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Lost Ark: How To Take Selfie



Lost Ark: How To Take Selfie. Lost Ark is not as visually advanced as other AAA games, but its style and aesthetics are worth noting. It’s not surprising that players love to take pictures of the visually stunning classes and creatures. Although the Selfie Mode is possible to accomplish this, unlocking it and using it can be difficult for some players.

Only those who have completed the “Saviour” quest in Lost Ark can access the Selfie Mode. This quest is found early in the main storyline. Once the mode is unlocked, players can activate it by clicking on the camera icon under the Minimap. Players can adjust the shot using designated keys before taking the photo with the PrtScn key. All images must be saved automatically to the same place.

Lost Ark Selfie Mode

Gamers are increasingly enjoying the Lost Ark Selfie Mode feature. It allows them to take amazing photos of their Lost Ark experiences. Players will want to capture moments that will be treasured forever in a game like Lost Ark.

Many gamers have chosen to use the Steam screenshot code to take photos of their games. Windows users can screengrab their windows using the Windows key + Shift + buttons.

However, it does not remove any UI elements from the shot. These screenshot images are not as polished as you might expect. Players may have to crop elements out of the image to achieve the desired look.

The Lost Ark Selfie Mode feature can remove the HUD and additional elements, which can be toggled to your preference. As seen below, the developers posted on Twitter to encourage players to use the Selfie Mode to share their creations with others on social media.

Although it is impossible to play Lost Ark and start using Selfie Mode immediately, it is effortless and straightforward to unlock the feature. We have provided everything you need to unlock the Selfie Mode in Lost Ark. In-game Selfie Mode images are thanks to doubleXP.

How to Unlock Lost Ark’s Selfie Mod

Like many other features and activities found in Lost Ark, the Selfie Mode feature is not unlocked automatically when players create new characters in-game. Before the Selfie Mode can be used, players must complete Lost Ark and progress in the game.

This milestone is not difficult to achieve since the Selfie Mode feature in the main storyline can be unlocked quite early. The main story will require players to continue until they reach Armen Betsieged. After that, they should follow these steps:

  1. Save Armen Besieged from the bridge
  2. He will give you the Savior’s quest. This quest is a level 1 located in Runa Pass. Then, he will ask you to meet him at Prideholme Cathedral.
  3. To reach the location, follow the simple path shown on your Minimap.
  4. Upon arrival, a crowd of people will greet you to watch Armen perform healing miracles for an ill villager.
  5. Wait for a path to open, allowing your way through the crowd towards Armen.
  6. Talk to Father Varut and Armen, located in front of the Cathedral.
  7. Talk to Father Varut once more to complete the ‘Saviour” quest.

The Selfie mode feature will be available in-game and ready to use during your gameplay experience.

How to Use Lost Ark’s Selfie Mod

After unlocking the Selfie Mode feature in-game, players can use it to take stunning pictures from their Arkesian experience. Players can use the many fun, and unique emotes in Lost Ark to make your shot more enjoyable.

You have many options within the Selfie Mode Tab. As you can see in the image below, You can even simulate different camera lenses to add effects to your pictures.

Follow these steps to get the Selfie Mode feature in-game.

Click the small cam icon under the Minimap at the top of the UI. This will activate the Selfie Mode in-game.

You can pose with your character and change expressions or use emotes until you are happy with the scene. You can use the keys below to adjust the scene or set up.

You can toggle whether NPCs, monsters, or other players will be visible in the shot. You can modify all these toggle settings by going to the Character Show Settings drop-down tab. These functions can be used to declutter the scene and add dimension.

When you are ready to take your photo, click the Print Screen (PrtSc) button on your computer. This will temporarily remove UI elements from the shot (minus the optional Watermark), resulting in a cleaner and more polished image. The image will then be automatically saved to the default folder.

How to Find Lost Ark Selfie Mode Photos

It is easy to find the images you took with the Selfie Mode. After the first image has been taken, the Selfie Mode will create an additional folder in your main directory. Then all photos will be automatically stored in that exact location.

How To Take Selfie

All images can be viewed on the system’s hard drive. Players will need the Steam installation drive to locate all Selfie Mode images. Follow the below path to view Selfie Mode images.


This folder will contain all images taken in-game, whether you used Selfie Mode or simply printed Screen. To access images taken in Lost Ark, players could also follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Steam Library.
  2. Right-click “Lost Ark”
  3. Select “Manage”
  4. Select “Browse Local Files”
  5. Select “EFGame”
  6. Locate the folder “Screenshots.”
  7. These images can be saved to your device if applicable.

These routes are only applicable if Lost Ark has been purchased on Steam. If you don’t have Lost Ark on Steam, these routes will not apply to you.

The Lost Ark Selfie Mode feature is a fun, easy way to capture in-game moments with your friends or take on Arkesia’s threats alone. Although it has few features or tools, the Lost Ark Selfie Mode can capture stunning photos for social media and fun.


Best Stretched Res For Valorant: Can You Play Valorant Stretched?



Best Stretched Res For Valorant: Can You Play Valorant Stretched? Valorant will undoubtedly be among the most played games of 2020. Many players are left with a myriad of questions regarding the game.

This article will look at one of the frequently asked game-related Stretched Res For Valorant.

Can you play with stretched resolutions for Valorant? Valorant players cannot play with stretched resolution as it only supports a 16:9 aspect ratio. There isn’t an option in the game to play using a 4:3 aspect ratio.

What’s Up With This Stretched Resolution Obsession?

Many devoted CS: GO enthusiasts swear that the aspect ratio of 4:3 or stretched resolution provides an advantage. Mainly it makes the target appear slightly more prominent, making it much easier to shoot an accurate shot.

However, others are convinced that stretching resolution settings will not make much of an impact. They claim that stretching resolution settings to make your goal increase the size of your screen works but only in the abstract. They would instead rely on the abilities they acquired over decades of gaming.

Resolutions stretched to a greater extent and created quite a buzz in the world of Fortnite players. Epic Games removed the option and barred Fortnite players from using it during competition matches.

Riot Games Says No to Stretched Resolution in Valorant

From the starting point, Riot Games made it clear that they don’t support the aspect ratio of 4:3 for Valorant. They even have gone as far as to prohibit the use of the stretched screen.

Aspect Ratio: Pick the ratio that you are comfortable using. If you’re using 4:3, I suggest not stretching when you’re training for Valorous (I know this is the subject of discussion, and it’s an additional conversation I’d love to discuss with you, everyone).

As you can observe, Riot Games are fully aware this choice won’t be a favorite with all gamers; however, they’re prepared to stand firm.

The riot prohibited players from playing with stretched resolutions to maintain a level playing field and prevent winning by altering resolution.

Riot confirms that all the Agents will be playing with the same hitboxes in terms of making sure the game is balanced. This is another factor that ensures Valorant is an equal game for everyone.

However, if there’s no built-in feature to play Valorant stretched, it doesn’t mean you cannot utilize a hack to play however you like.

How can I increase the resolution in Valorant?

Be aware that you can only utilize this feature if your computer has an Nvidia graphics card.

  • Step 1. Open your NVIDIA control panel
  • Step 2. Go to Display
  • Step 3. Find the Adjust Desktop Size and Position option.
  • Step 4. Under Scaling, click and choose Fullscreen
  • Step 5. for black bars: choose Aspect Ratio.

When you start your Valorant game, you’ll be able to play the game in the stretched resolution.

As you can see, playing 4:3 games in Valorant can be achieved by altering your GPU settings. However, it doesn’t provide the same benefit as CS and Fortnite.

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Elden Ring

How To Get To Chelonas Rise Elden Ring



How To Get To Chelonas Rise Elden Ring. Chelona’s Rise is located in Elden Ring, accessible after you have progressed in Ranni’s questline. Like various towers in the game, the entry point to Chelona’s Rise is secured by an enveloping seal. You’ll need to search for three wise creatures to gain access to the door.

Before we tell you about the places of these creatures, it is important to point out that some gamers are suffering from an issue that blocks them from interacting with the wise creatures.

If you are experiencing this problem, we recommend you go back to the book near Chelona’s Rise, engage with it a few times, and cause the “seek three great wise beasts” prompt to pop up repeatedly.

Also, you should avoid taking a fast route or stopping on or at any Site of Grace when doing this particular task.

Once that’s done, let’s look at how you can get to Chelona’s Rise within Elden Ring.

How To Get To Chelonas Rise Elden Ring

Let’s begin!

Great Wise Beast Location

From the tower, begin to travel to the southwest until you reach the edge of the nearby cliff. You’ll be able to spot the first wise beast clinging to the cliff’s edge, and you can strike it with an attack of your choice.

After tackling the first beast, begin heading eastward until you arrive at the area indicated on the map below.

Chelonas Rise Elden Ring

This location is on the top of another high cliff. Then, look towards the left and down. To the right is the second wise beast. If it is not present, go back to the tome of Chelona’s Rise and talk to it several times before returning to the place.

For the ultimate wise beast, make a call to Torrent and then begin your journey northwards towards the Ringleader’s Evergaol. Find Spirit Spring. Spirit Spring is in the position indicated in the maps.

If you stay long enough, you’ll eventually observe the phantom turtle flying over the horizon. It is possible to make use of a spring to strike it. However, you can also deal with the beast with any ranged attack.

After you’ve finished, go back to Chelona’s Rise, and the access to the tower must be locked.

Chelona’s Rise Rewards

Chelonas Rise Elden Ring

After you’ve scoured the three wise beasts, it is important to locate the seal that stops you from entering the entryway is gone. On the highest point of the tower, there is a chest with the Ranni’s Dark Moon.

It is a powerful spell in Elden Ring that sparked a “cold, dark moon” at foes and is an ideal weapon to have in your arsenal.

This concludes our tutorial on accessing Chelona’s Rising in Elden Ring. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to leave a message below, and we’ll try our best to address them.

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Elden Ring

How To Change Affinity Elden Ring



How To Change Affinity Elden Ring. There are many methods to use special skills and upgrades to your character and weapons. For weapons, you’ll have to improve their affinities to utilize these capabilities. In this article, we will learn more about affinities and how they are used when used in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Weapon Affinities Explained

Affinities are special abilities that are available to you and improve your weapon. They can help you deal with harm or damage to your foes. It is also possible to upgrade the Affinity Elden Ring. Change the scale value, and you can adjust it to suit your needs. We will talk about affinities and the things found within the Elden Ring.

To increase the Affinity of your weapon to increase its Affinity, you’ll need Ash of War. It’s an item that can be found in bosses, or you can locate them on the Lands Between or purchased from merchants. However, you will also require Whetstone to use the Ash of War. A variety of Whetstone’s offer bonuses in addition to the statistics of Ash of War. Ash of War. There are various kinds of Ash of War to collect in the Elden Ring. You can, fortunately, get one Whetstone Knife very early in the game and most likely find Storm Stomp Ash of War. Storm Stomp Ash of War is the first.

After you’ve acquired your Whetstone and the Ash of War, you should know which Affinity the ring will have on your weapon. There are twelve affinities in the total of Elden Ring, and below is the complete list of them.

  • Standard No affinity or default stats for weapons.
  • Heavy The increase in Strength scale down all other aspects.
  • Keen, The increase in Dexterity Scale decreased in all other aspects.
  • Quality Balances Strength and Dexterity scaling reduces the other attributes.
  • Magic increases Intelligence scaling through the split of physical and magical damage and reduces all default scaling
  • Holy Theme: Increases Faith Scaling with split physical or holy damage, reduces all scaling by default
  • Fire Physical/Fire Damage: Increases and reduces the default scaling
  • Lightning: Enhances dexterity Scaling due to split damage between physical and lightning. Reduces all default scaling.
  • Frostbite increases Intelligence scaling when Frostbite attacks are active and Reduces all scaling default
  • The Blood effect increases Arcane scaling for Bleed attacks and reduces all scaling defaults
  • Occult: Enhances Arcane scaling and prevents undead enemies from auto-reviving. It also reduces all scaling defaults
  • Poison: Increases Dexterity Arcane and Strength scaling when combined with Poison-related attacks

This is all you need to know about the attributes of weapons available in Elden Ring. If you enjoyed this guide, you should also go through our other guides.

Affinities are the type of damage your weapon can do, and the build will not be completed without an appropriate affinity within Elden Ring. This guide will show you the workings of affinities and how you can change them within Elden Ring.

How Affinities Work in Elden Ring

One of the methods of increasing the weapon’s damage is via Affinity. There are a variety of affinities within the game that have different impacts on weapons.

If you choose the best weapons that match the appropriate class and the right combination, you’ll end up with the ultimate build.

Weapon Affinities

Twelve different affinities are available within Elden Ring. The effects of affinities are described below.

When you purchase the weapon, create it, or buy it, all of them will have an affinity.

Standard Affinity

Standard Affinity doesn’t offer anything. It’s a weapon with any connection to its standard stat scaling.

Heavy Affinity

By this Affinity, the strength scale of the weapon increases. But, all other attributes scaling is decreased.


This Affinity means that the dexterity of the weapon increases. However, the other attributes scaling is decreased.


If you’d like your weapon’s dexterity and strength scaling to be improved by using a balance, this Affinity is perfect for you. But, other scalings of attributes will be diminished.


You may choose to use this kind of Affinity when you’re looking to boost the intelligence scale of your weapon, but at the expense of its normal scaling. For instance, the weapon’s damage type could be split between physical and magical damage.


Your weapon is capable of causing both physical and fire harm. This would be at the expense of the weapon’s default scaling.


Your gun’s dexterity will be improved by a factor of ten compared to its standard scaling. The weapon now has both physical and lightning damage.


Faith scaling is increased to compensate for the weapons’ default scaling. Furthermore, this weapon will be able to deal holy and physical damage.


This allows you to combat enemies with frostbite with your weapon. Apart from that, the scale of Intelligence of your weapon will be increased in comparison to the default scaling of your weapon.


This Affinity will allow you to create the bleed attack more effectively and increase the Arcane scale that your weapons use.


The same Affinity exists as Blood but also stops the dead from resurrecting.


Strength Dexterity, Strength, and Arcane scale of the weapon are increased, and it’s capable of carrying out poison attacks.

How to Change Affinity Elden Ring

Whetstones let you change the weapon’s Affinity using Ashes of War. There are four kinds of Whetstones that you can choose from, which you can unlock as you advance throughout the gameplay.

The first Whetstone that you can unlock is Whetstone Knife.

Whetstone Knife

It is located in the vicinity of Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave; Whetstone Knife is a weapon that lets you upgrade your weapon. The upgrade you can make to the weapon will depend on what Ashes of War you use.

Iron Whetblade

It is located in Stormveil Castle in Limgrave, Limgrave; the Iron Whetblade lets you add Keen, Heavy, and Quality Affinity for your weapons. The other enhancements depend on what Ashes of War you use.

Glintstone Whetblade

The weapon is located near the academy of Raya Luciaria in Liurnia Glinststone Whetblade lets you enhance Magic and Frost’s affinities to your weapon.

Black Whetblade

It is close to Nokron, The Eternal City; Black Whetblade allows you to include Black, Occult, and Poison Affinity for your weapons.

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