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How to Unlock the OTS-9 FAST in WARZONE

Today I’ll be showing you how to Unlock the OTS-9 released with today’s update, and we are going to unlock this gun using three different gameplay modes, Zombies, Multiplayer, or Warzone. Anyways, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it, enjoy the content. By the way, if you need the Best OTS 9 Loadout, there ou go.

Here is the task to Unlock the OTS-9 in Multiplayer

Using SMGs, Kill 3 enemies affected by your Tactical Equipment in 15 different completed matches.

First, we’re going to hop on Cold War and cover Multiplayer and Zombies.


Multiplayer is straightforward, but there are a few tips to make this faster. If you haven’t seen the challenge already, it’s to kill three different enemies while they’re affected by tactical in 15 different matches. By far, the quickest way to do this is to grab a class loadout with decoy grenades and danger close wildcard. You would load in a “Faceoff 6v6” or any other small map game mode with this class setup. And your goal is to use decoys and kill enemies around them.

When you kill someone around a decoy, it will say “Killed Confused Enemy,” which will count towards the challenge. All you need to do is get this three times and then play the rest of the match out. Unfortunately, you have to complete the game to the point where you’re put back into the lobby. Otherwise, if you back out at any time, you won’t receive any progress towards the challenge.

There are other tactical such as stuns and flashbangs. But the thing is, the majority of the player-base runs tack masks and won’t be affected by these for very long, allowing you very little time to get a kill. Smoke grenades also worked for this challenge. Just kill an enemy while they’re near the smoke. The only problem is that they get pretty obnoxious. Anyway, that’s the challenge, very straightforward. Put decoys around the map from faceoff 6v6 and get kills near the decoys. Do this for 15 different matches, and there you have Unlock the OTS-9.


Here is the task to Unlock the OTS-9 in Zombies

Using SMGs, kill 50 Tempests within 2 seconds for them reappearing after teleporting.

Then when it comes to zombies, you can also unlock it there, and the challenge is different. However, this should be seen as a last resort; the Warzone or Multiplayer doesn’t work out because this will take a very long time to do; even in an outbreak game, It’s going to take a very, very long time to kill 50 Different Tempest, and again, I recommend you do this as a last resort.


Here is the task to Unlock the OTS-9 in Warzone

Using SMGs, kill 2 or more players rapidly in 15 different completed matches.

Now we move to the warzone part, for the players who don’t have cold water or can’t stand to play it, now I’m just going to say it the challenge for Warzone is very, very difficult to do, but I’m going to do my best to give you tips and help you have the easier time. There are two crucial things about this challenge.

The first is that despite saying you have to complete the match, you can back out once you progress. I know this because I did it myself. Once I got two kills that seemed rapid, I would go to the loadout menu and check my progress on the OTS; if it went up by one, I leave the game, find another; that works fine.

The second thing about this, which is probably more important, is that you can not use a blueprint SMG. I don’t know why and I don’t know if it’s been fixed yet either. But you cannot use a blueprint SMG; this morning was trying to unlock it. It would not make any progress while using a blueprint weapon. Then I just switched to the AK-74u, and it works fine for me. Suppose you want the Best AK-74u Loadout, Here You Go.

I know a bunch of guns just got there, so no one knows what to use. But if you want a solid class setup, here it is. Anyways with that aside, let’s get into some tips.

So, of course, storage town is where most plunder players land, either do weapon challenges or grind weapon XP. Put, if you want to find enemies, they’re going to be at storage town. Now for a rapid kill to count, you have to kill one enemy, and then the next enemy has to be killed within about two to three complete seconds, basically, with a rapid kill. Once you kill an enemy, you have to get started on another right away. You cannot reload; you cannot put any plates in like you have to get one kill and then go right to the other.

  • Now the real question is, how do we find two enemies together?
  • Like how can I find two enemies close enough to get a rabid kill?

I did this because I used my awareness, so I just listened to my headset or looked on my radar for fighting enemies. Some of the gunfights that happened in plunder usually take a couple of seconds. That’s enough time for you to run over there and try and get the third party. In some of these cases, both enemies will be weakened, so you could just put a couple of bullets into one and a couple of bullets into the other.

A fair amount of my rapid kills were to gunfights right after another, but most of my fast kills were for third-party kills. Another important thing is that there are two possible spots for a buy station to spawn in storage town. In these buy stations, you can purchase a UAV for $20,000. Pop it and see where the enemies are in storage. This will give you a general guide of where you need to position yourself to get multiple enemies at once.

Also, I forgot to mention that when you down a player, they have to bleed out for it to count as a kill but knowing that you can down a player, then immediately go for a different player to kill that one. And then there’s the down player; it helps out a lot if you know this. Of course, equipment-wise stuns help keep enemies in place, and dead silence enables you to get around the map faster while having your footsteps completely silent.

Dead silence is vital because when enemies are in a fight, you could pop it run right up to them, and they won’t know that you’re coming. Not to forget, there is an alternative way of unlocking weapons and plunder, which is sitting on the flight path and getting off at the end, in my experience in my lobbies. I had no luck with this whatsoever. I tried five different times. In every lobby, people were trying to do the same thing. You’re welcome to give it a shot. I don’t know how your lobbies might be, but with mine, it didn’t work out whatsoever. Suppose you do get lucky with this, then good for you. It’ll probably be the fastest way to Unlock the OTS-9  if you can get it consistently.

Overall this challenge is very frustrating, and it isn’t straightforward. Even as a 3 KD player, it took me a fair amount of hours to get this done. I almost took the easy way to outplay Cold War multiplayer, but for the sake of this content and to help get more thorough tips, I did most of this in plunder. It’s mostly how you position yourself and move around storage to get the third party on certain flights.

Then there is a secret Activision way in which you can buy the OTS, I believe, for $10 as a bundle. It won’t unlock the gun for you, but you’ll be able to use that specific blueprint in your loadout, and then from there, you can use that blueprint to level up the gun. To put any other attachments on, though, you’ll have to unlock that gun. So if these challenges are too complex and you want to buy it, then I mean the options out there.

Also, we have to mention if you’re struggling to level up guns such as the OTS 9 or any other one, I do have a post on how to level up your weapons in Warzone the fastest possible ways.

So if you want to check those out or any other content on my blog, it would be greatly appreciated.

That is going to wrap it up with OTS 9 and how to unlock it. Hopefully, you enjoyed and learned something from this, and of course, I wish you luck in unlocking this.