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How To Uncap FPS In Lost Ark

How To Uncap FPS In Lost Ark. Accessibility of The Lost Ark game has been a key factor in the success and viability of the MMORPG. All game modes are available to players, and the game can be played for free. The game can be played on a PC, but it doesn’t require a very powerful system. The game operates in a borderless windowed mode and is therefore limited to 60 FPS. It is easy to find out how to unlock Lost Ark’s FPS. The information available is not extensive.

Playing in PvP mode at the highest possible frame rate is crucial. This can be difficult, however. If a player’s device supports it, they may be able to go above the 60 FPS limit. The following article will show you how to set custom frame rates and uncap FPS in Lost Ark.

How can I limit the frame rate?

Uncap FPS

Below are the steps to establish a frame rate limit. This is a quick process that only requires a few steps.

How to increase the maximum frame rate in all games

This function is included by default in the NVIDIA Control panel. To access the NVIDIA Control Panel, right-click on your Windows desktop. NVIDIA drivers may not be installed if you cannot see the menu option.

Click “Manage 3D Settings” in the NVIDIA Control Panel window.

Select the “Global Settings” tab to regulate the highest frame rate.

In the list of settings, click the box to the right of “Max Frame Ratio.” This option is default disabled because the frame rate has no upper limit.

To set the maximum frame rate (FPS), select “On” and your preferred maximum frames per second.

You can save your settings by clicking the Apply button at the bottom of each window.

Uncap FPS

Limiting the maximum frame rate in specific games

How do I uncap frame rates in Lost Ark? The maximum frame rate of each application can be adjusted. Select the “Program Settings” tab at the top of the settings list. Choose the app you wish to manage from the “Select an application to customize” list.

For a game not listed in the list, click “Add” to add it.

Select the “Maximum Frame Rate” option and choose the setting you want. By default, each game is set to “Use common settings.” They will use the settings that you have selected on the General tab.

However, you can change these settings. You can, for example, disable the maximum frame rate option on the “General” tab. Next, you can set a different maximum framerate for each game you wish to limit. You can also establish a global maximum framerate and waive it for each game. It is entirely up to your discretion.

Click “Apply” to save your settings.

If you don’t see the option, ensure your NVIDIA drivers have been updated. You can update your drivers in the GeForce experience program. This program can be updated regardless of whether it has been set up or by downloading the latest driver from NVIDIA’s website.

This feature is included in Edition 441.87, the NVIDIA GeForce driver. It was released on January 6, 2020.

Uncap FPS

How to Uncap FPS in Lost Ark

Lost Ark doesn’t have a way to unlock the framerate cap. There are two simple ways to increase frame rates. The first requires that you modify your GPU driver. Follow these steps to remove the FPS limit in Lost Ark.

Step 1

  • Select Settings and launch Lost Ark.
  • In the Video tab, switch the screen between Borderless Window and Fullscreen.
  • Then, apply the changes and then close the game. The second step is the next.

Step 2


  • Start the AMD Radeon Software Program.
  • Click on the Gaming tab to find Lost Ark and then click on it.
  • Radeon Enhanced synchronization is enabled.


  • Start the Control Panel for Nvidia.
  • Click on the Manage 3D Settings tab and select Program Settings.
  • Select Lost Ark from the available executables.
  • Players must disable Vertical Sync.
  • To save your changes, click “Apply.”

Once the above correlation steps have been completed, there is no Lost Ark FPS cap. It will now spin at whatever frame rate your hardware allows. It is recommended that you close all background programs because your FPS may drop or stutter.


Below are instructions on removing Lost Ark’s FPS limit and setting a custom rate limit. It may seem simple, but it isn’t effortless once it’s done. For more information, please refer to our guide.