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Lost Ark: How To Take Selfie

Lost Ark: How To Take Selfie. Lost Ark is not as visually advanced as other AAA games, but its style and aesthetics are worth noting. It’s not surprising that players love to take pictures of the visually stunning classes and creatures. Although the Selfie Mode is possible to accomplish this, unlocking it and using it can be difficult for some players.

Only those who have completed the “Saviour” quest in Lost Ark can access the Selfie Mode. This quest is found early in the main storyline. Once the mode is unlocked, players can activate it by clicking on the camera icon under the Minimap. Players can adjust the shot using designated keys before taking the photo with the PrtScn key. All images must be saved automatically to the same place.

Lost Ark Selfie Mode

Gamers are increasingly enjoying the Lost Ark Selfie Mode feature. It allows them to take amazing photos of their Lost Ark experiences. Players will want to capture moments that will be treasured forever in a game like Lost Ark.

Many gamers have chosen to use the Steam screenshot code to take photos of their games. Windows users can screengrab their windows using the Windows key + Shift + buttons.

However, it does not remove any UI elements from the shot. These screenshot images are not as polished as you might expect. Players may have to crop elements out of the image to achieve the desired look.

The Lost Ark Selfie Mode feature can remove the HUD and additional elements, which can be toggled to your preference. As seen below, the developers posted on Twitter to encourage players to use the Selfie Mode to share their creations with others on social media.

Although it is impossible to play Lost Ark and start using Selfie Mode immediately, it is effortless and straightforward to unlock the feature. We have provided everything you need to unlock the Selfie Mode in Lost Ark. In-game Selfie Mode images are thanks to doubleXP.

How to Unlock Lost Ark’s Selfie Mod

Like many other features and activities found in Lost Ark, the Selfie Mode feature is not unlocked automatically when players create new characters in-game. Before the Selfie Mode can be used, players must complete Lost Ark and progress in the game.

This milestone is not difficult to achieve since the Selfie Mode feature in the main storyline can be unlocked quite early. The main story will require players to continue until they reach Armen Betsieged. After that, they should follow these steps:

  1. Save Armen Besieged from the bridge
  2. He will give you the Savior’s quest. This quest is a level 1 located in Runa Pass. Then, he will ask you to meet him at Prideholme Cathedral.
  3. To reach the location, follow the simple path shown on your Minimap.
  4. Upon arrival, a crowd of people will greet you to watch Armen perform healing miracles for an ill villager.
  5. Wait for a path to open, allowing your way through the crowd towards Armen.
  6. Talk to Father Varut and Armen, located in front of the Cathedral.
  7. Talk to Father Varut once more to complete the ‘Saviour” quest.

The Selfie mode feature will be available in-game and ready to use during your gameplay experience.

How to Use Lost Ark’s Selfie Mod

After unlocking the Selfie Mode feature in-game, players can use it to take stunning pictures from their Arkesian experience. Players can use the many fun, and unique emotes in Lost Ark to make your shot more enjoyable.

You have many options within the Selfie Mode Tab. As you can see in the image below, You can even simulate different camera lenses to add effects to your pictures.

Follow these steps to get the Selfie Mode feature in-game.

Click the small cam icon under the Minimap at the top of the UI. This will activate the Selfie Mode in-game.

You can pose with your character and change expressions or use emotes until you are happy with the scene. You can use the keys below to adjust the scene or set up.

You can toggle whether NPCs, monsters, or other players will be visible in the shot. You can modify all these toggle settings by going to the Character Show Settings drop-down tab. These functions can be used to declutter the scene and add dimension.

When you are ready to take your photo, click the Print Screen (PrtSc) button on your computer. This will temporarily remove UI elements from the shot (minus the optional Watermark), resulting in a cleaner and more polished image. The image will then be automatically saved to the default folder.

How to Find Lost Ark Selfie Mode Photos

It is easy to find the images you took with the Selfie Mode. After the first image has been taken, the Selfie Mode will create an additional folder in your main directory. Then all photos will be automatically stored in that exact location.

How To Take Selfie

All images can be viewed on the system’s hard drive. Players will need the Steam installation drive to locate all Selfie Mode images. Follow the below path to view Selfie Mode images.


This folder will contain all images taken in-game, whether you used Selfie Mode or simply printed Screen. To access images taken in Lost Ark, players could also follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Steam Library.
  2. Right-click “Lost Ark”
  3. Select “Manage”
  4. Select “Browse Local Files”
  5. Select “EFGame”
  6. Locate the folder “Screenshots.”
  7. These images can be saved to your device if applicable.

These routes are only applicable if Lost Ark has been purchased on Steam. If you don’t have Lost Ark on Steam, these routes will not apply to you.

The Lost Ark Selfie Mode feature is a fun, easy way to capture in-game moments with your friends or take on Arkesia’s threats alone. Although it has few features or tools, the Lost Ark Selfie Mode can capture stunning photos for social media and fun.