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M247 HMG Halo Infinite | How To Use, Tips & Tricks

M247 HMG Halo Infinite | How To Use, Tips & Tricks. The players who play Halo Infinite multiplayer’s battle pass might have already seen that there are weekly tasks. In essence, completing these is your only chance to get levelled up and advance through the various tiers of the battle pass. One of the challenges for each week is completing eliminations using the M247. It’s easy enough. But, those new to the series may not know about this weapon or where it can be found. Here’s how to use the m247 HMG in Halo Infinite.

What is the M247 HMG Halo Infinite?

The M247 HMG is a weapon placed on the rear of the Warthog vehicle that you will locate on the map in Big Team Battle mode. The M247 HMG is an air-cooled weapon used primarily on forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) ground forces. It’s utilized as an anti-personnel as well as an anti-vehicle weapon. It is common to see Warthogs equipped with this weapon on the back of maps like Highpower, Fragmentation, Behemoth, Deadlock, and Big Team Battle mode.

How to use the M247 HMG in Halo Infinite

To activate the M247 HMG in Halo Infinite, load into Big Team Battle and look for a Warthog. Get on the side of the Warthog and press the interact key to operate it with the M247 HMG. If you want to conquer the weekly challenge, you must hit an opponent with the weapon.

Depending on the map, you’ll be able to spot one at the base of your start in the Big Team Battle match. If someone grabs it, a second Warthog will be spawned in the same spot after it’s destroyed.

Additionally, you can find mounted M247 HMGs on the streets. You can remove them from the tripod, walk around in them, and discover that it is the most efficient method of getting some kills using this weapon. To remove this M247 HMG to its tripod, use it and press the middle mouse button on your PC. The indicator will appear, telling you which button to press.