Call Of Duty Mobile

How To Hipfire in COD Mobile

COD Mobile players are more likely to use the hip-fire option during matches. Let’s talk about how to How To Hipfire in COD Mobile.

This option will not allow players to aim much when they choose it. Hip fire allows players to fire at their opponents more quickly, leading to more kills for those who prefer an aggressive approach.

All you need to know about Hipfire in COD Mobile.

Change from ADS to Hip Fire in COD Mobile

By default, all guns in the game are set to ADS. Players can switch to the hip fire option by visiting the game’s settings from the home screen.

To make this work, gamers must select the gear-like icon to the left of their credits. This will take them to the settings menu, where they can choose the controls menu.

How To Hipfire in COD Mobile

It will allow players to choose the hip-fire option via the Advanced Mode. If they wish to control how their controls work in-game, they can select the Custom Layout option to assign the buttons to their preference.

COD Mobile will save the user’s choice, which they can use to play games.

Using hip fire in COD Mobile

After the above steps are completed, the hip fire option will be enabled. Players can now fire at their enemies with their new weapon options.

The hip fire button allows them to fire at the enemy’s hip much quicker and more directly. Hitting the hip can cause more damage and direct results, as it is a vital part of the body. This will allow gamers to quickly take out their opponents when hit with a gunshot or any other weapon in COD Mobile.

It is also a great move to equip weaponry attachments on players’ guns while enabling the hip fire option. Players may also use laser pointers to enable a faster-firing, precise hip-fire technique.

This approach is recommended before you play a match, especially in Ranked Multiplayer.