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How to Unlock LAPA SMG in Warzone

In this post, we will cover the haunting event and how to unlock the Lapa SMG as quickly as possible. I’ll be going through each challenge, giving you several guidelines and tips on unlocking this faster. As of right now, I’ve just unlocked it after two hours of playing, but hopefully, with this article, you can have a faster experience.

Play As a Human / Ghost

How to Unlock LAPA SMG in Warzone

So the first six challenges are fundamental. It’s good placement, play five games, when you’re human, you kill ten other humans, kill ten ghosts, and then when you become a ghost, one of the challenges is to collect three souls and redeploy, and the other is to kill five humans while playing as a ghost.

Out of the six challenges, the fifth one was the absolute worst. I had two out of five after completing all other challenges in this event. So one of the big things that helped me out with this challenge was being able to single out enemies as a ghost. I found that if I even looked at a squad, I pretty much get evaporated before I can even lay a finger on them. So it’s best to just single enemies out. When you become a ghost, you get infinite UAV, and so you’re able to see who’s hanging out in groups and who’s hanging out solo. Once you find that one solo player, it’s an excellent opportunity for most of my victims, I would start by using the RB ability, which stuns them, and then depending on if they’re looking at me or looking away, I would jump towards them and try to get a finisher.

The reason why I decided to get finishers instead of just slapping them over and over is that your melee as a ghost does like no damage. In some cases, I was hitting them three or four times and then died. And when you die, you’re pretty much out a teammate has to buy you back. So you have to be careful as a ghost. But what I found by doing this is that a finisher will kill them quicker than slapping them until they’re down and then trying to thirst them after they’re down.

Another thing that I found is if you find that down player, you can thirst them, and it’ll count for the five total kills. You don’t even have to be the person that downs. If you find them and thirst them, it’ll count as a kill. So that’s just a quick run-over of the first six challenges. Overall, they’re pretty simple but expect the fifth one to be quite difficult.

Warzone Sacred Ground: Little Blue Shield

How to Unlock LAPA SMG in Warzone

The next one has to deal with sacred ground locations, the Little Blue Shield icons you’ll see on the map. All you have to do for this one is just run up to one and step inside the circle. After that, you’ll have to visit two other locations. For some reason, you can’t just enter the exact one three times; you’ll have to visit three different locations.

Then there’s the cell phone challenge to answer three phones; you’ll see this pretty commonly; it’s not as hidden as you think there’s one of them every named location, and you’ll be able to hear them from very far away. Now with this challenge. I also found that you can answer the same phone three times. So if you wanted to, you could answer the phone, sit there for a minute and then rinse and repeat until you have all three phone calls. But otherwise, it’s straightforward. The phones are very loud and very hard to miss.

And then, for the last one, you have to have three hallucinations when your fear meter is full. This is very easy, and you don’t need to do anything to have this happen; if you get into enough combat or sit in a corner long enough, the fear meter will eventually max out and give you these weird effects hallucinations. So overall, these challenges are not too hard, but also not too easy.

And lastly, of course, this wouldn’t be a complete unlock video without telling you that you can also buy the Lapa SMG weapon; spend a quick 1200 points for the bundle, and the SMG is all yours.

Please check out my other posts; I have some exciting content coming out soon. So I’m excited to put the following few contents out and see what you guys think.