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Lost Ark: How To Get Bifrost Keys

Lost Ark: How To Get Bifrost Keys. Lost Ark is a vast world that contains many regions. Each has its map and different locations for the player.

Once you have explored every area of the game, it can become repetitive to travel to each one repeatedly. Fast travel is a feature that’s very popular in MMORPGs. Lost Ark also has its version.

The Bifrost is a teleportation device players can use to save and register points in the game’s world. The player can register a spot on the map and teleport their character whenever they like, provided they don’t forget the 2-hour cooldown.

How do you get the Bifrost key in Lost Ark? This is our quick guide to help you get every Bifrost Key in Lost Ark.

Bifrost Keys

What are Bifrost keys for Lost Ark?

As we’ve explained, the Bifrost is a method to travel quickly to any registered place. You can unlock Bifrost slots with the keys and save points on your map.

You will need slots to use the Bifrost. The keys unlock these slots for you.

How to get the Bifrost keys from Lost Ark

You can find 5 Bifrost keys in Lost Ark. Each key unlocks a Bifrost slot for you to use.

It is possible to start with one Bifrost slot default and not have to work hard for it.

By having Crystalline Aura, you can unlock the following two Bifrost slots. You can purchase it through the Lost Ark shop for approximately $10. You would get 30 days of Crystalline Aura if you bought the Founder’s Packs.

These slots can be used as long as you have the Aura. It is essentially a bonus for purchasing a paid player. If your subscription ends, it will disappear.

Roster Level 60 is the easiest and most popular way to get a Bifrost Key. We’ll count it fourth in order. Although it takes some time, you can obtain a Bifrost key which will allow you to traverse the Lost Ark world.

Bifrost Keys

The final method is to gather Ignea Tokens. These tokens are given to players once they have reached a 100% completion rate for any Arkesia zone. You can have up to 14 Ignea Tokens at Lost Ark. Having nine will give you the additional Bifrost Key.

After completing these tasks, you will have five Bifrost slots, four of which can be unlocked using keys. Although it is not necessary to unlock every Bifrost point, it can make it easier to travel through Lost Ark’s vast world.

We hope you found this guide helpful and are now on your way to getting the Bifrost keys.

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