How to Unlock the Nail Gun FAST in WARZONE

I’ll be showing you how to unlock the nail gun in Warzone only in today’s article. It’s a new SMG that drops with today’s update, bringing some of the most significant damage we’ve seen for an SMG in this game so far, but it’s hidden behind a challenge. I’m going to show you how to complete it. Anyways, let’s get right into it. Enjoy the content.

So first off, let’s clarify what this challenge is asking us to do because the wording can be a little confusing.

Get 5 Eliminations with Special Weapons in 15 different completed matches.

What it means by a special weapon is the one category you see in Cold War, including the Ballistic Knife, The Crossbow, and The M79 grenade launcher. The problem comes when you only have one of these unlocked; in my case, I had never unlocked the crossbow. And I didn’t want to unlock the ballistic knife either. So I was just left with the grenade launcher. Luckily if you do have the Ballistic Knife or the crossbow, all you need to do is go to plunder and land in storage down. It’s very straightforward. It would be best to have stunned, dead silence, and it shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t need to go on too long about this.

Two things to note about doing this challenge. If you do it with a ballistic knife, you will have to kill an enemy by shooting them; meleeing doesn’t count for the challenge with the Ballistic Knife. You have to shoot them. And then the second thing, which I’ll mention again later in this post, you can leave the match as soon as you get your five kills. Just pause the game, go to your classes and check the nail gun challenge. And if you see it up by one, you can leave the game, and I’ll still track.

But anyway, if you’re stuck with a grenade launcher like I was, then welcome to the next part of the article, where I teach you how to get the five kills with the grenade launcher. It has the reach of a garden hose and the damage of a rubber dodgeball. It’s awful, especially when they’ve EOD because it takes a minimum of two hits to kill.

How to Unlock the Nail Gun FAST in WARZONE

So I have two different ways of doing this one is faster than the other. In my experience, it could be different for you.

First Method: Faster Way to Unlock the Nail

The faster way for me was going to storage town but floating over it with a parachute. It’s similar to the Amax strategy where I’d find someone running around, and I would target them. You would cut the chute, take out the grenade launcher and aim it right on top of them as close as you can. Ideally, for accuracy, you want to get as close as possible to them before you shoot your name. I waited for about 20 to 30 meters above them for most of my kills before a shot. It’s a little tricky to explain with words, but hopefully, these examples show you what I’m talking about. You cut your parachute take the nade launcher out, and do a dive bomb on them.

Now the reason why this works so well for me was that regardless if they had EOD or not if I got a direct hit on them, it was a one-hit kill. Now, after a lot of practice, it didn’t become hard. You just got to hit the grenade within about a meter of them; don’t count as a direct hit.

Another way I made it easier to look for enemies that were just in a fight for just getting out of one is because I would know they are injured. The only crappy thing about this is EOD itself. If you don’t directly hit someone and they have it, you’re not going to kill them even if you’re given enough time to throw a second shot at them. There’s no guarantee with EOD.

But yeah, that was the most uncomplicated strategy for me. Just dive-bombing with the launcher took me about six to seven minutes on an average per game; I would just back out and then load into another plunder match.

So if you’re not that good with the aim and the grenade launcher, you feel like it’s just too frustrating to hit enemies with. This is the second way you could do it. It’s very similar to how I unlocked Amax if you saw that guide.

Second Method to Unlock the Nail

You take your primary weapon as an assault rifle, and you equip the M203 concussive underbarrel but similar to the first strategy, you would dive bomb someone instead of with the concussive nade. And then once you land, you take out your secondary, which is the real grenade launcher, and you just beat him to death with it. Very similar, but I did find the first way to be a little faster. And again, once you think you have your five kills, check the loadout menu, go to the nail gun and make sure your challenge has gone up by one. After that, you can leave the game load into another match.

While writing this article, I realized that there’s a third way to unlock the nail gun. Yes, you can buy it, but wait, what I’ve noticed in many of my games was that many people had purchased the nail gun because they couldn’t be bothered to unlock it themselves. So I’m 99% sure what that means is that you could kill someone who’s using a nail gun. That they bought or unlocked themselves. You could take their nail gun and get the five kills yourself.

Of course, this may not happen every game; you may not run into someone with a nail gun every game, but if you spot the opportunity, why not take it?

Honestly, I haven’t tried it out myself. But considering the nail gun is a special weapon. It should work. If you do try this, let me know in the comments. Overall, this was a nightmare for me at first, but as I got used to it, it became faster and faster, and hopefully, you guys will be able to unlock it faster than I did.

It took me about two hours, anyway, that’s going to wrap it up for the guide. That’s how to unlock the nail gun the fastest way possible in Warzone only.

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