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FASTEST Way To Level Up Guns in Call Of Duty

Today we’ll be talking about weapon XP methods that can earn you up to twice the amount of XP that you typically get in plunder. A few months ago, I made a post on acquiring weapon XP the fastest way possible. It was just going to plunder, and either farm kills or farm contracts. But there’s been a quicker way of farming weapon XP this whole time that doesn’t involve cheating. This method consists of going to rebirth Island and taking advantage of the compound effect you get from doing multiple contracts.

Before we get into any other details, I’m just going to show you how much XP you can earn from doing this. This table here demonstrates a compound effect for doing rebirth contracts. As you can see, the first one only earns you 300 XP; however, the 10th one earns you 1170. Therefore the total weapon XP for that match would be at 100. From that point, the rewards continue to multiply, and the XP gain only gets better.

I’ll explain this more in a moment, but I just wanted to show you the potential that rebirth Island has regarding farming weapon levels. Now you must be thinking to yourself, well, I can’t do ten contracts in a river game. But I’m here to tell you, yes, you can because they are so straightforward. When you pick up a recon, the box spawns less than 50 meters away and fills up twice the speed that usually would.

Scavenger crates spawn super close to each other, sometimes even in the same room, and they don’t take more than a whole minute to complete. And then, if you have a helicopter or any other vehicle, supply runs won’t take you any more than 30 seconds; for bounties, I’m just going to leave them out of the content even though they do earn more XP. The goal here is to survive as long as possible to build up that multiplier from contracts, and getting into fights or other players puts that at risk. Now I’m making this post because this method can earn you more weapon XP in the plunder wood. In our older article, we calculated how much XP plunder could get you; if you do the contract method and do 10 to 12 of them in a game, it will earn you five to 6000 XP.

Let’s say you go for kills, and you managed to get 15 kills in a game. It’s going to earn you anywhere from a low 4000 to a high 6000 XP. Now that we have those values, I’m going to bring back the rebirth ones. And now that you can see that if you do nine contracts in a game, you’re already earning more XP than you usually would in just 10 minutes of plunder. And it doesn’t stop there. If you live long enough and perform well enough to do 15 contracts, you’re going to be making twice the usual amount you would employ under now; I will say this is a high-risk, high reward, so we’ll be getting into some tips in a moment. But as you can see, if done correctly, this will earn you faster weapon XP than any other method that’s in Cold War Warzone or modern warfare.

Now to see how far this method can go, I looked up the world record for the most amount of contracts done in a game and what I found was a quads game up for dance square; these boys did 27 contracts in a single game. Now I bring this up because these 27 contracts are in them over 30,000 weapon XP in a single game. And of course, they had their struggles; they died a couple of times but think of that 30,000 weapon XP in only 20 minutes. To me, that number is crazy. And I don’t see why more people are granting contracts in normal Battle Royale modes. So yeah, the sky’s the limit.

Anyways, let me give you some rebirth tips on staying alive longer and completing more contracts consistently. The first thing you’d expect from me is that this is easier to do with friends as they can help you with your contracts and buy you back at the dye. But even if you’re solo, this is still viable.

Now the way I start my games is I find a heli to claim, and I land on it first, now it shouldn’t be too hard as there are three heli locations, but the reason for this is that you can get around areas quickly.

Now the next part is getting the loadout. What you can do is fly over to a scavenger, do a quick recon, or what I like to do is use the heli to go around the map and what I do is I fly around to find orange boxes and cash stacks. If you have a good eye and stay away from enemies, this can quickly add up to load money in under two minutes. Now, after you get your loadout, of course, get right to contracts, or what I have to say is avoid fighting as much as possible. Kills don’t get you as much XP as plunder does, and you want to stay alive as long as possible to maximize your contract multiplier.

If you still have your heli pass loadout, hands down, the best thing to do is supply runs; you can pick one up, and the base station is no more than 30 seconds away. Just be careful you’re not scraping any walls or getting too deep in the enemy business. After that, scavengers are also super easy to complete and can be done on foot, and then if there are no more supply runs or scavengers, recons are still viable. As I said before, they take half the amount of time they usually take to complete in verdanske.

What’s also great about rebirth is that these contracts respond halfway during the game. Now I can’t tell you the exact second that contracts respond. But there have been many times when I run out of the supply runs for the scavengers, and I checked the map every few minutes, and there will be some fresh ones. So after every contract, you complete, keep an eye on the map and see if any new ones have spawned in.

Overall, using these tips and running solo, I’ve completed eight to 12 contracts every game of Reaper. I’m sure if I did this with a team, we’d be able to break 15 contracts per game pretty consistently. Again, this is a very high-risk, high reward method. But if you’re experienced and want more weapon XP out of your time, this is the best strategy to grow.

So that’s going to wrap it up for this weapon XP content. Hopefully, you enjoyed and learned something from it.