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s rarest weapon, the mythic weapons, are highly sought-after by players due to their unique designs and special effects. You can unlock other weapons by levelling up, completing different events or completing the battle pass. However, mythic weapons are a little more challenging to obtain. Here are the steps to unlock the rare and shiniest weapons in COD Mobile.

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COD mobile: How to Get Mythic Weapons

Mythic Drops are the only way to unlock mythic weaponry in Call of Duty: Mobile. To unlock mythic weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, you must pull them from a draw with many rewards. You will also need to spend CoD Points for each draw.

Although the probability of getting mythic weapons is low, it will happen. An item only awarded once will not allow you to get them again. The required amount of CP increases with every draw, so you may have to spend a lot to get your mythic weapons.

To upgrade your weapon, you will need to purchase Mythic cards from the in-game shop. You won’t be able to get the mythic drops every time.

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Call Of Duty Mobile

How To Get Candy Canes in Call Of Duty Mobile



Call of Duty: Mobile Winter update has arrived. It includes a new Season 13 Battle Pass called Winter War. Click here to get it. How To Get Candy Canes in Call Of Duty Mobile

Get Candy Canes in Call Of Duty Mobile

Activision also announced new events for the Winter Festival. Players must Get Candy Canes from Battle Royale Isolated mode to complete the event.

Many players are confused about what Battle Royale Isolated is and how to get Candy canes in COD Mobile.

How can you collect candy canes in Battle Royale Isolated?

After killing an enemy, players can Get Candy Canes 1x. To complete the task, you must kill ten enemies in Battle Royale Isolated mode.

  1. Open the game, and choose Classic Battle Royale from the mode selection menu.
  2. Click the Start button in the main lobby.
  3. Kill an opponent in the Battle Royale Isolated.
  4. Pick up Candy Cane from the opponent’s crate.
  5. Continue the steps above five times to complete your mission.

Players can check how many Candy Canes they have so far by using the counter at the top.

Players will receive the following rewards after completing the Sugar Rush mission:

  • Antelope with Wintergreen camo
  • ATV-Snowblind
  • Charm buddy, and more

How do you get rewards on Call of Duty Mobile?

  • Click “Claim Now” in step 2 of an active user’s activity.
  • If you wish to use the functionality or sign up for Prime anytime, join Prime.
  • Click “Continue” in step 4 to initiate the account-linking process.
  • Click “Go to Bungie” to link Activision accounts. Follow the instructions.

What is the best way to talk to enemies in Call of Duty Mobile?

How do I talk in multiplayer via a mobile chat? Voice chat is another option if you want your friends to play. It’s simple and easy to use. Select ‘Multiplayer’ from the home screen to add a microphone to your account. Then click ‘Add a microphone’ in the bottom left corner.

How can you get rewards on cod?

  • Click here to create an Activision account. Log in.
  • Combine your YouTube and Activision accounts.
  • To earn rewards, sign up while watching live on any of our platforms. Only available to residents of eligible regions. For more information, please refer to the Official Rules.

Is it possible to get Cod points in Cod mobile for free?

You can also earn CP points in COD Mobile through giveaways that are held on a random basis. These events are open to everyone and don’t have to be COD Mobile-only. Players can win weapon blueprints, operators, gear options and C&P points by participating in the giveaways.

How do I claim my Call of Duty Rewards?

  • Click here to access the Prime Gaming Call of Duty Deal.
  • Then, you will be redirected toward the claim.
  • After logging in to your Prime account, click ‘Continue’ and follow the steps below; you can link your Activision Account.

Are You Ready to Go against Real People in Call of Duty: Mobile

Bot attacks will push you in the early stages of Call of Duty Mobile. You will most likely have fought all bots by reaching level 10.

How do you mark an enemy in Codm?

You can also hit the HUD object to confirm your squadmate’s ping. Aim for the target and click on the Ping key. After you press the prompt, the full Tac Map will place a marker at that spot. You can also ping it by typing it.

How can I improve my Cod Mobile skills?

  • Choose the best controls. to make your decision
  • The best friends. Are the controller and the reader.
  • Your customers will feel at ease and comfort when you offer them this.
  • Use your mini-map.
  • Keep your pistol close at hand. Your weapon should be with you.
  • The best way to see is down
  • Use cover.
  • It is crucial to remain still.

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AR Loadout

Best M13 Loadout Call of Duty Mobile



Best M13 Loadout Call of Duty Mobile. COD Mobile released its second-anniversary update earlier today. There is a lot more content added to the game. Each event has its rewards, and there are many new events.

To unlock all rewards and fulfil all objectives, players will need to work hard in Season8. The M13 assault rifle is also available. The M13 assault rifle is part of the Modern Warfare series and has been considered stable. It can comfortably take gunfight engagements at all ranges in COD Mobile.

Two ways players can unlock the weapon in COD Mobile Season 8: Players can either buy the mythic version (which is pay-to-win) or grind the base weapon from the events.

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A look at the M13 assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 8

The M13, like any assault rifle, is ideal for long-range fighting. The M13’s faster-than-average fire rate will enable players to use it in close-range combat.

Although the M13 is similar to the M4, it performs better than its predecessor. The M13 comes with many new attachments, so players might find the M13 performs similarly to the Peacekeeper.

To kill an enemy, it takes approximately 4-5 shots. This number is consistent across all ranges. Players can kill three enemies in three shots if they hit multiple headshots from the upper body. Although the time it takes to kill an enemy is not as long as that of the MX9, which has no rivals, it’s still quite reasonable.

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The best M13 loadout

This build will increase the weapon’s mobility and range, making it more dynamic across all terrains and ranges. This build will be extremely useful, as the Double Stack magazine is convenient. The bullet spread accuracy can also be increased using the Granulated Grip tap. COD Mobile users can also use the 60-round magazine.

  • Barrel – RTC Silencer Barrel
  • Stock – No Stock
  • LAser – OWC Laser Tactical
  • Ammunition – Large Extended Mag B/ Double Stack 40 Round Magazine
  • Rear Grip – Granulated Grip Tape

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Call Of Duty Mobile

How To Get Relentless Medal In Call Of Duty Mobile



How do you earn the Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile? What is a Relentless Medal exactly? Continue reading to learn more.

The Relentless Medal is available for those who complete the challenge in CoD Mobile. However, it can be challenging. These are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

Call of Duty: Mobile‘s seventh season has a new map and special events with Ozuna.

You must win one match to compete with your class to earn the Relentless Medal. This isn’t easy because it requires you to be proficient in each class and take full advantage of your abilities. There will be some astonishing achievements along the journey so let’s get to it!

This guide will provide all the information you need about this killstreak reward.

What’s a Relentless medal?

You must play at least 20 minutes in CoD Mobile to earn the Relentless Medal. To earn this achievement, you must have at least 15 kills in a long kill streak.

You will need to make sure that no one takes you out without killing enough of your opponents. This will result in your score reset, and you must have 20 kills per turn for the game’s count.

This medal is not easy, but there are many strategies you can use to get it. You will quickly be able to get Relentless if you do this. We have some tips and tricks to help you succeed in this task.

How to earn a Relentless medal in Call of Duty Mobile

Play Against Bots

You can simplify the process by playing in bot lobbies rather than against real players. Start putting the heat on your opponents by jumping into a non-ranked multiplayer match!

Unpredictability makes it challenging to predict what a player might do. AI bots, however, are more predictable. You can track their movements and know when they are coming.

You will need to kill 20 consecutive times without dying to earn the Relentless medal. Watch out for other players trying to achieve this achievement in the lobby.

Use Scorestreaks and Operator Skill

The sentry guns are a great way to score more kills, as they automatically fire at your enemies. For multiple eliminations, you can use both Goliath or Predator Missiles.

To eliminate those annoying defence drones, you can use a purifier as you finish the Operator challenge. You can then quickly defeat waves of enemies with your Tempest or Equalizer, earning a Relentless medal.

The Best Weapons

The best way to earn the unstoppable medal is to use the right weapons.

A shotgun or an HTML9 will do the most damage in close-range combat. These are highly effective and allow you to destroy your enemies if they approach them too closely quickly.

You should consider using fast-firing weapons if you want to win. These weapons include assault rifles and submachine guns, which usually have more bullets.

Increase Awareness to Earn a Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile

Mobile multiplayer game is about survival, so be more careful around your surroundings.

You can find a safe place to hide if you take too much damage. You can hide many places while your health recovers and plan your next attack.

Jumping across the map can help you avoid getting hurt and save yourself from being shot. Because they are constantly moving, it is more challenging to hit your target. It’s also not easy for them to see with their eyesight.

You can easily score consecutive kills from a safe distance once you are comfortable with it. When playing multiplayer matches, it is important to use powerful or high-tier weapons.

You can also avoid potentially dangerous areas on the map. You can see hazardous locations easily, making it easier to see.

This is how you can earn a constant medal in Call of Duty Mobile. You should also capture your best gaming moment while you’re at the game.

It would be cool to show off your medal when you have eliminated other players. Don’t forget to compile your highlights into an incredible video.

You don’t even need to do it manually anymore. Eklipse is an AI that compiles your killstreak highlights and creates a video.

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