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Top 5 LOWEST Recoil Weapons In Warzone

One of the main goals, when you go ahead and build a loadout here in Warzone, is to make a good weapon as straightforward to use as possible. And a lot of that ease of use relates to the recoil and the weapon’s overall control. Certain weapons in the game have pretty extreme recoil that just isn’t used for that reason; even when you throw on under-barrels and other attachments to help out, the recoil still isn’t all that smooth. On the other hand, you also have several weapons that are extremely easy to use. And today, we’re focused on those; the top five lowest recoil weapons we currently have in Warzone.

There is no such thing as a no recoil weapon; it doesn’t matter what gun you’re using. If you’re holding down the trigger, and you’re shooting this weapon through and through, it’s going to move in some way, shape, or form; no weapon is going to stay still the entire time, but there are a few weapons that are super easy to control and in turn, extremely easy to use and any fights today that’s more focused on.

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Fara 83

So first up, I want to look at the Fara. This weapon is an extremely low recoil rifle, and for what it’s worth. We are looking at the top five lowest recoil weapons, but this is not in any particular order. You could say avo when it comes to the FARA. This has been one of the easiest weapons to use for a few seasons; it’s been getting multiple different recoil nerfs over the past couple of updates. It’s still one of the best weapons to use in terms of a low recoil rifle.

And for that reason, it’s good up close. It’s good in the medium range and good to long-range, too, just because you don’t have to work all that much to control the pattern’s recoil—Super, super simple. I’ll show off the patterns for all the weapons we’re talking about here and the Bureau of footage in the background. As you guys can see, this one is just vertical for a bit and then just up and diagonally to the right.

So it’s super easy to counter. You’re just holding back down and then back down to the left. Once it starts to go diagonal. You’re just pretty much trying to make the reverse motion of wherever the recoil is taking that ultimately perfectly counter that if you need to work on it, jump into a plunder match, jump into a private game and shoot a wall for a little bit. Try and control that recoil.

Get that pattern down and memorized in your head with that muscle memory, and you’re good to go. This will fry a TTK relatively competitive compared to other, you know, heavier hitting rifles that might have more recoil. And in turn, it makes it one of the best rifles and one of the lowest recoil weapons in the game. So it’s a win-win situation here, and you’re rocking the Fara.

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