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Lost Ark Patch Notes: Weekly Scheduled Update

Lost Ark, the thrilling MMOARPG created through Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games for the western region, will close its servers for a Lost Ark Patch Notes Weekly Scheduled Update. Alongside the regular restart, the game will undergo some changes. The servers will shut off in the morning at 12 am PT, or 7 am UTC, 9 am CEST. 9 am CEST which is expected to be up to 4 hours.

The weekly reset of Lost Ark is welcomed, as players will be allowed to collect more loot. In addition, this weekly reset will introduce certain changes to the economy since the gold earned through this Rapport mechanism will get deposited in a distinct category called ” withheld funds.” This update also introduces new restrictions on trading that will combat the RMT and put the bots in the cut-off. There is no incentive; there are no bots, easy as that.

Lost Ark August 3 weekly patch notes

The official notes on the patch for the forthcoming update have been made public and are below:

  • Gold that is earned through Rapport Rapport method will be refunded by way of “withheld funds,” which are subject to a three-day withholding period, during which the following methods limit them:
    • Funds withheld cannot be sent via post
    • It is not possible to deduct the funds withheld in the event of accepting bills
    • Not applicable to 1:1 trades
    • It cannot use in Auction House
    • Cannot use in Marketplace
    • Cannot use in Loot Auctions
  • For the first 72 hours after using a credit card Powerpass, the gold earned from trading Una’s Tokens will be paid out as withheld funds and subject to a 3-day withholding period of 3 days.
    • Please notify us that all Powerpasses have been inactive while we attempt to fix an issue regarding the feature. We will release an update on the Powerpass later in the week.


This week’s update is just routine maintenance. There aren’t any modifications to the game that affect players. This week, a few bugs could be corrected, or perhaps a few bugs could be added to the game. Even though fans know what updates bring, the absence of updates could indicate that the developers are getting ready to release an August-based update.

So far, the actual update for August isn’t nearly as large as we’ve done in the past. The update has two new features: Pet Ranch and Maharaka Festival. Of course, the developers have plans to release a major update in September in two sections. With brand new classes, skins, and raids scheduled for the next few days, all Lost Ark players will be eager to experience some thrilling adjustments in the coming days.